Boston Red Sox – Fenway Park

Greetings Red Sox Fans, Ballpark Nerds and Baseball Travelers! Thanks for visiting my Boston Red Sox ballpark page…with great pro tips for your next visit to Fenway Park! Fenway is a great ballpark, but it’s not for amateurs!

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My Complete Fenway Park Guide: This one is for first timers to Fenway Park. Start here for essential newbie tips.

How To Score Cheap Red Sox Tickets: My invaluable post for finding the best deal on Red Sox tickets. Learn about using the Sox website, the box office, third parties, and many other tips.

Fenway Park Seating Guide: You’ll never make the mistakes I made when you read this…about premium seating, the grandstand, bleachers, standing room, and that blasted obstructed view.

How To Get To Fenway Park: All of my best advice for getting to a Boston Red Sox game. Learn about the T, Commuter Rail, buses, bikeshares, and even pedicabs!

Fenway Park Parking Guide: Learn how to go cheap, get an easy out, and even find possibly free street spots (wow!). Well worth the read for anyone driving to the Red Sox ballpark.

Fenway Park Food: There’s much more than Fenway Franks…choose from Sal’s pizza, lobster rolls, the Truly Awesome Burger, deli sandwiches, and of course, outside sausage vendors!

Can You Bring Food Into Fenway Park? Unfortunately, not now. But that shouldn’t stop you from paying a visit to the Sausage Connection on Lansdowne Street.

Take A Rickshaw to Fenway: Did you know there is a pedicab company in Boston that will pedal you to the game? True! Find out more here.

Finally, you can’t talk about Red Sox baseball in their home ballpark without acknowledging the Fenway Frank.

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