Great Gifts For Red Sox Fans + Fenway Visitors

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Great Gifts For Red Sox Fans + Fenway Visitors

Posted by Kurt Smith

So you’ve got a Red Sox fan in your life, and you’re thinking about something that would make a super gift? As a ballpark guy, let me give you my best advice in gifts for Red Sox fans: give them something for their next game at Fenway.

Tickets obviously make a great gift, so here’s an excellent primer on how to find deals on Red Sox tickets for your loved one. But the Sox fan needs other equipment when visiting their favorite place on earth.

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Full disclosure: Ballpark E-Guides is an Amazon affiliate, so if you use these links to make a purchase, this website earns a commission at no extra cost to you. So you’re not just buying a super gift for a Red Sox fan, you’re helping baseball fans everywhere!

So thanks. Now then, Red Sox fans know about sitting in a chilly ballpark


Gifts For Red Sox Fans, Part 1: Staying Warm at Fenway

gifts for red sox fans

You did remember your leg warmers, right?

Bundle up kids…Fenway Park can be a very cold place, especially in April…and October! So be sure that you look into some of these accessories as possible gifts:

This one is really really cool: sneaker slippers! I mentioned these in my gifts for Cubs fans post, but they’re made for Red Sox fans too: check these out here.

These footie slippers would look great on a lady Sox fan, and they’ll keep her feet comfortable and toasty on a cold game day.

There’s nothing like a knit cap to show your allegiance on a chilly evening at Fenway, and this particular edition is not only the nicest looking but also comes at the best price.

Amazon has a nice selection of hoodies and sweatshirts here

(This one is my favorite, in case you’re thinking of getting one for me.)

And this sweater would be nice for the lady Sox fan in your life.

Scarves are underrated as necessary April/October baseball fan apparel at Fenway, and I think this decorated scarf makes a fantastic looking gift.

And a nice pair of gloves would go great with the scarf. (Are you starting to enjoy the image of your favorite Sox fan decked out like this?) This pair is Amazon’s choice and the price is great.

Finally, if you can manage to bring this fleece blanket into the ballpark on an April evening, you’ll be very glad.


Gifts For Red Sox Fans, Part 2: Essential Game Day Apparel

gifts for red sox fans team store

Save the Red Sox fan in your life a trip to this more expensive spot.

You’ll need a cap at a Red Sox game of course, and they’re much cheaper on Amazon than they’ll be at the ballpark (and that may even include the outside vendors). Here is their selection, including a cool green St. Patty’s Day cap.

As far as caps go, I prefer the red cap to the dark blue one, and this is likely a better deal than you’ll find inside the ballpark.

As I’ve stated on the Cubs fan gift post, there’s a much better selection of jerseys in the store (maybe I should become an affiliate), but if you can find something on Amazon, it will probably be cheaper.

red sox fan gifts yankees

Now you know what to get for lady Sox fans.

There is a very cool selection of Red Sox earrings on Amazon…a great gift for the lady Sox fan. (or hey, a progressive guy Sox fan). Check out this pair, or this pair, or this pair…they’re all great.

And what goes better with Red Sox earrings than a decorated bow? This one is surprisingly affordable…and you’re working it now, buddy.

You can find some really cool tees here (I even checked the free shipping box for you)…

But this one is amazing looking, and I say this as someone who’s not a big tie-dye or Grateful Dead fan.

Then there’s the Citgo logo tee, the reason for which is obvious to any Fenway dweller.

And of course, your tiny young new Red Sox fan needs to show his colors early.

As far as fandom and showing allegiance, do you want to be one of those really weird fans that stands out even in a Red Sox-apparel adorned crowd? Then this suit is for you…go for it! (I’m not sure I would give it as a gift though.)


Gifts For Red Sox Fans, Part 3: Necessary Fenway Accessories

gifts for red sox fans umbrella sunglasses

Note the virtually complete absence of shade.

