Four Tips For Finding Cheap Orioles Tickets

Four Tips For Finding Cheap Orioles Tickets

Posted by Kurt Smith

So you’re looking for cheap Orioles tickets? Well, when you read the Oriole Park at Camden Yards E-Guide, you’ll definitely know how to get the best deal for O’s tix.

But I know you came here for the info, so here are a few tips to get you started:


cheap orioles tickets box office

My bank isn’t even open on Sundays!

Cheap Orioles Tickets, Tip #1: Use The Box Office. Orioles games rarely sell out, especially during the week. Red Sox, Yankees, and Nationals games draw bigger crowds of course, but in most cases you should be able to walk up to the box office even on game day and pick up whatever seats suit your taste. There are no ticket fees at the box office, so you save a considerable amount of cash.

You might have to stand in line a bit, but the wait isn’t usually long.

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Are You Spending $183.34* For One Orioles Game?
*Average cost for a family of four in 2016.

You can do better. Click the image to find out how.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards guide

cheap orioles tickets kids club

It’s only six games now, but the team is a little better.

Cheap Orioles Tickets, Tip #2: Join The Club. If you’d like to take the kids, especially for more than one game, you should definitely have them join the Junior Orioles Dugout Club first. For a small fee your little one gets tickets to a few games, and membership includes discounts on additional tickets. Well worth the fee, and the kids get lanyards and lunchboxes and stuff too.


cheap orioles tickets blood drive

And donate blood to fellow Baltimoreans.

Cheap Orioles Tickets, Tip #3: Give Blood Or Something. As of this writing, the Orioles on occasion will host a blood drive with the Red Cross. Donors usually receive two tickets and a T-shirt for their troubles. You can find out when a blood drive will be happening by checking the “Community” section of the O’s website. Get game tickets and help your fellow human. Win-win.


cheap orioles tickets seatgeek

Click the image to find deals on Orioles tickets. Truly.

Cheap Orioles Tickets, Tip #4: Try SeatGeek. SeatGeek is a favorite third party seller of mine, and I’m not just saying that because they’re an affiliate. I almost always find the best third party deals there, and it’s the first place I go to find cheap Orioles tickets. Click here to find Orioles tickets on SeatGeek.

There you go, four helpful tips to help you save money on Orioles tickets and use the extra cash for waffle fries. If you’d like to know more ways to save mucho dinero on tickets, parking and everything else at Oriole Park, be sure to order the Oriole Park at Camden Yards E-Guide today!

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