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Hey Baseball Fan, Kurt Smith here (I’m the shorter one pictured on the right), thanks for visiting!

I know you didn’t come here to buy something. You came here for solid info about a ballpark you plan to visit. I hope you’ve found it and enjoyed the read. (If not, by all means drop me a line.)

But as you know, anytime you enjoy live baseball, you’re going to be spending money…on tickets, parking, travel and things you’ve never thought of, like that adorable mascot doll for the kids. (They get me with that every time.)

So bookmark this page. Seriously, do it.

Because this is where I show you how to spend your limited baseball cash wisely, and save a bunch of it too.

Below you can read my posts strongly recommending products and services that have made my life much easier and more affordable as a fan of live baseball.

If you trust me enough not to bother reading the entire posts, here are the affiliate links:

For baseball tickets: include TickPick in your searches. Very often you will find better deals there than on the team website or StubHub…and there’s no fees!

For baseball travel: I have been using Hotwire for hotel and rental car bookings almost exclusively since 2003. Unbeatable deals on this site for hotel rooms especially.

For jaunts between cities: Ever travel from New York to Boston and back for $2.50 round trip? I’ve done that with Megabus. Nice luxury coaches very cheap.

Other stuff you want/need: Coming soon, I’ll be listing a bunch of helpful stuff you’ll want or need on your baseball trips. In the meantime, you can help support this site by using this link to shop on Amazon, whatever you buy…without spending an extra penny.

Legal bit: The links above are affiliate links, and Ballpark E-Guides earns a commission should you use them to buy a product. Ballpark E-Guides thanks you very much for your support!

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