Cheap Red Sox Tickets Tips (OK, Cheap-er)

Cheap Red Sox Tickets Tips (OK, Cheap-er)

Posted by Kurt Smith

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Cheap Red Sox tickets? Really? Well, no. But you can save some money.

“Like Heaven, Fenway Park is very difficult to get into. This is, of course, as it should be.” – George V. Higgins, The Ultimate Baseball Book


cheap red sox tickets scoreboard

…And thanks for paying face price!

One thing that I discovered while researching Fenway Park was that Red Sox tickets are tough to get. Cheap Red Sox tickets are even tougher. It’s easier than it used to be in the days before the Internet and StubHub, but finding a decent seat at a livable price is still a challenge.

It helps to know all of your options for getting tickets (and there are many), because you’re much better off when you can compare prices, and some avenues are better than others.

So here are some preferred methods of landing cheap Red Sox tickets (I know, cheaper):


cheap red sox tickets game day

So…is this where they have game day tickets?

Cheap Red Sox Tickets, Tip #1: Game Day Tickets. Like most teams, the Red Sox will make a handful of tickets (and a handful is a lot of tickets) available on game day. These are usually tickets that the visiting team or someone else can’t use—a player may have brought his wife and can’t sit her next to his Boston girlfriend, for example. So a few hours before the game a line forms at Gate E of folks looking for any extras the Sox have lying around.

I’ve talked to a few Sox fans about this; they say it’s generally best for one person going to the game, since you can only buy one per person and must immediately enter the ballpark after buying them.

You can’t hold places in line, although I’ve read that for big games the Red Sox will hand out numbers deli style, to prevent overworked bladders from exploding. The Sox allow the line to start forming five hours before game time, but people do line up sooner than that for big games.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get into the park this way, but your chances are good so long as you don’t arrive an hour before a Yankees game.

The best part? You may land a great seat at the face price. And no online fees, which can be significant. Face value with no fees = relatively cheap Red Sox tickets.

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cheap red sox tickets scalp free zone

Until they get someone to make a new sign.

Cheap Red Sox Tickets, Tip #2: The Scalp-Free Zone.  One little known option to Fenway newbies is the scalp-free zone set up by the Red Sox, which is currently at Gate C on Lansdowne Street as I write this, although the location gets moved on occasion.

Fans with extras are permitted to sell them here at face value or less; a Red Sox official will monitor the transaction and escort you into the park so that you don’t try re-selling the seats.

There aren’t many tickets sold here—the Sox estimate it to be about 30-50 a game—but it’s definitely worth a shot before you try a scalper. It’s also a nice legal place where you can get rid of your own extras.

The Red Sox deliberately keep this option low-key, because they don’t want it to attract too many buyers. That’s why you need this blog my friend.


cheap red sox tickets red sox nation

The double secret entrance to Fenway Park.

Cheap Red Sox Tickets, Tip #3: Red Sox Nation. Very often the best deal on premium Red Sox tickets, say for Yankees games or Green Monster seats, will be at face value. But it’s not always easy to get online and wait for something to become available. Red Sox Nation is a fan club that gives fans chances to get the hard-to-get seats like Monster seats.

There are several levels of membership, some of which cost a nice chunk of change, but the cheaper ones still might offer you some decent weekend contests at face value prices.

Nation membership also includes discounts on gear or restaurants nearby, so it should pay for itself fairly easily. The Red Sox even offer a kids’ membership that includes a free ticket (!) and they may have a free ticket-included membership for adults by the time you read this.

If you plan on going to a few Red Sox games in a season and want something resembling cheap Red Sox tickets, have a look at Nation membership. Could be well worth it for you.

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