If the Red Sox fan in your life is going to Fenway and is planning to sit in the bleachers, listen up…they are going to need sunglasses! Take it from this expert

Here’s a very cool pair of Red Sox branded sun frames for those bright bleacher afternoons. This pair is pretty hip too.

Other essential Fenway visitor items include cooler bags, because as you may know, you can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks into Fenway. (Read more about that here.)

Seriously, share this knowledge when you hand the Red Sox fan in your life their Red Sox cooler bag.

gifts for red sox fans cooler bag

Wrap up this beauty of a chicken teriyaki sandwich and sneak it into the ballpark!

You can easily fit your sandwich from the Sausage Connection into this thing

And this cooler bag will just as easily store your sodas and bottled waters (and it’s cheaper).

Obstructed views aren’t the only problem with Fenway’s Grandstand seats. They’re also small and hard to sit on. A Red Sox seat cushion makes a great gift for anyone who likes the Grandstand seating.

If you’re out in the bleachers, or in the Green Monster seats, you’ll want to be prepared if the rains come. Check out this ultra-cool umbrella.

If you’re paying the considerable price for a beer at Fenway, keep it cold. This.


Gifts For Red Sox Fans, Part 4: Car Décor, Books, and the Best Yankee Hater Gift of All

gifts for red sox nation

Membership includes a Red Sox fanny pack!

If the Red Sox fan in your life is driving to the game, at least help him or her decorate the car accordingly, with championship accessories…here’s a particularly nice license plate holder, and here’s a car flag…two excellent and affordable stocking stuffers!

OK, maybe it’s not Fenway necessary gear, but while your lucky gift recipient is waiting for the baseball season, they will need some Red Sox reading material.

I confess to not having read all of these, but they are recommended in posts that I’ve read…

This is a best seller from the very popular Jerry Remy, currently a Red Sox broadcaster. I would check somehow and make sure your Red Sox fan doesn’t have it…you can’t go wrong with a Jerry Remy book for a Sox fan.

Stewart O’Nan is a terrific writer, and I don’t need to tell you who Stephen King is. They decided to chronicle an entire season of Red Sox baseball together. In 2004. Again, check and make sure your fan doesn’t already own this one

Gifts for red sox fans papi

Yes, this man is this beloved in this town.

Here’s another subject that’s always a winner with Red Sox fans.

Finally, I had to include this book just for the title. It’s almost worth the price for a Red Sox fan just to have it on display in your home.

And while I don’t know if you can buy it anymore, what Red Sox fan wouldn’t want to use this?


There you go my friend…some fantastic and useful gifts for Red Sox fans, especially for their next trip to see the Sox at baseball’s most historic and storied ballpark.

Speaking of, be sure to get the Red Sox fan in your life to check out some great Fenway Park tips…have them start here!

Fenway Park Food – The Complete Menu

Posted by Kurt Smith

Here it is, Red Sox fans and Fenway visitors: your complete guide to the Fenway Park food menu!

The culinary highlights at Fenway Park aren’t as fancy schmancy as at most ballparks, but it’s greatly improved from years past. Honestly though, their food guide doesn’t offer up much info about it.

Someone needed to step up and address this, and I’m just the guy for the job.

I’ve talked about Fenway Park food elsewhere, including about lobster stuff, the Fenway Frank, and the outside sausages, but this is your complete, all-inclusive, full Monty, whole shebang… (GET ON WITH IT!).

fenway park food monster dog

Notice how the mustard spells “Mmmmmm”.

Here’s your table of contents in case you want to skip anything. (But don’t, there’s great photos!)

The Fenway Park Food Main Street
A Big Concourse With A Big Food Court
A Night Out At The Sam Deck
Behold The Fenway Frank + Monster Dogs
In Massachusetts, We Eat Lobstah.
Burgers + Other Sandwiches
Do Red Sox Fans Eat Pizza?
Healthy, Kosher, and Gluten-Free Fenway Eats
Fenway Park Desserts
Bring Your Own Grub
Lansdowne Sausages – A Baseball Tradition
Some Fenway Park Food Tightwad Tips

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The Fenway Park Food Main Street

Jersey Street, formerly Yawkey Way, is a street that runs east of Fenway; the Red Sox close it off on game days so that fans can enjoy an experience similar to Eutaw Street in Baltimore.

