How To Score Cheap Atlanta Braves Tickets (2024)

How To Score Cheap Atlanta Braves Tickets (2024)

Posted by Kurt Smith

Hello baseball fans and Braves game goers! I’m back again with a bunch of insider tips for how to buy cheap Braves tickets, for your next baseball game at beautiful Truist Park! (formerly SunTrust Park)

Not trying to brag, but I have extensively researched the topic, and compiled my best money saving tips for you here. Below are your options to find the best deal on tickets for your next visit to the home of the Atlanta Braves.

I suggest you read through this entire post if you can, because it’s all helpful. But I’m happy to break it into parts for you:

Using The Atlanta Braves Website
Buying From Third Party Sites
Buying From Facebook Forums + Craigslist
Get A Seat Upgrade
The Braves Box Office
Join The Kids Club
Find Low Demand Games
Wait Until The Last Minute, Maybe
Use The Atlanta Weather
Bring Your Friends
Help The Community
When All Else Fails…Use The Cheap Seats

Ready? Okay, here we go, after this highly applicable bit of advice from our sponsor!

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How To Buy Cheap Atlanta Braves Tickets, Tip #1) Using The Braves Website.

cheap atlanta braves tickets website

The Braves don’t make their website URL obvious, but they do share a helpful search phrase.

Buying tickets through the Atlanta Braves website is, of course, the easiest and most trusted way to buy Braves tickets. You will need the MLB Ballpark app on your phone, and the Braves will send your tickets there. To my knowledge, they don’t do paper tickets anymore (I don’t know any team that does).

Here is my most important tip for saving money on Braves tickets: sign up for the Braves’ ticket alert newsletter. The Braves will frequently send you a special offer or three, as well as info about giveaway nights and other benefits.

Perhaps more importantly, they’ll tell you when tickets go on sale; which is usually the best time to get tickets for high demand games. If you’re looking for tickets to a game against the Phillies in July, buying through the Braves on the day of sale will probably be cheapest. The Braves offer multi-game packs that include high demand games, so if you can go to a few games that could be a swell deal. Give away your extras as Christmas presents.

The Braves use dynamic pricing, which means that ticket prices rise and fall according to demand. In my experience, ticket prices don’t usually drop much, but they can often go up a fair bit. So that’s all the more reason to check your ticket alerts.

I’ll talk more about third party providers in a bit, but currently the Braves feature a link to SeatGeek on their tickets page, as their official reseller. The Braves sell premium seats to season ticket holders only (and there are a lot of premium seats), but you can usually find something on third party sites for single games.

Before you buy tickets on the Braves website, check their ticket specials. As I write this you can take advantage of Coca-Cola Wednesdays, Blue Moon weekdays, and the T-Mobile Value Pack. The Braves offer discounted tickets to military personnel and first responders, and it’s a great deal. Again, they will almost always let you know about these deals in their ticket alert newsletter.

Finally, one last piece of advice that’s pretty important. If you’re comparing ticket prices on the Braves site with third party sites, be sure to go all the way to the checkout screen and know what you’re really paying. You might find a better deal elsewhere when you add in the fees.

It wouldn’t hurt to follow the Braves on your favorite social media platform too, just saying.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #2) Using Third Party Sites.

cheap atlanta braves braves ticket resellers stubhub tickpick gametime

Windows closed? Time for Plan B.

I mentioned the Braves linking to SeatGeek for resales on their tickets page. But you can usually find a similar selection of Braves tickets on other third party sites, including StubHub, Vivid Seats and several others.

Gametime is a favorite of Ballpark E-Guides (full disclosure: they’re an affiliate). In my experience, they offer slightly better deals than most. Gametime curates the best ticket deals for you, you can toggle “all-in” pricing to see the fees included the price, and they’re great for last minute tickets (a key tip I’ll talk about shortly).

Third party sites are your best chance at finding a single game ticket in the premium seats, like the Delta Sky 360, Xfinity Club or Chop House seats. Get access to that exclusive Chipper Jones lounge (no, he doesn’t hang out there). These are exclusive to season ticket holders, and few of them go to every game. If you search closer to game time, you might find a steal on Gametime.

For high demand games, say, a contest against the Yankees on a July weekend, hopefully you’ve bought tickets from the Braves in advance. Face value will still probably be your best bet, so try the Braves website first. If this is in your plans, it helps to plan ahead as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a better deal than what the Braves ask, you might have some luck searching around for low demand games. Try a weekday game in May against Colorado. Again, very important, with third party sites especially, go all the way to the checkout screen! (Usually that’s the screen that has a “Place Your Order” button or something similar.)


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #3) Buying From Facebook Forums + Craigslist

atlanta braves tickets facebook forums

In Atlanta, baseball fans look out for each other.

This is actually a little-known option to a lot of fans. There are Facebook groups where season ticket holders sell their extras to people…without the fees. Braves Ticket Marketplace is one, Atlanta Braves Ticket Exchange is another. You can also search for “braves tickets” or something similar on Facebook.

