Free Shuttles to American Family Field | Milwaukee Brewers

Free Shuttles to American Family Field | Milwaukee Brewers

Posted by Kurt Smith

Milwaukee is a town full of crazed Brewers fans, and every game day is a celebration. In addition to the insane tailgating, dozens of taverns and bars offer free shuttle service to American Family Field for Brewers games. (Call it Miller Park if you want, but it’s an insurance place now.)

A Brewers shuttle offers multiple advantages. Baseball fans can park for free, enjoy great food offerings or drinks without paying ballpark prices, and avoid sitting in post-game traffic. If you’re staying at a hotel or near a bar with a shuttle, it’s a great way to avoid drinking and driving afterwards too.

So as a public service, I’ve compiled this complete list of establishments that will give you a ride to the Brewers game, or any major events at the retractable roof wonder. I’ve included some info about each one. Here is also a helpful map with their locations, so you can make a decision based on where you want to be.

Here’s the breakdown:

Blue Mound Road + Nearby Establishments
Downtown Milwaukee
West Milwaukee + West Allis
Wauwatosa + West Wauwatosa
From A Bit Farther Away
Hotel Shuttles

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free shuttle to american family field kelly's bleachers

Don’t worry, they’ll find someone to drive too.

American Family Field Shuttles: Blue Mound Road + Nearby

Blue Mound Road is almost walking distance to American Family Field, so these joints are not far from the ballpark. There is usually free street parking near these places, and some of them have their own lots.

Balistreri’s Bluemound Inn (6501 West Blue Mound Road). Balistreri’s is an Italian lunch and dinner restaurant; they were once voted “Best Late Night Food” by Milwaukee Magazine. They have Friday fish frys and highly rated pizza. They don’t say anything about their shuttle on their website, but they’re on everyone’s list and they do have a large private parking lot.

Brewski’s Sports Pub (304 North 76th Street). Brewski’s, according to their Facebook page, offers craft beer, cocktails, and a dog-friendly patio. I doubt you can leave your dog there when you go to the game though. It’s basically a sports bar with a menu featuring nachos, totchos, Buffalo chicken wontons, wings, etc. They also have fish frys on Fridays. Their shuttles run starting two hours before game time, and they sometimes offer drink specials for shuttle users.

Dugout 54 (5328 West Blue Mound Road). Dugout 54 was formerly Derry Hegarty’s, and you can still see the name in signage at the place. The Dugout has all of 32 beer tap lines with multiple craft beers, but they also offer table seating for families. The menu includes burgers and sandwiches, wings with numerous sauces, and a “pretty sizeable pretzel”. Incidentally these are the same folks who run Kelly’s Bleachers…more on Kelly’s in a minute.


Milwaukee brewers shuttles J&B blue ribbon

Are you welcoming me or Jagermeister? (Both!)

J&B’s Sports Bar & Blue Ribbon Taproom (5230 West Blue Mound Road). J&B’s Blue Ribbon took over the popular Long Wong’s tavern, and they’ve done a fine job remodeling, including billiards tables and a taproom. They call themselves the home of Milwaukee’s best chicken strips, in case your kids like that sort of thing. They also have pizza, wings, burgers, and of course, Friday Fish Frys.

Kelly’s Bleachers (5218 West Blue Mound Road). Kelly’s Bleachers has all sorts of fun stuff going on…music bingo, beer pong tournament Fridays, and most importantly, Happy Hour discounts. Their menu’s signature items are the Reuben rolls, the “Best Tater Tots Ever” (like anyone can even know that), and a Western burger. They serve a limited menu to meet the demand on game day, but I’m sure they have the good stuff.

Kelly’s website, for some reason, is really awful…it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the early days of the Internet. Don’t let that sway you though, they’re cool folks.

Magoo’s on the Mound (5841 West Blue Mound Road). Magoo’s features burgers, bar appetizers like the famous Wisconsin cheese curds, a “Bavarian Beast” soft pretzel, and that Friday fish fry of course. The beer on tap selection is decent, and their special include Taco Tuesdays and Burger Thursdays. Pool, darts, bags, lots to do.