It’s definitely where you want to enter the ballpark to try the better Fenway Park grub, such as…

El Tiante Fenway Park

For the record, no, that person behind the counter is not Luis Tiant.

El Tiante serves up Cuban sandwiches (ham, pork, pickles, cheese and mustard) and the possible excitement of meeting Luis Tiant, the star pitcher from the 1970s Sox teams. Tiant is sometimes there to sign autographs, but I’ve not yet seen him, so I wouldn’t buy a Red Sox ticket just for that.

If you don’t want to wait in line here, you can get a Cuban in the Big Concourse. El Tiante also carries Italian and spicy sausages. I’ve seen Al Fresco sweet apple chicken sausages and jerk chicken sandwiches on the menu too.

fenway park fish

Anytime fries and slaw are included, a sandwich isn’t a big risk.

The Fish Shack is the spot for fried seafood appetizers, like clams calamari (with jalapenos), fish and chips with a side of tartar sauce that Homer Simpson would approve of, and a fish sandwich (flounder I believe). They have surf and turf kabobs here, clam chowdah, and an impressive and expensive lobster roll that you can order hot or cold. (More about the Lobster Roll in a bit.)

Yankee Lobster (!) is the purveyor of the seafood items; I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to have anything “Yankee” at Fenway Park. But anyway, with their addition comes rotating items on the menu, so you could see things like lobster mac and cheese here as well. If you want seafood at a Red Sox game, check out the Fish Shack first.

fenway park food taste of boston

Authentic Dominican food, appropriate for the “Taste of Boston”.

Taste of Boston is a pretty cool idea. Each month of the season, two local favorites from Boston set up shop here. Taste of Boston has featured Mei Mei (bacon fried rice and cheesy nachos), Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (Green Muenster Melts) and Jake’s Boss BBQ (ribs and pulled pork sandwiches).

If you’re visiting Boston for a game at Fenway and want to try something popular and local, definitely check out Taste of Boston. Sometimes they will feature something related to the visiting team; in one of my recent visits the Blue Jays were in town, and the Blue Frog Bakery was there with Canadian bacon sandwiches.

Maria’s Greek Kitchen You may have heard of Maria Menounos; she’s the incredibly beautiful actress/professional wrestler/Sirius radio star. Her Greek Kitchen at Fenway is a place not just for gyros and chicken and beef kebabs in a cup, but also healthier stuff like hummus plates with veggies and Greek lettuce wraps. All with Menounos’ mother’s recipes, which I presume is a good thing.

Menounos wanted the emphasis of her offerings to be healthy foods; all of the offerings here are made with organic ingredients and free range meats. Not a bad idea in a place where one might have to squeeze into a 15-inch wide seat.

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The Big Concourse – The Fenway Park Food Court

fenway sausages

So…do you have sausages?

The Big Concourse is a picnic area in right field large enough to feature picnic tables, with umbrellas even.

There aren’t many unique names for stands in the Big Concourse (unless you consider “Chicken Tenders & Fries” to be unique, which I guess it is). For the most part the stands in the Big Concourse are self-explanatory; Burgers & Fries and Sausages stands sell what they say they sell. Most all stands here sell Fenway Franks and Monster Dogs.

That aside, if you’re looking for the more unusual Fenway Park food items, like the lobster poutine, the Big Concourse is where to find them.

fenway park breakfast burger

It’s kind of difficult to distract from a breakfast burger, isn’t it?

Two of the newer sandwiches are sold at a stand tucked underneath the roof–a Portobello mushroom sandwich with crispy fried onions, and a breakfast burger with a fried egg and mozzarella cheese. There is also a carving station with made-to-order sandwiches, like a “Turkey Gobbler”: sliced turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy.