That said, there is some inherent risk with buying from a Facebook group. It is similar to Craigslist (or buying from scalpers back in the day, but there aren’t any of those anymore).

You probably won’t get scammed, and the moderators do their best to ensure no one does, but take some precautions. Find out as much as you can about the seller, and don’t go for an offer that looks too good to be true.

Buying from season ticket holders is your best bet for access to premium areas like the Chop House seats. Couldn’t hurt to look. In addition, season ticket holders, depending on their section, get all sorts of perks like parking passes, merch discounts, and access to climate-controlled clubs.

As far as Craigslist, A-List members sell their wares there too. I’ve written more about buying baseball tickets on Craigslist here. Again, there’s no guarantee in place there, so treat Craigslist sellers like scalpers; verify whatever you can.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #4) Get An Upgrade You!

mlb ballpark app braves tickets upgrade

Try it tomorrow, too!

I personally love this idea. Did you know that you can upgrade your seats once you’re in the ballpark? Yep…since you’re using the MLB Ballpark app to store your tickets anyway, you can level up on the app after buying a cheap ticket, and potentially save a bundle on the face price for much better seats.

I’ve read several accounts from Braves fans who scored sweet ticket deals doing this. That said, I wouldn’t expect to move from the 400 level to the Truist Club seats for 20 extra bucks. The Braves are smarter than that. But on a low demand night, grab the cheap seats and then see what’s out there once you get in.

I’m not sure that you’ll get access to the exclusive experience clubs, with complimentary food and drinks and all that (you can read about those on my Truist Park seating page), at least not for a small increase. But you can definitely improve your view cheaply with this if seats are available.

The Braves don’t specifically say when this ends during the game. I have read 15 minutes before first pitch. If you want to try it, go for it as soon as you check in at the ballpark.

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How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #5) The Braves Box Office.

braves box office roxy theater

Your reference point. And maybe a nice pre-game spot.

Yes, as I write this sentence you can still go to the box office for your Braves tickets. The ticket windows are across from the Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre, in the Battery Atlanta.

This isn’t a bad option if you live or are near the ballpark. The Braves don’t charge fees when you buy tickets at the box office (the price of tickets might be slightly higher, but you’ll probably come out ahead). If you go early enough, you can park for free for a couple of hours in the nearby Red Deck, but you’ll have to move before the game unless you want to pay a hefty amount.

Unfortunately at the moment you can only buy tickets on game days; the Braves open their windows a few hours before the event. Hopefully they’ll change this policy in the future, but for now it’s game days only.

Keep in mind also that while you’re at the game, you can also get future game tickets at the windows inside. They close after the 6th inning. If you can land future game tickets at face without fees, score.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #6) Join The Kids Club.

cheap atlanta braves tickets kids club

When they have someone behind the sign, ask about it.

If you have little ones and are planning a Braves game, definitely make them members of the Braves Kids Club.

Membership currently is free (although that could change), and includes lots of nice stuff. You get a discount on tickets for Kids Club Sundays, and it also includes free games in Hope & Will’s Sandlot. Kids can also run the bases after the game on Kids Club Days, which you’ll want to get in line early for.

The Braves say that they’re working on a bigger and better Kids Club, so check back on this. In my experience, most teams’ Kids Clubs are well worth the cost. In the past paid memberships included a buy one get one ticket offer and some cool swag, so the Braves could bring that or a similar deal back at some point.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #7) Find Low Demand Games.

low demand braves games

Hmmm, must be the Rockies tonight…

If all you want is to see a game, or if you’re a thrifty ballpark road tripper who just wants to visit Truist Park, it’s well worth the trouble to look for a low demand game. This, combined with waiting to buy your tickets and using third party sites like Gametime, can save you a bundle.

The Braves draw very well, since as I write this they offer a high-quality product. But they draw less on Monday through Wednesday, and they draw fewer fans in April, May, and September than they do in June, July and August. Once July hits, most games get close to sellouts, but weekday games might drop in attendance a bit.

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Philadelphia Phillies bring in bigger numbers, and the recent resurgence in Baltimore has turned up new crowds of Orioles fans. If the Nationals are good, you’ll probably see larger crowds for that too. That said, the month and day of week matter more than the opponent.

April is the best month for low demand games if you can swing it. Weather wise in Atlanta, it shouldn’t be bad at all. Try for a weekday game against another team than who I’ve listed here.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #8) Wait Until The Last Minute, Maybe.

cheap truist park tickets

Don’t get shut out of the ballpark, just saying.

One of the reasons I suggest Gametime for your third party tickets is that they’re great for last minute tickets, and in some cases you can score a sweet deal even after the game starts. I know, I don’t like missing baseball, but it’s a great option if you’re already late.

Waiting until the last minute can work well for low demand games. If you are searching for two tickets to a May game against Oakland, there can be some precipitous price drops some hours before the game, including for the high end tickets.

