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Ballpark E-Guides is your destination for Major League Baseball (MLB) ballpark guides to professional baseball venues and stadiums across the United States and Canada. Ballpark aficionado Kurt Smith has written 15 Ballpark E-Guides…eBooks stuffed full of insider tips for everything from how to get cheap baseball tickets to deciding on ballpark food.

Okay, now that we’ve got the SEO stuff out of the way, here’s the question: do you want to improve your live baseball experience at your favorite MLB ballpark?

If you are planning a trip to see a ballpark for the first time, Ballpark E-Guides are for you.

If you travel a bit to see your team in rival ballparks, Ballpark E-Guides are for you.

If you want to save money and aggravation at your home ballpark, Ballpark E-Guides are for you.

I’m here to help you with how to…

Save Money At The Ballpark. Each E-Guide helps you pay much less for tickets, parking, and food…with “Tightwad Tips” like finding cheaper Red Sox tickets, saving $75 at a Phillies game, or using a cheap route to Wrigley Field.

Find The Perfect Seat. Every Ballpark E-Guide describes all the seating areas, from suites to standing room. You’ll find lots of great seating tips, like how to avoid obstructed views at Fenway Park, enjoy club options at Citi Field, or why Nationals Park standing room is a great option

Find The Ideal Baseball Parking, and other transportation methods. Ballpark E-Guides are full of tips for getting to the ballpark…like using cheap parking spots in Detroit, tavern shuttles in Milwaukee, even a trolley car in Cincinnati!

Decide What to Eat At The Game. Each Ballpark E-Guide describes the entire ballpark food menu…even local specialties, like cheesesteaks in Philly, burgers in NYC, and even outside food like the Toronto street meat. 

Pick out a ballpark below you’d like to learn about…and when that pop-up offering the free newsletter appears, be sure to sign up.

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“Thank you so much Kurt and Ballpark E-Guides to help making my dream come true!”
- Francisco Campos, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“Each guide is filled with solid-gold tips about the ballpark...I couldn't recommend these treasures more highly!"
– Joe Mock, Baseball Parks
“The descriptive, well-thought out content is a home run; the wit, sense of humor, and customization in the E-Guides is a grand slam.”
- Jennifer C., Atlanta, GA
“Every guide will enhance your appreciation for whatever ballpark you happen to be in, but it will also help you save a TON of money along the way.”
- Vincent S. Mt. Laurel, NJ
I used the E-Guide for everything from buying tickets to prepaid parking. We had a blast!"
- Laurie B., Somerdale, NJ
“There isn't a better resource to learn everything you need to know for an enjoyable experience."
- Joe Coblitz, Burning River Baseball
"I recently read the Fenway Park E-Guide and could not believe how much I learned.”
- Scott Chamberlain, Woo Chamberlain
"I learned A LOT of things I didn’t know even though I’ve been going to the Yard since I was 5.”
- Lauren Tilley, Birds Watcher
"Jammed packed with all the info a rabid Red Sox fan needs when heading to the ballpark."
- Christine E., Boston Red Thoughts
“Besides being incredibly informative, it's fun to peruse and read."
- Floyd Sullivan, Chicago Now
"Ballpark E-Guides are a must for the avid, or the casual baseball’s truly one brilliant idea."
- Bill Mahoney, White Sox Gab
“There's an exhaustive listing of and commentary on all the places where you can eat and drink."
- Ryan Richards, Let's Go Tribe
" I had never been to the park before, but after reading the E-Guide, the season ticket holders in front of me thought I was an expert. Kurt really knows his stuff!"
- Conrad Klank, Stadium Journey Correspondent
“The E-Guide is a handy reference tool, especially for newbies, but also for those who have been around the scene a while."
- Nick Michalski, The Brewers Bar
"Kurt Smith gives every fan thorough and comprehensive home field advantage."
- Greg Prince, Faith and Fear in Flushing
“Smith has nailed every detail and aspect of the Mets’ home...from parking to the best food choices, the Citi Field E-Guide covers it all."
- Steve Sidoti, 7 Train To Shea
"Do you think you know all there is to know about getting around Citi Field? If you had a Ballpark E-Guide you would."
- Steve Keane, The Eddie Kranepool Society
“What makes this guide most valuable is its “Tightwad Tips,” which will save you more than the price of this guide — perhaps hundreds of dollars."
- Lenny Neslin, LenNY's Yankees
“Reading this guide is almost like being at a game, except a beer won’t run you $10."
- Andy Corselli, Yanks Go Yard
“Whether you are an experienced fan or a first-time visitor, his guides are well worth it. Check them out."
- Mike Sommer, The Sommer Frieze
"You think you know your own backyard ballpark better than anyone, and then someone like Kurt Smith shows you just how wrong you are."
- Patrick Adair, Dropped Strike Three
“I discovered many food options that sounded interesting and may prompt me to expand my horizons a bit."
- Jenn Zambri, Phillies Phollowers
“From where to park to where to get your home run ball signed, Kurt covers it all. This is a must have for any Phillies fan."
- Shay Roddy, High Hopes
“Kurt Smith has spent a lot of time researching PNC Park, and making sure you know about the deals, promotions, and other values."
- Jim Ambs, Kentucky Baseball
“Whether you be a tourist or a season ticket holder, I strongly recommend this guide."
- Lucan Coutts, Blue Jays Nation
“The Tightwad Tips, in particular, offer some great will save time for having to research, and may save you money and some headaches once you arrive."
- Robert Steele, Jays Journal
"Smith has done a great job providing baseball fans with inside tips that only grizzled veterans of Fenway Park know.”
- Darryl Johnston, Fire Brand of the AL
"From transportation to seat selection to food and drink and where to get the best deals, you can find the answer in Ballpark E-Guides."
- Scott Ableman, Let Teddy Win
“Let Ballpark E-Guides show you ideas, recommendations, and insider tips for must see places and can't miss activities near your favorite ballpark.”
– Pete Spadora, Spadora On Sports
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