Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs

Greetings Baseball Fans and Future Visitors to the Friendly Confines! Welcome to the Ballpark E-Guides Wrigley Field page…full of lots of great pro tips for your next game at the home of the Chicago Cubs. Check out a link below, and start doing Wrigley better!

A Neophyte’s Guide to Wrigley Field: Never been to Wrigley Field before? You’re in for a treat…but there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid. This complete guide covers all of the basics of how to get tickets, how to get there, what to eat and much more.

Scoring Deals on Cubs Tickets: If you are serious about saving money…and you should be here…this post is for you. I’ve listed ten ways for you to find the best deals on those pricey Cubs tickets…use them all to your advantage!

Complete Guide to Wrigley Field Seating: Don’t make the mistakes so many people make when they go to Wrigley…like buying seats with poor views, not knowing bleachers etiquette, or even how to find the Steve Bartman seat.

How To Get To Wrigley Field: Getting to Wrigley can be a real challenge too…this post tells you all about using the CTA trains and buses, Metra, rideshares, even by bicycle…vital information for your trip.

Where To Park at Wrigley Field: I highly recommend against driving to Wrigley especially if you’re a newbie, but this post contains a lot of useful advice, including where you can park for free.

Advice From A Guy Running A Cubs Parking Site: Nick Napoli runs a Cubs parking site appropriately called CubParking; he was an interesting interview and we enjoyed our chat.

What To Eat At A Cubs Game: There’s quite a classic selection of dogs and sausages, pizza, sandwiches and huge soft pretzels here…get to know the menu at Wrigley, you won’t regret it.

Bringing Food Into Wrigley Field: Yes, you can! This post offers a few local takeout joints that make perfect bring-in food.

Waiting For The Cubs Book Review: I wrote a review of this excellent pre-2016 tome from my friend Floyd Sullivan. The book is well worth the read, even following the Cubs’ 2016 triumph.

Hope you enjoy the reads and find them helpful, and there’s more coming! Follow Ballpark E-Guides on Facebook so you know when I put up something know…you can never have enough Wrigley Field knowledge!