Yes, it’s named after that Mr. Magoo from the cartoons, and you’re dating yourself if you recognize him. Magoo’s was formerly Steve’s on Bluemound, in case anyone recommends Steve’s to you.

McGinn’s (5901 West Blue Mound Road). McGinn’s calls itself an “All-Star Sports Bar”. Their nightly specials include Thursday wing night and a Steak Special on Wednesdays. McGinn’s Happy Hours include $3 domestic tap and domestic bottles (at least that’s what their Facebook header says, but it is 2024), which is a pretty good deal. I presume that includes game nights. They also have Sunday brunches, great for day games.

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milwaukee steak house american family field shuttle

Perhaps the chef got tired of pronouncing “Coerpers”.

Milwaukee Steakhouse (6024 West Blue Mound Road). The Milwaukee Steakhouse doesn’t mess around with their steaks. As they say, they only offer the best cuts of USDA Choice Black Angus Beef (their capitalization, not mine). Get your steak with garlic, peppercorn, fried onions, or even bearnaise style. They also have signature martinis. Needless to say, this is fine dining, so I wouldn’t expect pub fare here.

O’Brien’s Irish American Pub (4928 West Vliet Street). O’Brien’s actually has their own hydroponic garden, so they can grow their own fresh ingredients. Now that’s thinking of your customers. The menu (with fresh ingredients!) features wings, nachos, wraps, sandwiches, pizza and much more. And of course, they have lots of beers on tap and two Brewers shuttles. O’Brien’s even features a “birthday club”, with perks well worth signing up for.

Rounding Third (6317 West Blue Mound Road). Rounding Third offers up wings in a variety of flavors (I’ve tried the Jamaican Jerk dry rub wings and they’re very good). They also have a Milwaukee cheesesteak, half pound Angus burgers, stone fired pizza, and of course that Friday fish fry. Rounding Third’s prices seem a tad lower than most joints, and they have beer specials, although their beer selection isn’t as varied as others.


saz's state house restaurant milwaukee brewers shuttle

Is it me or does the Saz’s building look like a surprised face?

Saz’s State House Restaurant (5539 West State Street). Saz’s bills itself as a first rate restaurant and sports bar, and their menu reflects that…fancy apps like low country shrimp, onion straw baskets, and candied bacon. More importantly, this is a BBQ spot, with ribs, walleye, chicken and waffles, and (wait for it) cornbread chicken pot pie. Not done yet…fancy burgers too, and a gluten free menu. A bit pricier than other joints, but undoubtedly worth it.

They even provide some extra information about their Brewers shuttle. Drink specials on game days. Love that.

Spitfires on State (5018 West State Street). Spitfires is aptly named…if you’re a wing person, this is the place for you. Their wing sauce flavors include ginger sesame, Thai peanut, and blueberry BBQ (check out the full selection…it’s impressive). But they have other stuff too, like burgers, apps (wonton mozz stix!), and sandwiches at reasonable prices. The wide selection of beer and cocktails is also reasonable too, if their website menu is to be believed.


city lights brewi9ng american family field shuttles

No, the shuttle doesn’t run on beer. That would be pretty cool though.

American Family Field Shuttles: Downtown Milwaukee

These establishments are located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, good if you’re staying there or making a day of Milwaukee with, say, the Harley-Davidson Museum. Check this helpful map to see more attractions nearby.

City Lights Brewing (2200 West Mount Vernon Avenue). Okay, an actual craft brewery, now we’re living right. City Lights has won multiple awards for beer excellence, including from the Great American Beer Festival. Their beer offerings include even a coconut porter, and they describe the flavors on their site. Oh, and they have food too, even if it’s a limited menu. Burgers, apps, and of course the obligatory Friday fish fry. (Milwaukee makes it easy to be a Catholic.) And their shuttle is nicely decorated.

City Tours MKE (1130 North 9th Street). Okay, so this one isn’t a free ride…but it’s technically a shuttle so it counts. City Tours Milwaukee includes a “Milwaukee Ultimate Tailgate Tour”, where for a set price they’ll take your group to the game in their electric vehicle, fire up the coals, and set up the tables and stuff for you so you can all tailgate like pros. You have to bring your own food and booze, but that’s small potatoes when someone else drives and cleans up!

