4 Ways to Score Cheap Brewers Tickets

4 Ways to Score Cheap Brewers Tickets

Posted by Kurt Smith

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The Brewers are more fan-friendly than most baseball teams, even when they’re in the hunt for a pennant. Here’s a few ways to score some cheap Brewers tickets. Notice that my first suggestion is to go through the team…I don’t say that often.


cheap brewers tickets team newsletter

The Brewers have a lot of partner promotions too. Everyone loves them in this town.

Cheap Brewers Tickets, Tip #1) Get The Team Newsletter. The Brewers offer a lot of specials in their e-mail promotions, even for a ballpark that already has a bunch of cheap seats.

The Brewers offer discounted tickets for students, kids, seniors, first responders, and more, and they have quite a few discounted ticket days like their “5 County Fridays”. They often waive ticket fees for a short time, and that’s not a small chunk of savings.

Their e-mail newsletter will remind you of these things, and many of them are popular and limited to availability, so jump on them quickly. Sign up here. You’ll thank me.

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cheap brewers tickets cloudy days

Don’t worry if it’s a little cloudy. No rainouts, remember?

Cheap Brewers Tickets, Tip #2: Be Flexible. If you’re not picky about which game to attend, click on the Dynamic Deals link in the ticketing section to see what the best ongoing offers are at that time.

Check for flash sales too on the Brewers’ website; the Brewers offer Terrace tickets for almost nothing at times. (This will also likely be in the newsletter, but you can check the website first.)

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cheap brewers tickets groups

As you can see, it’s not difficult to persuade people to go to a Brewers game.

Cheap Brewers Tickets, Tip #3: Bring Your Friends. Milwaukee folks love to attend games in numbers, and the Brewers appreciate that. Groups can get tickets for crazy discounts on certain nights, and group leaders will receive a voucher for two free tickets in an e-mail with another couple if they can bring 100 folks.

The larger the group, the bigger the discount, so summon all your game-selling skills to your co-workers (it shouldn’t be too hard in this town); the savings can be huge.


cheap brewers tickets community

They give you chances to win money during the game too.

Cheap Brewers Tickets, Tip #4: Help Your Fellow Milwaukeean. The Brewers have several ways to score tickets helping out your fellow Brew Crew fan; look for them in the “Community” section of the team website. You could win tickets by participating in any of several marathon runs or other programs.

On their website, there is also a link called “Brewers Buddies Ticket Requests”. The team will donate tickets to charitable organizations, so if you’re part of one, send in a request for tickets on your charity’s letterhead. You deserve it!


Those are just a few ways to score deals on Brewers tickets; there’s other ways to save some bucks at the ballpark too. Stay tuned.

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