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Save Money At The Ballpark…Got $219.53? - Believe it or not, there are dozens of ways to save money at the ballpark, at any ballpark, that you probably aren't aware of. That's why I write Ballpark E-Guides...because you're probably paying much more than you have to. I'll share some tips with you here, but first just permit me to complain for a ... Read More
Baseball Seating: Are You Getting The Best Seat? - I have a question for you regarding baseball seating... What’s the first thing you do when you go online or to the box office to buy tickets? You look at the baseball seating chart, right? You look at different pricing levels, and then you make a choice based on your budget and your preferences. But ... Read More
Baseball Parking, And Other Expensive Hassles - Remember when baseball parking wasn't a significant part of your entertainment budget? No, I don't either. And doesn't the traffic in and out and overpriced baseball parking get exasperating? If you’re like most fans, you park in team lots at the ballpark, accepting whatever the cost is. Maybe you can find something a couple bucks ... Read More
Ballpark Food: What Will You Eat At The Game? - Ballpark food, as you well know I’m sure, is priced just above the point of being unreasonable. On top of that, there are so many choices at the ballpark that you often get that sense of missing out on something. Not to mention the lines at some stands…is the Shackburger or Tony Luke’s sandwich really ... Read More
Should I Take The Ballpark Tour? - I remember, when Camden Yards first opened, reading in brochures that the Orioles offered a ballpark tour. I remember thinking that it didn’t seem like something I’d be interested in, because at the ballpark I want to see a game. A pitching matchup. Home runs. Stolen bases. Extra innings. If you can’t root for the ... Read More
Baseball Fan Mistakes I Used To Make - Since I've started researching everything there is to know about various baseball venues in the quest to help the non-affluent baseball fan, I've learned a lot. Some things have saved me money, some things have saved me time, and some things have saved me a lot of aggravation. Even I still don't always get it ... Read More
Ballpark Rankings – Rating Half of MLB’s Ballparks - Because of my tireless efforts in improving the baseball experience for fans, I frequently get asked what my favorite ballpark is, and while I do have my favorite ones to visit, I really don’t have a definitive answer to the question. Which has kept me from actually writing a list of ballpark rankings. Until today, ... Read More
Joe Mock and 203 Ballparks - Fans whose yearly vacations revolve around a baseball road trip probably know the name Joe Mock. If they don’t, they should. Mock is the author and webmaster at, the premier website for baseball roadtrippers. He is also the author of 2001’s "Joe Mock's Ballpark Guide", a delightfully illustrated book about the 30 MLB parks ... Read More
What’s New at the Ballparks 2017 – National League - I haven't yet had an opportunity to get all the E-Guides up to speed with the changes for 2017 (I will as soon as I can), but I've listed everything new for National League ballparks described by Ballpark E-Guides:   Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field: Well, obviously, the most celebrated change at Wrigley Field will ... Read More
What’s New at the Ballparks 2017 – American League - Since I have not yet been able to get all of the E-Guides up to date as of this writing (I will as soon as I can), here's a list of the changes in the American League ballparks (covered by Ballpark E-Guides) for 2017:   Baltimore Orioles - Camden Yards: Other than putting in some ... Read More
Cheaper Baseball Tickets? Try SeatGeek - It’s the timeless quest of the baseball fan: to find cheaper baseball tickets. As I’m sure you know, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Baseball teams jack up the prices of the really good seats, especially teams that have become contenders of late and have increased demand for tickets. (A Ballpark E-Guide is a ... Read More
Hotwire: Great On Baseball Trips - I first discovered this great website when booking hotel rooms on a ballpark trip in 2003, and I have been using Hotwire so much ever since that paying $100 for a hotel room is something I don't even consider anymore. I'm sure you've noticed how expensive hotel stays are these days. If you book directly ... Read More
