3 Cheap and Smart PNC Park Parking Spots | Pittsburgh Pirates

3 Cheap and Smart PNC Park Parking Spots | Pittsburgh Pirates

Posted by Kurt Smith

When you’re headed to a Pirates game and are searching for PNC Park parking, you have an abundance of choices, but most of the lots near the ballpark aren’t cheap and/or are set aside for pre-paid parking and season ticket holders.

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pnc park parking view from bridge

You should see this in person.

Cheap and Smart PNC Park Parking, Tip #1) The Fort Duquesne and Sixth Street Garage.

The garage at the foot of the Clemente Bridge is relatively cheap, it’s the closest garage in the downtown “Point” section of the city, and you can enjoy an absolutely stunning view of a beautiful ballpark walking across the Clemente Bridge (which is closed off to vehicular traffic on game days).

And you can get cheap peanuts, drinks and souvenirs from vendors right at the foot of the Bridge.


pnc park parking first avenue garage

Hint: North Shore features PNC Park!

Cheap and Smart PNC Park Parking, Tip #2) The First Avenue Garage.

I discovered the garage at First Avenue recently and noticed quite a few Pirates employees using it, so I know it’s a smart choice. It’s a small few bucks to park here, and you can use an elevator to get dropped off right at the platform of the First Avenue Port Authority “T” station. From here you can ride for free to North Shore, literally across the street from the PNC front gate.

Low price, very little walking, and a super easy out after the game back on the highway.

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pnc park parking rivers casino

Gamble on a cheap spot!

Cheap and Smart PNC Park Parking, Tip # 3) The Rivers Casino.

I’ve heard differing accounts on whether it costs anything to park here for a Pirates game. According to the casino’s website you pay the event rate four hours before the game, but it’s reimbursed to you if you dine or gamble there. But I’ve also heard plenty of people say they’ve parked for free here. I presume it would be free before the game rate kicks in.

The casino claims it’s $80 for event parking; I don’t know if that includes Pirates games (it’s more likely for the Steelers, because their stadium is much closer), but obviously you can do better than that. Just don’t try it when there’s an event at the football stadium. I’ve heard they charge on Opening Day, but not for other games.

There’s nothing wrong with the walk from here. It features a nice waterfront pathway that goes past several great eateries. But if you’re weary, you can hop on the free T from Allegheny Station to North Shore.

That’s just three cool PNC Park parking options. Remember, you can arrive at PNC almost any way you want…by bus, by boat, or even a bicycle…stay tuned!

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