3 Ways To Score Cheap Reds Tickets

3 Ways To Score Cheap Reds Tickets

Posted by Kurt Smith

The Reds are pretty good about making the majority of seats at Great American Ball Park affordable for fans. But it also helps to save money by planning ahead…so here are three tips for scoring cheap Reds tickets:

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Imagine all this news in your inbox!

Cheap Reds Tickets, Tip #1) Use The Newsletter. The Reds e-mail ticket alerts offer some truly great deals for fans, and I can tell you the Reds put more offers in their newsletter than most teams do, even when they’re competitive on the field.

Deals include half-price tickets for kids on Sundays, added concessions value and discounted tickets for members of the local library or other Cincinnati institutions. The Reds are very generous to newsletter subscribers, so be sure to sign up.

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Of course, if you applied online, you could have gotten a cheap ticket to get to this booth.

Cheap Reds Tickets, Tip #2) Join The Club(s). The Reds have three fan clubs for kids of varying age levels; you can find them on the Fans page of the Reds website. Membership includes ticket vouchers that are alone worth the price, but you also get a lot of privileges and gear to go with it.

For adults, if you’re early enough, you can join the Rosie Reds Club, which is a separate entity but also offers ticket deals for members.


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The Reds reward good deeds.

Cheap Reds Tickets, Tip #3) Help Your Fellow Cincinnatian. In the Community section of the Reds website are several opportunities to score Reds tickets through being a good citizen. The Reds offer tickets to fans for donating blood, participating in the “Redlegs Run”, or recycling your electronics.

Nothing like getting ballgame tickets for helping your fellow human.


Cheap Reds Tickets, Tip #4) Bonus Tip: Try Gametime! Gametime is my favorite third party website for Reds tickets, and I’m not just saying that because they’re an affiliate of mine. Anytime I’m looking for deals on baseball tickets, I check Gametime first.

There you go, four great tips for finding inexpensive tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds. There are plenty of other ways to save money for a game at Great American Ball Park. Click here for some more great tips for your next Reds game, including where to park, and Follow Ballpark E-Guides on Facebook for tips, tricks and hacks for your favorite ballpark!

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