The aptly named Nachos stands make very impressive plates of nachos…they pile on chicken, beef, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Best to get a fork and napkins for this one. You can also get a taco salad or a burrito on the Big Concourse.

There are Corn & Co. stands here with varying flavors of gourmet popcorn. You can get souvenir refillable popcorn, but unless you really, really love popcorn or are sharing with hungry kids, I doubt you’ll be refilling that large thing more than once.

Oh, and Cheetos popcorn is now at Fenway Park. True.

The Big Concourse even has vending machines with sandwiches and snacks so people don’t have to wait in line. No microwaves, so I’m presuming the machines are keeping stuff warm somehow.


A Night Out At The Sam Deck

fenway park food lobster roll

Giving new meaning to “protect the plate”!

The Sam Deck is the revamped tavern in the Right Field Roof Deck and was formerly the Budweiser Brew House, before the Red Sox improved their tastes and made Samuel Adams the beer of choice. This was once just a bar with better drink selection, but the Red Sox have turned it into a restaurant with a nice view and a high end menu.

Food choices include lobster rolls, nachos with rib chili and homemade salsa, chorizo croquettes, battered cod fish tacos, and truffle parmesan fries; in other words, fancy stuff that you won’t find anywhere else in the park. There’s also craft brews, since that’s a big thing in baseball now.

I’ll talk more about the Fenway eateries like the Sam Deck, Game On!, and the Bleacher Bar in a future post, but for now you know that if you’re sitting in the upper right field seats, you can visit the Sam Deck for good eats.


Behold The Fenway Frank + Monster Dogs

fenway park monster dog

A Monster-sized Fenway Frank, still baseball perfection.

Honestly, the Fenway Frank deserves its own post. Here’s my ode to it.

But just for basics…the Fenway Frank is still the go-to food item at Fenway. It’s made by Kayem Foods, who spiced up the Fenway Frank with more garlic and smoke when they took it over in 2009.

The inimitable Fenway Frank is served in a white bread bun for that mushy texture, which is unusual for a ballpark dog but shouldn’t be. If you’re too hungry for just one, there are Monster Dogs sold in several places, including on Jersey Street. They are indeed Monster-sized at ten inches long.

You can get Fenway Franks in local supermarkets, of course.


In Massachusetts, We Eat Lobstah.

lobster poutine fenway

There’s no turning away from lobster on fried potatoes.

Fenway Park lobster-based sandwiches and fries also deserve their own post with tasty photos, but here’s a quick summary of killer Fenway lobster stuffs…

The Lobster Roll – this is a fan favorite at Fenway, and with good reason. A hunk of New England lobster on that same toasted white bread roll used to house the Fenway Frank.

Lobster Poutine Stak – Steak fries with lobster bisque instead of gravy, cheese curds, lobster meat and chives. For The Win ranked this one #8 in the craziest ballpark snacks of 2017. (You can get fries with clam chowder too.)

Lobster Melt – A grilled cheese with steamed Yankee (SMH) lobster, muenster cheese and tomato. Epic even at ballpark prices. (See an Aramark-approved photo of it here!)

The Lobster BLT (or LBLT if you will) – A well-constructed BLT on a toasted roll with fresh lobster meat added. And yes, there’s sufficient “B” in this sandwich.


Fenway Burgers, BBQ, + Deli Sandwiches

tasty burgers fenway

I just like how the grill looks like a car.

Tasty Burger is a chain of burger joints in the area, and they are the Official Burger of the Red Sox. To celebrate they’ve added several stands in the ballpark.

Tasty Burger has cheeseburgers and jalapeno burgers, and a rotating fan favorite from their burger menu (a Brockington Burger in my last visit). Tasty Burger also has tater tots with cheese and/or chili, and milkshakes in chocolate, vanilla, or “Green Monstah Mint”.

There is a Tasty Burger on the corner of Jersey and Boylston just a block from the ballpark. The burgers there are cheaper and you have a much bigger selection. Just throwing that one out there.

