3 Tips For Visiting PNC Park With Kids | Pittsburgh Pirates

3 Tips For Visiting PNC Park With Kids | Pittsburgh Pirates

Posted by Kurt Smith

Doing PNC Park with kids? Great idea…it’s a great time to expose them to baseball in one of the planet’s most beautiful settings for it. When the Pirates are competitive, it’s plenty exciting, but it’s a pretty fun experience (and cheaper) even when the Bucs linger near the bottom of the NL Central. (As they unfortunately often do.)

If you’re bringing the kids to PNC Park, here are a few things you should know…starting with a quick word from my friends at Gametime:

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pnc park with kids sundays

Oh no, this isn’t nightmare fuel…yeesh.

PNC Park With Kids, Tip #1) Go on Sunday.

Sunday is by far the best day of the week for kids at PNC. Federal Street north of the ballpark is already closed to traffic, and on Sunday it becomes the Fan Zone, with inflatable rides, face painting and a bunch of other stuff for the kids.

Sundays are also kids run the bases days, where the little ones can run around the infield after the game. This is a very popular promotion, which brings me to PNC Park With Kids Tip #2…


pnc park with kids club

I’m so proud of my little Bucaroo…

PNC Park With Kids, Tip #2) Join the Bucaroos.

By all means have your kid enrolled in the Pirates Bucaroos fan club. There are free memberships that include tickets and buy-one-get-one offers, but the paid membership is well worth the few extra bucks: four tickets and front of the line privileges on run the bases days.

The kids also get cool Pirates stuff like a Pirates cap and drawstring bag with the paid membership. They’ll treasure it forever.

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pnc park with kids play area

It’s more popular than it looks. I was early.

PNC Park With Kids, Tip #3) The Kids Play Area.

The Pirates have built a respectable kids play area in the right field corner of the ballpark (keep this in mind choosing seats, incidentally). There’s a wiffle ball field and slides and such, and it’s a place where the kids can burn off energy before the game. If you want to be the first ones there, try going in through the much lesser used right field gate.

Oh, one other thing…don’t forget that there’s a Bucaroos food stand in the left field corner, with smaller portions and prices for kids. Bonus tip at no extra charge!

There you go…some helpful things to know for your next Pirates game with the little ones. Stay tuned for more tips, I got a million of ’em!

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