This is, however, a strategy for games that aren’t that important to you. I wouldn’t try it for a specific game you want, weekend contests in July, or if I was going with more than two people. But for one or two tickets, there’s often great opportunities for deals as people get desperate to unload their extras. You could find something at half the price or less than what the Braves ask for it.

If you want to see this for yourself, check Gametime a few times, and compare their prices to the Braves website just before first pitch. You can get an idea of this phenomenon in action.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #9) Use The Atlanta Weather.

cheap atlanta braves tickets weather

In July, a lot of those seats in the sun could be available.

Speaking of the weather, it’s a genuine factor in your enjoyment of a game at Truist Park. There’s a reason for that big roof over the 400 level seats. Finding shade can be a big factor in choosing your seat here.

You can, though, use this to your advantage. If it’s a sweltering day, people with tickets in the outfield seats, seats on the third base side of the field, and maybe even premium seats, might decide to enjoy the game in the comfort of their homes instead. Team spirit has its limits everywhere.

So if the weather doesn’t seem to be conducive to enjoying baseball, have a look at resale ticket prices on Gametime. You might score a steal. The Braves draw well even in the Atlanta summer heat, but plenty of people complain about it too.

Remember that if you do land a premium seat, that you’ll have access to some sort of climate-controlled area where you can duck out of the elements. If not, you could also try the upgrade option.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #10) Bring Your Friends.

atlanta braves group tickets

“Come on, we’ll all fit in my truck!”

If you live in the Atlanta area, you may know someone who’s put together a group of people for a Braves game. So you know, that’s a smart fan. (And a pretty cool person, of course.) You have to plan well ahead for this for the best deals, so start looking for 19 other fans to go now.

For just regular seats, the Braves give a discount on tickets, and the higher the ticket price, the bigger the discount. The real benefit though is no per-ticket fees…the Braves charge one single fee for your order, as opposed to per-ticket fees. That’s a big savings with a larger group if you can swing it.

Truist Park also has multiple options for gathering spaces to watch games. (I will post about that someday.) Have your group sit under the Chop House, at the Hank Aaron Terrace, or on a Rooftop patio. And incidentally, some of these spots are pretty sweet.

If you organize a gathering, the Braves might throw in added concessions value, play tokens for the kids, discounted parking passes, stuff like that. You can find out more about your options here. If you like enough people that you work with to spend a night at the game, it’s a great way to save a few bucks on your own tickets.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #11) Help The Community.

braves community foundation

Look for the Braves’ Giving Gazebo!

If you have a few moments sometime, have a look at the Braves Community page. If nothing else, you’ll learn about blood drives at the ballpark, 5K runs, and other things you can participate in to help your Atlanta area neighbors.

But on occasion, the Braves offer tickets for certain things. As I write this, the team is featuring special days for breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness, and for both games cancer survivors get a free ticket and t-shirt, and their family members get ticket discounts. If you know a breast cancer survivor, they deserve a Braves game.

For another example, right now you can nominate a hero you know for four free tickets to a game through the Braves’ “Dream Seats”. Which is worth doing anyway, so summon some skills. Not that you should do it just so they’ll take you with them, but they probably would.

I won’t say you’ll often find free or cheap ticket opportunities with this, but it doesn’t hurt to look through the Community page, or sign up for the Braves Community newsletter. You may find an opportunity to help your fellow human, and enjoy a game cheaply doing it. Underrated tip, in my opinion.


How To Buy Cheap Braves Tickets, Tip #12) When All Else Fails…Use The Cheap Seats

truist park cheap seats


Well, finally, I know this isn’t a money-saving tip per se, but there are a large amount of seats at Truist Park that are in the price range of tightwads like me. The cheaper sections are the 400 level, the outer edges of the 300 level, and Coca-Cola Corner seats. These start at a very low price, and buying through the box office without the fees makes for cheap Braves tickets. Remember, the Braves sell tickets during games until the sixth inning.

You can find out more information about the cheap seats in my comprehensive Truist Park seating guide, but just for the record…the 400 level seats are almost entirely covered by the roof, so shade won’t be something you’ll worry about, which is nice. The left field corner of the 400 level is general admission, and they’re the cheapest seats in the ballpark.

If the game isn’t well attended, you should be able to improve your position a little bit, especially if there are only one or two of you. In the 300 and 400 levels especially, ushers aren’t terribly tough, and you can at least look for something in the shade.

And there’s always the upgrade opportunity, which could net you a great seat for a fraction of the cost!

best seats for shade truist park atlanta braves

You’re in? Fantastic…my work here is done. Check back anytime!

There you go my friends, my best tips for scoring cheap tickets for Atlanta Braves games. Or for any Truist Park special events. I hope you find these tips useful and they save you a few bucks…or help you afford an opportunity for great seats with lots of amenities. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Be sure to check out my Truist Park seating guide, and Follow Ballpark E-Guides on Facebook to see any new Truist Park tips…thanks for reading, and for supporting our sponsors!

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