On occasion Taste of Boston will feature a local BBQ joint, but there’s a Fenway Smokehouse in the Big Concourse with your standard ballpark pulled pork and BBQ beef sandwiches. You can get some unusual drinks there to go with them, like raspberry lime rickeys. The Smokehouse has a BBQ sandwich with bacon that looks pretty darn appetizing, and that’s just the floor model.

fenway park pulled pork sandwich

Nothing makes a pulled pork sandwich like sloppy slaw!

Oh, and check out the King’s Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich.

Savenor’s is the provider of beef for sandwiches that aren’t made at Tasty Burger (which includes the “B” in the LBLT), like steak tips sandwiches…something like a Philly cheesesteak, but with thicker slabs of meat. Or try an Italian beef sandwich if you can find one (look around Jersey Street or the Big Concourse).

Savenor’s is known for “using the whole animal for prime cuts”, and was voted Best of Boston by Boston Magazine. So they’re safe.

fenway park food deli

Yes, that’s real fruit in the fruit cups.

Finally, for deli sandwiches, check out the Fenway Farms Deli on the third base side and in the Big Concourse…build yourself a hand carved sandwich with Boar’s Head meats. Choose from hot pastrami, beef or turkey. Wraps and salads can be had here too as you can see.

There’s quite an impressive selection of condiments here: honey mustard, horseradish, savory remoulade, and deli mustard to name a few. The Fenway Farm items are actually grown on the roof of Fenway (they don’t, however, pass on the shipping savings to fans), and many of the ingredients in the sandwiches come from the farm, which is as fresh as it gets.

The name of this joint changes from time to time, so it might have a different moniker when you go, but the location has been the same.


Do Red Sox Fans Eat Pizza?

fenway park pizza

“I’d like to exchange my slice for the ‘Keep it’ slice…”

Believe it or not, yes. Pizza stands are just about everywhere in Fenway, serving Regina’s, the Official Pizza of the Boston Red Sox, or New England for that matter. They call themselves “Boston’s Best Pizza since 1926” (hopefully this pictured one hasn’t been sitting that long); there’s now a location at 1330 Boylston Street if you’d like to try it before or after the game.

Regina’s is more than adequate by ballpark pizza standards. It costs the same whether you have pepperoni on it or eat it plain, so take advantage of this rare loophole and put pepperoni on it. Only the specialty pizza with several other toppings costs slightly more.

You can get a whole pie for a reasonable price (for a ballpark, anyway), but since it takes a while, you can order that first, get your Sam Adams and come back for it.


Healthy, Kosher, and Gluten-Free Fenway Eats

fenway park gluten free

The food is gluten free too, not just the umbrella.

The Red Sox did a nice thing for celiacs and put a Gluten Free stand near the Gate D entrance. They have a Fenway Frank on a gluten-free roll, brownies and cookies, and the healthy stuff that’s never in danger of being contaminated: fruit cups, nuts, sushi, hummus, etc. My wife is allergic, so now I have something to sell to her for another trip.

The pizza stands also feature a “gluten-friendly” pizza, which I’m not sure is completely safe for allergic folks given that wording. You can ask, I forgot to.

At the salad bar in the Big Concourse, you can customize your own healthy salad, with items from the Fenway garden. The salad bar is another spot for deli sandwiches, with Buffalo chicken, turkey or roast beef.

There are stands in the Big Concourse and the Third Base Deck dedicated to vegetarian and healthy choices, like wraps, Panini sandwiches, veggie dogs and burgers, hummus and Caesar or fruit salads. The veggie burgers and dogs don’t look all that appetizing under heat lamps, but I’m guessing they’ll give you a fresh one.

Fenway doesn’t have a large Kosher selection…there’s a kosher hot dog vending machine in the Big Concourse, and as of this writing I believe it’s the only way to get a kosher dog here. Feel free to correct me on that…


Fenway Park Food – For Sweet Teeth

red sox ice cream

I’ll take the vanilla half.