ParkWhiz: Reserve Your Ideal Spot at the Game - Whenever I am going to drive and park at the game, especially in a ballpark that's in the heart of a city, I always check ParkWhiz first. You should look at this great website too, for two very good reasons. The first is the cost of parking, of course. At Fenway Park in Boston, most ... Read More
Save Money On Souvenirs: Three Tips - I deliberately haven’t put information on how to save money on souvenirs in Ballpark E-Guides. I may mention what ballparks have an outside vendor scene, where a fan can buy cheaper T-shirts or caps or pennants. But for the most part I don’t go beyond recommending against buying anything in the team shop. Rarely will ... Read More
Gluten-Free At The Ballpark: Some Tips - If you are the proud possessor of a gluten allergy, you might think it’s next to impossible to eat gluten-free at the ballpark. But fortunately, that is not the case anymore. Because my wife is afflicted with celiac disease, it makes finding food at any recreational event somewhat difficult. Obviously the classic hot dog with ... Read More
Healthy Food At The Ballpark: Some Tips - Finding healthy food at the ballpark isn’t easy. The multitudes of food offerings at ballparks, often celebrating local flavor, are wonderful but can be overwhelmingly tempting, especially when one knows they’ll be doing some walking off of the calories. Despite what I do here, I’m not at as many ballgames as people think. And since ... Read More
Ballpark Food Ideas: What Should I Eat At The Game? (Part 2) - In a previous installment of this blog, I told a story of being in a ballpark that I didn’t know too much about and looking for ballpark food ideas. Not an easy thing if you don’t know going in what is available, as I found out. But I’ve thought about what sort of tips I ... Read More
Ballpark Food: What Should I Eat At The Game? (Part 1) - If you’ve been to a game recently, you know that there is ballpark food available for every taste. Not only is there usually a restaurant or two on the premises now, but out in the concourse areas you can find pizza, burgers, barbecue joints, delicatessens, vegetarian and kosher choices, and there’s even Asian- and Mexican-style ... Read More
Baseball’s Biggest Loss Of 2014 - Few things were funnier than my father’s occasional profanity-laden philosophy. Before baseball's last collective bargaining agreement, I asked him if he would quit watching if the players went on strike again. Like everyone else, he was angry as hell about 1994 and once said to me that he wouldn't care if he never saw another ... Read More
Baseball Tickets On Craigslist – Are They Legit? - People often come up to me and matter-of-factly ask, "Kurt, I've been thinking of buying baseball tickets on Craigslist. But should I? Can that medium be trusted?" Sports fans love to tell the story of the great deal they scored on tickets it through a scalper, great timing on StubHub, a classified ad, whatever. ... Read More
Baseball Tickets Online: Your Many Options - Isn’t it great to be able to find baseball tickets for a ball game while still wearing a robe and drinking coffee? I remember when I was a younger Orioles fan and had to use the telephone or the box office, and that’s one thing I don’t yearn for when fans talk about the “good ... Read More
How To Save Money On Playoff Tickets - The MLB Playoffs are here, and of the six division winners that have already punched their tickets to the postseason, only one...the Boston Red Sox of all teams...have seen a World Series championship since 1988. Four of these teams haven’t even won a World Series in the ballpark they currently play in...that includes the Cubs...and ... Read More
30 Ballparks In 23 Days - In the 2012 season, Chuck Booth pulled off a remarkable feat. He saw every inning of 30 games in all 30 MLB ballparks. Yes, I know. A few people have done that. But how about pulling off that feat in 23 days? Booth followed a schedule that included seven doubleheaders…including Toronto/New York, Boston/Washington (those two ... Read More
Parking For Free At The Ballpark - Recently I interviewed Scott Chamberlain, a prominent member of Ballpark Chasers, and someone who has accomplished a pretty remarkable feat in 2016...he has paid just $2 for parking all season! Scott graciously took the time to answer my questions and share his tips; hope you enjoy the exchange below. If you'd like to check out ... Read More
Megabus – Great For Traveling Fans - So you have no problem taking a nine hour trip to see your favorite team in another ballpark, right? I’ve seen it happen plenty in the ballparks I’ve just visited. Nationals Park was full of Phillies fans on Opening Day last year, and much of downtown Baltimore’s hospitality industry is dependent on Red Sox and ... Read More