Three Ways To Score Cheap Phillies Tickets

Three Ways To Score Cheap Phillies Tickets

Posted by Kurt Smith

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on some cheap Phillies tickets, Ballpark E-Guides has a few suggestions for you. These work best if you live in the area, but you can use this to your advantage if you’re visiting Philly too.

And of course, there’s plenty more where this came from in this essential guide to Citizens Bank Park.


cheap phillies tickets phanatic mvp club

Because there’s nothing like being a Phanatic MVP.

Cheap Phillies Tickets, Tip #1) Join The Club. The Phillies have fan clubs for both adults and kids, and the price is well worth the two ticket vouchers and other stuff that’s included, like MLB Gameday Audio.

You don’t necessarily get the best seats with the club membership, but the kids will love the paraphernalia.


cheap phillies tickets fan pass

With the screen locked up just in case any crazy fan wants to actually order tickets.

Cheap Phillies Tickets, Tip #2) The Ballpark Pass. The Phillies, like other teams, now offer a pass that allows you into every home game over a month for a nice price.

This would likely be for people who live in the area, but check the schedule to see if it can help you…the Phillies schedule in September features two weekend Cubs games (which alone would be worth the price), and three each of divisional rivals Nationals and Mets. If you’re a Nats or Mets fan, you might be able to see your team close in on a division title in Philadelphia.

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cheap phillies tickets bike ride

This was 2015, so it’s a bit late to register for this one. They still do stuff like this though.

Cheap Phillies Tickets, Tip #3) Help Your Fellow Philadelphian. In the Community section of the Phillies website, there are some opportunities to score tickets through kindness, such as participating in the 5K run (which costs a fee, but it’s for a cause).

The Phillies will sometimes offer tickets for food donations and for other charitable events, and if you’re willing to help keep the ballpark clean through their Red Goes Green initiative, they’ll let you in for free and give you a food voucher.


cheap phillies tickets seatgeek

Click the image to find deals on Phillies tickets.

Cheap Phillies Tickets, Bonus Tip) Try SeatGeek! I’ve gotten great deals on Phillies tickets through my friends at SeatGeek (it’s part of how I saved $75 at Citizens Bank Park for one game), and that’s why they’re a favorite of Ballpark E-Guides.

If you have a problem with their being the ticket provider for the Cowboys, though, I understand.


There’s just a few ways to score Phillies tickets for less; but there’s a whole lot of ways to save cash on Phillies tickets, parking and food at Citizens Bank Park. Be sure to know them all for your next game…download this handy and essential guide to the Phillies ballpark!

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