As of this writing, the Fenway Park dessert menu includes a “banana splitter”, with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream between banana ends with hot fudge and sprinkles. The Red Sox have also added Jane Dough’s edible cookie dough, with soft serve ice cream and other toppings.

You can also get: Crackerjacks, cotton candy, fried dough, Hood ice cream, kettle corn, milk shakes and slushies. Try not to have them all at once. Most of them are available on all of the concourses; the ones that aren’t are usually in the Big Concourse.

They’re easy to find; for ice cream for example, look for a stand called “Ice Cream”. If you like Dippin’ Dots, there are “Ittibitz” available, which are the same thing.

There was a “build your own sundae” stand in the center field corner of the Big Concourse last I checked–soft ice cream in a souvenir helmet with your choice of Oreos, bananas, cherries, sprinkles, etc. Oreos complete ice cream, IMHO, so it’s worth a look.


Bring Your Own Food Into Fenway – Yes, You Can!

bring your own food fenway

I feel so slick when I sneak one of these in.

If you look at the prohibited items list at Fenway here, you’ll see there’s no restrictions against bringing in a soft-sided bag smaller than 16*16*8, so long as you don’t have alcohol or potential projectiles in it. I’ve done this in almost every trip I’ve made to Fenway and have never had a problem.

This gives you every option to bring in just about any kind of cuisine, even the numerous sausage vendors surrounding the ballpark (more about them in a second). There is every type of takeout joint you can think of a short walk away, from Chipotle to the aforementioned Tasty Burger to the new Wahlburgers, if you want to grab a couple of less expensive sandwiches or burritos or whatever to take in.

If you’re parking near the Pru Center, there’s plenty of options in their Food Court, and there’s now a Timeout Market near the Fenway T station with tons of selections. Both of these are a bit of a walk to the ballpark though, so plan ahead on keeping the stuff warm.

fenway park food peanuts

“Two bags of peanuts were walking down the street, and one was a-salted!”

Should you have forgotten to buy your peanuts from a less expensive vendor (or the nearby Shaw’s market), you have two choices: buy them from the roasted peanuts kiosk on Jersey Street, or order them from a peanut vendor in the stands and have them fired at you with uncanny accuracy, which is sometimes worth the price.

Remember to be wary of just how big a bag you bring. Make sure it can easily fit under your seat, especially if you’re sitting in the Grandstand. I speak from experience.

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Lansdowne Street Sausages – A Boston Baseball Tradition

sausage connection fenway park

This is the one with the Inner Beauty hot sauce. Think yellow!

Few things are more quintessential Fenway Park food than the purveyors of outside sausages…you see and smell them as soon as you arrive from the Kenmore station.

The Sausage Guy and The Sausage Connection are two of my favorites and I gave them a separate post…but here’s a bit about some of the others:

Sausage King is probably the first visible stand on Lansdowne coming from the T; it has a red sign with a pig’s face on top. Sausage King has dogs, sausages, chicken teriyaki and steak tips; they serve them with an optional wicked red hot sauce that is close to Louisiana style.

The Original Che-Chi’s has the same sausages, dogs and chicken and steak as the rest; they’re further down Lansdowne a bit, and they’re another stand with a red sign. Che-Chi’s has a secret hot sauce, which is more of a smoky BBQ style sauce. They can be a mite cheaper than the rest, if you’re thrifty.

best sausage co

Yes, it’s a Cajun chicken sandwich, but we do make the best sausage too.

The Best Sausage Co. has a stand on the corner of Jersey and Lansdowne. The stand sells sausages and other sandwiches—they’re the only ones I saw with a Cajun chicken sandwich. Look for the blue stand…the vendors here seem to be having a better time than most hawkers; maybe it’s a requirement being on Jersey Street.

Fenway’s Best & Original I’ve read that this is “Artie’s” famous stand, but you won’t find Artie’s name anywhere. This one is near Gate D on the other end of Jersey Street, so it’s a bit further from the T station. They offer up “Bianco’s World Famous BBQ” (not famous enough for me to have heard of it, but just saying) and it gets nice reviews from Yelpers.