Fat Daddy’s (120 West National Avenue). The first words you see on Fat Daddy’s website is “Milwaukee’s Most Organized Volleyball”. Great for Brewers fans that are fed up with disorganized volleyball games. But seriously, outdoor volleyball tournaments on sand here, so that’s unique.

Fat Daddy’s has a limited menu of pizza and snacks, but their list of beers on tap and cocktails is lengthy. Daily drink specials here too. You can ride to the game in the “Fatmobile” and talk with fans about how well organized the volleyball was.


jack's american pub Milwaukee Brewers shuttles

Spirits, good times, and a ride to a baseball game. It doesn’t get more American than Jack’s.

Jack’s American Pub (1323 East Brady Street). Have you ever watched a game on a 200” TV? At Jack’s, you can, while enjoying steak fries, Santa Fe rolls, award-winning wings with “gun powder”, or a jalapeno mac and cheese burger. There’s other enticing stuff on the menu too, and several high end beers on tap and in cans. They have multiple shuttles, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for one.

Jack’s (along with some other taverns) actually has tailgate parties at the ballpark too, so they’re all in for Brewers fans. Oh, and brunch for Sunday afternoon games.

Milwaukee Brat House (1013 North King Drive). The Brat House bills itself as a “professional drinking establishment”, so it’s safe if you’re serious about a good time on game day. They actually have “a whole fleet of shuttles”, so they’re clearly here to help.

As the name suggests, they offer “Milwaukee’s Best Bratwurst”. You can try the sampler of bratwurst, Polish, Italian and Hungarian sausage for yourself. Or get your sausage in a gyro, a German-style sandwich, stuffed with honey mustard, etc. They have daily food and drink specials and an impressive selection of brews. The Brat House does tailgates as well.

O’Lydia’s (338 South First Street). The O’Lydia’s building was built in the 1800s, but the O’Lydia’s people truly saw the potential. There’s a four season patio and 13 large flat screen TVs. O’Lydia’s has some interesting stuff on their menu, including a Reuben mac, Nashville hot chicken mac, and a triple “B” burger.

O’Lydia’s a late night menu, weekend brunch, the obligatory Friday fish fry, and good specials like Thursday Burger Night. They don’t say much about drinks, so I would come here more for Irish pub grub than for serious craft brew tasting.

Oscar’s Pub & Grill (1712 West Pierce Street). Oscar’s website was blocked by my antivirus, but don’t take that personally…my antivirus blocks anything with capital letters on it. Anyway, they’re the first I’ve seen here to mention Bloody Marys, which are popular in Milwaukee. Oscar’s actually garnishes Bloody Marys with mozzarella and bacon, which should be obvious. They also boast about fresh cut fries, and (wait for it) a Friday fish fry.

So if you like burgers and Bloody Marys, you could do worse than Oscar’s.


steny's tavern american family field shuttles

Milwaukee’s #1 Sports Bar (?)

Steny’s Tavern (800 South Second Street). Steny’s calls itself Milwaukee’s #1 Sports Bar, which is a pretty bold statement. But they definitely don’t mess around…get your wings brined, fried, sauced and/or baked, and with sauces that include butter garlic parmesan, Carolina gold and lemon pepper. Lots of other great stuff on the menu too, like specialty pizzas, shareable apps platters, double burgers, and salads.

Steny’s has a very impressive craft beer and drinks list, as the #1 sports bar in Milwaukee should. They shuttle fans to every Brewers game. Don’t forget to get the hand stamp though.

Who’s on Third (1007 North King Drive). Who’s On Third also claims to be Milwaukee’s #1 sports bar. They were ranked in the Top 19 in America by Business Insider, so they’re not alone in liking their establishment. The menu features spicy mac and cheese, a nice selection of salads, half pound burgers and sandwiches, and chef’s gumbo. They also have a late night menu of apps if you’re hungry after the game, and the drinks menu features a lot of fancy cocktails. Might be a good place to impress a date.

