Can You Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park?

Can You Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park?

Posted by Kurt Smith

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Like with most ballparks, fans can bring food into Citizens Bank Park in Philly…which is a great money-saver for fans.

The Phillies allow a 16*16*8 soft-sided cooler in the ballpark, subject to inspection: no alcohol, no glass bottles or containers, and nothing that can be used as a projectile.

But since Ballpark E-Guides always takes the extra base for readers, in addition to answering whether you can bring food into Citizens Bank Park, here are a few suggestions of where to get cheap outside eats…


bring food into citizens bank park pastaficio's

Hoagies. All you need to know in Philly.

Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park, Tip #1) Pastaficio’s. Pastaficio’s is a fresh pasta and Italian foods outlet located in the same plaza as the Packer Avenue Chickie’s and Pete’s…if you’re using the Taxi Crab, it’s a great food stop.

Locals rave about the chicken parm sandwich, but all their offerings are good…Pastaficio’s is a hidden gem. I mean that literally, it can be a little tough to find. But it’s there.

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bring food into citizens bank park crab fries

Not nearly enough fries here for most Philadelphians.

Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park, Tip #2) Chickie’s and Pete’s. And there’s Chickie’s and Pete’s, purveyors of the famous crab fries in the ballpark itself. The actual restaurant offers valet parking for a couple bucks cheaper than the ballpark, and that Taxi Crab will take you to the game. It’s not too bad of a walk if you don’t want to wait.

Get two orders of the crab fries to go…which come with two cheese containers that cost extra at the ballpark, and you’re getting the iconic Philly fries at almost half the cost.


bring food into citizens bank park nuts to you

With helpful arrows in case the sign being right in front of the store doesn’t help.

Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park, Tip #3) Nuts To You. Nuts To You isn’t very close to the ballpark, but there is a location very close to the Walnut-Locust Station on the SEPTA Broad Street Line…making it a perfect stop for Jersey fans using the PATCO-SEPTA combination to get to the Bank. I always make a stop when I go that way…well worth it.

Nuts To You features every kind of snack imaginable, from sesame sticks to wasabi peas, but best of all they sell fresh, warm peanuts in a paper bag…still my go-to ballpark snack. You can even choose dark or light roast!

There’s three great options to bring your own into a Phillies game…and remember, it’s still a place where you can eat very well inside.

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