5 Milwaukee Brewers Parking Tips | American Family Field

5 Milwaukee Brewers Parking Tips | American Family Field

Posted by Kurt Smith

If you’re planning a trip to a Milwaukee Brewers home game, or even if you’re a regular at American Family Field, here are some essential Brewers parking tips. There’s some valuable info here you should know…most importantly, that American Family Field is a very big tailgating destination. (More about that here.)

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american family field parking tips milwaukee brewers

Try to get here before all of these nice people do.

American Family Field Parking Tip #1) Arrive as early as you can. All of the lots open three hours prior to the game. You’ll see a long line of cars waiting for the parking gates to open, as Brewers fans itch to fire up the grill. One reason to get there early, other than joining the party, is to keep from sitting in your car for too long.

The American Family Field parking lots have over 12,000 spaces. For most games, you shouldn’t have a problem landing a parking spot. But if you want a decent spot, less walking and a lesser wait, you will need to get there about three hours or more prior to game time. For prime games like Opening Day or against the Chicago Cubs, you’ll need to get there sooner than that.


helfaer field american family field brewers

And because you’re early, you can get a good seat!

There’s things to do, outside of drinking beer, grilling sausages or throwing frisbees, to keep yourself or the kids busy before the first pitch. If you’re a baseball history buff, see the statues for Hank Aaron, Robin Yount, Bud Selig, and Bob Uecker. In Brewers Lot 1, the Brewers marked the spot where Hank Aaron’s 755th home run landed. There’s also a memorial to three workers who lost their lives in the 1999 crane collapse during the ballpark’s construction.

Helfaer Field is a baseball field near the main entrance of the ballpark, on the footprint of old County Stadium. There’s usually activity going on you can watch, and a kids playground nearby. Or obviously you can join the tailgating party. It beats sitting in your car waiting for the long line.


milwaukee brewers preferred parking

Parking at the Hot Corner? Heck yes!

American Family Field Parking Tip #2) Book your parking in advance (and spring for preferred parking lots). The Brewers have a colorful parking map on their website. Their parking lots are named after Brewers greats like Yount, Molitor, Thomas and others.

Milwaukee Brewers parking is relatively inexpensive by baseball standards, although it is pricier for weekend and Marquee games. For a few extra dollars, you can get a preferred spot. As of 2023, general parking rates range from $13 to $40. Preferred parking passes especially are significantly cheaper when you order in advance.

Most of the Preferred lots are just off of I-94, and surround Helfaer Field and the home plate entrance. They also include the Miller and Gantner lots off of 44th Street. Preferred parking is closer to the ballpark, with easier access to I-94 afterward. Most fans will tell you it’s worth the few extra bucks.

The Molitor lot is usually an easier exit than the Yount or Uecker lots. Use the Aaron or Thomas lot to be close to the home plate gate.

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milwaukee brewers parking american family field

Welcome to the grand parking lots!

If you’re not in a preferred lot, you’ll likely have to walk on a pedestrian bridge to cross either the Menomonee River or I-94, and it’s a fair bit of walking. There’s nothing wrong with the scenery though—at the foot of the bridge crossing I-94 are blocks of Brewers history, and crossing the Menomonee passes by the Sausage Haus and tailgate pavilions.

Like the Uecker seats inside the ballpark, there’s also a Uecker Lot. It’s in the southeast corner of the cheaper lots, and it is probably the furthest from the park. If you have mobility troubles, you can use a shuttle service that the Brewers provide; call their Guest Relations hotline.

For groups on a bus or RV, the American Family Lot just south of the ballpark is dedicated for bus parking. It costs a chunk of change, but again, you can order parking in advance at a significant discount. The oversized vehicles lot does not have tailgating grids, but people still party there.


Milwaukee brewers motorcycle parking

The home of Harley-Davidson has to have a motorcycle parking lot at their ballpark.

If you need accessible parking spaces, they’re in the preferred lots close to the home plate entrance. Motorcyclists can park in the Cooper lot near Helfaer Field.

Finally, while there is free parking on streets around the American Family Field area, it’s a ways from the ballpark. For free street parking at Brewers games, your best bet is probably north of the ballpark on Blue Mound Road, or the side streets off of Blue Mound.

If you don’t want to do the walk, you can use one of the tavern shuttle services, like from Kelly’s Bleachers. (You can read about a few of those here.)


American family field alternate routes

This is a lot of info to digest in a few seconds. Best to plan ahead.

American Family Field Parking Tip #3) Use the right route. American Family Field is so essential Milwaukee that it has its very own interchange, exit 308B directly off of I-94, called Stadium Way/Brewers Boulevard (formerly Miller Park Way). Stadium Way is only called such near the ballpark; north of I-94 it is U.S. Route 41, and if you go far enough south it becomes 43rd Street.