Wurstbar MKE (1239 East Brady Street). Instead of deciding between two sports bars that call themselves #1, you could go to the Wurstbar in Milwaukee (snort). Wurstbar MKE is on Brady Street, which they call a lively entertainment district. Fair enough. They’re one of the eateries that do tailgates as well.

Their menu features neat apps like crab Rangoon dip and mini corn dogs, and they have several wursts as you would expect…German style, jalapeno popper, and “Miltown”, which was featured on A&E’s Best In Chow. Wurstbar has a Sunday brunch with breakfast items too. They have multiple shuttles, so in theory you shouldn’t be waiting long.


aris sports bar milwaukee brewers shuttle

You can tell just by the font that you can probably get a decent gyro here.

American Family Field Shuttles: West Milwaukee + West Allis

Aris Sports Bar (1657 South 108th Street, West Allis). The Aris Sports Bar is part of the Pallas restaurant, so you don’t get confused. They have separate menus, but you can get burgers, ribs, steaks, and Greek specialties like souvlaki and gyros at the sports bar. For breakfast on Sundays you can get Greek breakfast burritos. All good. If you’d like a fancier meal, you can go to the Pallas. It’s not far.

The Aris has a BBQ menu too, with sandwiches and platters of pork, smoked turkey and sausage. Good place for a nice meal and a ride.

Braun’s Power House (7100 West National Avenue, West Allis). Braun’s has bar grub and breakfasts, and their prices are a tad more reasonable than most. Their specials include Build A Burger Mondays, starting at just $3! Better yet, 32 oz. beers for just five bucks, at least according to their Facebook header. Apps include powerhouse nachos, loaded waffle fries, and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. True. They also have boneless wings with multiple sauces and dry rubs, smash burgers, and that ubiquitous Milwaukee Friday fish fry.

Braun’s is a good spot if you’re going cheap, which is probably a factor in your taking a shuttle in the first place, right?

Flapper’s Bar (7527 West Becher Street, West Allis). Flapper’s doesn’t tell the public much about its bar, except that it’s a “fun kinda joint”, which might be good enough. They do offer free pool (as in billiards, I assume) and drink specials until 6:00 PM some nights. You can get baked or deep fried cod, chicken fajita quesadillas, or wonton wrapped mozzarella logs. There are a lot of pics of food on their FB page, so you could have a look at that.


liquid johnny's American family field shuttles

Where it’s all about the liquids.

Liquid Johnny’s (540 South 76th Street, West Allis). Liquid Johnny’s pronounces itself “The Best Fish Fry In Town”, a bold claim indeed, and they have a page on their menu dedicated to it. They have other stuff too, of course…like ”frickles”, wings with a variety of dipping sauces, burgers and sandwiches. The beer list isn’t too shabby…multiple premium beers on tap and in bottles, and they have some hard seltzers too.

Liquid Johnny’s has some neat specials…the Burger of The Month as I write this is the “Almost Elvis Burger”. It’s topped with peanut butter, bacon and cheddar. Eat like the King.

Lucky’s Ice House (4238 West Orchard Avenue, West Milwaukee). Lucky’s, like many places, brags on their Friday Fish Fry too. But I’m not complaining about pics of fried perch and tater tots. Lucky’s menu also features apps like “haystack onions”, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. The “Who Hot Burger” looks good if you’re into spicy. There’s also salads for healthier sorts.

Lucky’s adds a gratuity to parties of six or more. Something to be aware of if you are many.

National Pizza Pub and Grille (Best Western) (5501 West National Avenue). The National Pizza Pub and Grille is part of the Best Western Milwaukee West, making it easy for guests to eat and get to the game. They have a lot of specialty pizzas, like Buffalo chicken, Mexican fiesta, and Reuben (!). It’s not just pizza though, they also have steaks, ribs and fish, as well as multiple burgers and sandwiches. Their apps include Reuben rolls and pulled pork bites. And wings. They actually have a chef here.

This place is pretty reasonable, and with the varied menu it should be good for families. And of course, super convenient if you’re staying at the Best Western.

Paulie’s Pub & Eatery (8031 West Greenfield Avenue, West Allis). Forget Milwaukee…Paulie’s calls itself the “best pub and eatery in Southeastern Wisconsin!” Stretch your horizons! Paulie’s features live music and entertainment, 18 beers on tap, and a location near the state park, so that does bolster the case a bit.

The menu includes wings with…let me see here…12 sauces and seasonings. There’s nachos with beef, chicken or pork, pizzas, and double burgers with multiple toppings. There’s also specialty sandwiches like the Ultimate Grilled Cheese. And a Friday fish fry, as required if you’re gonna call yourself the best.


Jacksons blue ribbon pub milwaukee brewers shuttles

You can’t beat a plate of macho nachos outside.

American Family Field Shuttles: Wauwatosa + West Wauwatosa

Camp Bar Wauwatosa (6600 West North Avenue). The Camp Bar offers an interesting twist…it’s designed like a log cabin lodge, with a fireplace, moose head in the wall, etc. They have an impressive selection of beers and microbrews, and signature drinks include the “Camp Bar Side Car” and a 22 oz. Bloody Mary. They have a small selection of food…pizzas and apps like tots and Buffalo chicken bites. Great place to go for atmosphere, and in Milwaukee a fireplace can always come in handy.

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub (11302 West Blue Mound Road). The Jackson’s folks are modest. They claim to be “known for our lively and inviting atmosphere, excellent quality food and great service.” Sounds good to me. The menu includes Macho Nachos, wings with nine seasoning/sauce selections, brisket sandwiches, Reubens, and pizza. They seem to have a better selection of wines than most, and a decent beer selection.

Jackson’s is also closest of all of the shuttle bars to the County Zoo, if you’re making a day of that.

McBob’s Pub & Grill (4919 West North Avenue). Who’s “McBob”? It’s owner Christine McRoberts, who has made the place a staple in Milwaukee. They share a customer’s claim that “McBob’s has simply the absolute best corned beef this side of heaven”. The menu is definitely Irish pub fare: Scotch eggs, Irish spring rolls, Reubens, Irish meatloaf and corned beef hash are all here. They have typically American burgers, nachos, and sandwiches too. McBob’s has some nice specials…Happy Hours most days, with $3 tap beer and a $5 limited app menu.

McBob’s does Friday fish frys too, and they’re gluten-free even.


redbar saucy swine BBQ american family field shuttles

So, why do you call this place the “Redbar”?

American Family Field Shuttles: From A Bit Farther Away

Credit these taverns for literally going the extra mile:

Fin N Feather (4060 West Loomis Road). Fin N Feather has lengthy Happy Hours…like noon to 6:00 PM on Fridays. Other than free billiards though, they don’t specify what’s cheaper, but hey, free pool is good. They don’t say much about the menu on their Facebook page, other than Luige’s pizza with typical toppings. The reviewers seem to agree that the value for drinks here is pretty good, so it might be a good thrifty place to try.

Friends on Forest Home (5614 West Forest Home Avenue, Greenfield). Maybe not the most electric name for a sports bar, but it’s what we have in Greenfield. The shuttle is only for Friday and Saturday home games, so keep that in mind. I can’t find much about their menu, but reviewers praise the food and drink prices. There’s also a lot of activities going on with them, so you can follow their Facebook page to see if anything entices you to visit Greenfield.

Milwaukee Brat House (4022 North Oakland Avenue, Shorewood). This is the “other” location of the aforementioned Brat House; they have a shuttle too but it may take a little longer. The menu is similar; there’s a jalapeno popper mac and cheese brat that looks amazing and lots of other sausages. Signature burgers and chicken sandwiches, fish fry Fridays, and some decent Happy Hour specials. This one does tailgates too.

Again, their specialty is definitely sausages, and if you’re into brats it’s probably the place to be.