The roads circling the lots are Selig Drive to the north and Frederick Miller Way to the south; these driveways are accessible from several other roads in the area. Some of the connecting roads are one-way, inward before and outward after the game.

The Brewers provide directions on their website from each locality, from Green Bay to Chicago. They all end with getting to I-94 and exiting at the ballpark. Which is fine, but know that most everyone drives to American Family Field, and most of them use I-94. As I’ve said, if you’re not early enough, you could run into some traffic backups.


american family field alternate route

Because life rewards those on the road less traveled.

Skip this bit if you use Google Maps or another GPS and know where you’re going…but here’s a few alternate routes if you’re behind schedule:

– Coming from west on I-94, get off one exit early at 308A. (The exit is on the left side of the highway.) At the end of the ramp, turn right on Gen. Mitchell/Parkway Drive, which ends at Frederick Miller Way and the west lots.

– Coming from west or east, U.S. Route 18 runs parallel to I-94 north of the park; it is Blue Mound Road on the west side before it merges with Wisconsin Avenue to the east. From Blue Mound just west of Brewers Way, you can turn onto N. Story Parkway and then make a left onto Yount Drive. From Yount Drive you can quickly enter the less expensive Molitor lot, or take it to Selig Drive and the north preferred lots. Very few people use Yount Drive to get to the preferred lots, so you should have little waiting time.

You can also use General Mitchell Boulevard from Blue Mound, which ends at Fred Miller Way as described above.

– From the south or Mitchell Airport, try I-894/I-43 (the Airport Freeway) and exit at Loomis Road/WI-36 north. Turn left onto Loomis and make an immediate left onto 43rd St. 43rd becomes Stadium Way with not too much traffic.

– Coming from points east (including I-43), use Canal Street, which runs parallel to I-94. Canal Street leads directly to the ballpark (often with less traffic than I-94), where it turns into Fred Miller Way at the cheaper lots entrance. This is often an easier exit too.

– From the north on I-41, you can bypass the I-94 interchange and instead use I-43 south of the ballpark; from there you can exit at 43rd St./Stadium Way; you can enter via the easier-to-exit south lots.

One more thing: construction is frequent in Wisconsin. Pay attention to alerts if you can on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website or @BernieBrewer.


Milwaukee brewers parking tailgating

They don’t mess around in Milwaukee.

American Family Field Parking Tip #4) Bring your tailgating supplies. You’ll want to participate in the tailgating. Smelling all of the sausages cooking will make you ravenous.

I’ve written a separate post about the amazing tailgating scene and what you should know, but this is just a reminder to bring supplies. People in discussion forums asking about Brewers games are told to get a disposable grill, charcoal and some Johnsonville, Usinger’s or Klement’s brats.

If you aren’t a tailgating pro (don’t worry; you’ll be surrounded by them), there are several places to find minimal survival equipment.

There is a Metcalfe’s Market on State Street north of the park that is a popular place to get brats. You can stop by Cousins Subs on Wisconsin Avenue or George Webb on Greenfield Avenue for sandwiches. There are a few more takeout joints south of the ballpark on Stadium Way/43rd Street.

The Milwaukee Public Market is a five minute drive away, and features lots of great stuff from local vendors. You can park there for free for a half hour if you can pick up your stuff fast.

Coming from Chicago on I-94, there is a Mars Cheese Castle tourist type of store in Kenosha that has any kind of links, cheese and snacks you need. Love that place…lots of great eats.


american family field parking tips

You have to let the racing sausages go by. Just saying.

American Family Field Parking Tip #5) Keep your eyes open when leaving. The tailgating party often continues after the game, as the lots gradually empty. People do sometimes leave grills (and other unmentionable stuff) out in the parking lot. On your way out it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for both people and equipment. The Brewers clear the lot an hour after the game.

Should your car fail to start after the game or if you lock your keys in it, MT Towing & Recovery will do their best to help you out free of charge, although you’ll have to spring for towing or repairs. Contact a police officer or Brewers Guest Relations (414-902-4900).


Milwaukee brewers guest relations

Ain’t nothing wrong with Guest Relations. Guest Relations is a beautiful thing.

Finally, if you’ve had a few too many and shouldn’t drive home, you can call the Brewers’ Guest Relations. They’ll order a cab ride for you if they see the need. Whether they’ll let you leave their car in the lot, you’d have to ask them. It is against Brewers policy, but they might allow it if you ask nicely and get your car out of there before the next game.

There you go my friends; hopefully that helps you in your next trip…remember, when it comes to attending Brewers games, preparation is everything!


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