Redbar (2245 East Street Francis Avenue, St Francis). Redbar is part of the Saucy Swine restaurant, but the Redbar itself has a dine-in menu. The Saucy Swine is a popular BBQ joint with the locals, with six house sauces, especially since there aren’t many Brewers shuttles in this part of town. Some very unusual apps here, like Korean fried Brussels sprouts, pork belly bites, and bacon cheese bombs. Try the “Queben” sandwich.


ambassador hotel milwaukee brewers shuttles

Who’s the real Ambassador?

American Family Field Shuttles: Hotels

I have to imagine there are other hotels in Milwaukee with complimentary shuttle service, but here’s the roster of hotels I found that mention the Brewers:

Ambassador Hotel (2308 West Wisconsin Avenue). The Ambassador is easy to find with the cool old-fashioned sign on the roof. They boast of the largest hotel rooms in the area, extreme high speed internet, and Apple TV in each room. There’s actually three places to eat here, for whatever your mood, or you could just walk to a McDonald’s or Taco Bell if you’ve spent too much on the hotel room.

The Ambassador is a nice departure from typical hotel chains (although it is Wyndham), and while it’s not cheap, it’s not out of this world expensive. Incidentally, they extend free parking and shuttle service to anyone who dines there, so no need to stay the night.

Best Western Milwaukee West (5501 West National Avenue, West Milwaukee). As described earlier, the Best Western is where you can find the National Pizza Pub and Grille, so they have an eatery with your Brewers ride. Like most Best Westerns, this one is reasonable, and it’s actually pretty close to the ballpark. They say it’s walking distance…it’s about a mile, so judge that for yourself.

The rooms have cable TV (STOP THE CAR!!!), can have kitchenettes, and include a free breakfast. (It’s the typical hotel breakfast, which for free isn’t bad.) There’s also an indoor pool, fun for the kids. And a pizza joint.


Brewhouse inn and suites American family field shuttles

“I’ll have a craft brew, a clean room, and a place to park please.”

Brewhouse Inn & Suites (1215 North 10th Street). The Brewhouse Inn & Suites is actually the site of the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery. It’s now a hotel…but the best part is you can get craft brews there. Nice rooms, too…kitchenettes, brick walls and large windows. Stays include a complimentary buffet breakfast, but there is a fee for parking.

The Brewhouse has their own restaurant (On Tap), with pub grub like beer-brined wings, specialty pizzas and a Blue Ribbon Burger. They have over 40 craft beers and signature cocktails. Game day specials too. Definitely worth a look if you’re visiting Milwaukee, enjoy good beer, and are planning a Brewers game.

Hampton Inn & Suites Milwaukee West (8201 West Greenfield Avenue, West Allis). Hampton says that “American Family Field ballgames are five minutes from our door via free shuttle.” So it’s clearly a selling point. Hampton Inns are generally pretty nice places, and this one includes a free hot breakfast, an indoor pool, EV charging, free parking, and even room service.

They don’t actually have a restaurant on the site (I don’t think), but there’s quite a few eateries right here, including Big Deal Burgers & Custard, Peace & Love Sourdough, McDonald’s (!), and the aforementioned Paulie’s Pub with their own shuttle. Win-win!

Sonesta Milwaukee West Wauwatosa (10499 West Innovation Drive, Wauwatosa). The Sonesta is actually a pet-friendly hotel, although I’m not sure what you’d do with your dog during the game. They also go above and beyond just a shuttle to games…the Sonesta offers a Brewers package, which includes a bucket of beer, complimentary transportation to the game, and a “ballpark buffet”…I’m not sure what that includes.

Sonesta has an indoor pool and hot tub, and free parking. It seems geared to business travelers, but hey, Brewers fans mean business. Their “Innovation” restaurant is closed as I write this, but Ally’s Power House Café is very close if a meal is in your plans.


Milwaukee brewers free shuttles to american family field

Because Red wants you to get to the ballgame safely.

Whew! Well there you have it fans; your complete list of shuttle options for Milwaukee Brewers home games. In case it matters to you, the Brewers offer a downloadable map of drop-off points at the ballpark; you can find that here.

Thanks for reading…I know I went long here! But plenty more where that came from. Check out more American Family Field tips here, including this useful post on parking at Brewers games, some helpful tailgating tips, and some info when you’re bringing the kids!

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