There’s a lot more sausage stands than I’ve covered here, and you can find cheaper ones if you look hard enough, but these are the prominent vendors on Lansdowne Street.

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Some Fenway Park Food Tightwad Tips

red sox mastercard popcorn

If this isn’t worth giving them your social security number and mother’s maiden name, I don’t know what is.

I love that you’ve stuck with me this long about the culinary specialties in America’s oldest ballpark, so here’s a few helpful tips to save money on food at Fenway (in addition to bringing in your own peanuts and other grub, which hopefully I’ve covered sufficiently):

$ – You can sign up to be a designated driver at a booth in the lower concourse, and get a coupon for a free soda. They’ll put a strap on you though, so no fooling.

$ – The Red Sox have kids meals, where the little fan can get a grilled cheese or PB&J, a snack like animal crackers and a Capri Sun. All for just a fin as of this writing. Tasty Burger has their own kids meal as well.

$ – Baseball loves MasterCard…using it to buy things can sometimes get sometimes score you a small bonus, like a free souvenir bucket for your popcorn.

$ – If you buy a souvenir soda cup, you get free refills for the rest of the game. It’s a lotta lotta sugar, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth.


There you have it fans, a long overdue, completely complete guide to the Fenway Park food menu. If you enjoyed it, please support Ballpark E-Guides sponsors…and if you’d like more great Fenway tips, click here!

(Note: this article contains affiliate links. If you use an affiliate link to make a purchase, Ballpark E-Guides earns a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!)

Cheap Red Sox Tickets – And How To Get Them

Posted by Kurt Smith

Cheap Red Sox tickets? Really? Yes. Believe it or not, you can find them. Especially with all the tips I’ll be sharing with you in this detailed post. Knowing these things has saved me a bunch of money on Sox tix…and have money left over for a Fenway Frank.

If you want some help choosing a great seat at Fenway Park, check out my posts here and here. But wherever you sit, read on to find out how to get the best deal.

cheap red sox tickets sign

Ah, to be among the privileged…people with Red Sox tickets.

Believe me, it really helps to know ALL of your options, but here’s the table of contents for you, in case you want to skip some bits (but don’t):

My Best Tip For Cheap Red Sox Tickets
Buying From The Red Sox Website
StubHub, SeatGeek, ACE and Other Third Parties
Choose The Right Game AND Opponent
The Red Sox Box Office and Game Day Tickets
Red Sox Nation and Kid Nation (Get a FREE Red Sox ticket!)
Cheap Red Sox Tickets in The Scalp-Free Zone
The Red Sox Community
Red Sox Ticket Scalpers
Finding Cheap Red Sox Tickets on Craigslist
To Sum All This Up…


If You Want Cheap Red Sox Tickets, Do This Now

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The e-mail newsletter is especially useful if you want to see a game against the Yankees. You can jump on pre-sales and get tickets at face, which is usually as cheap as you’ll find, especially for weekend contests. The newsletter will also alert you to Green Monster ticket sales well ahead of time, and it’s probably the easiest way to get your hands on those too.

It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion, the Red Sox waive ticket buying fees, and that’s a considerable amount of savings. That also saves you the time and boredom of waiting in line for Game Day tickets (more on that in a bit). The newsletter will let you know about this too.

So be sure to subscribe!

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Buying Tickets On The Red Sox Website

A color-coded Fenway Park seating map, with appropriately red-colored “sunburn sections”.

The Sox have a nifty 3-D seating map on their website, featuring a scale picture of Fenway with clickable sections, panoramic views and prices from each section…but just so you know, they don’t reveal obstructed views.

Remember there are fees for buying on the website, and they’re ridiculous. For high demand games you might be better off using the box office if you can, even on game day…for low demand games you’ll probably find a better deal with a third party.

The Sox website is best for when you don’t live close and want a high demand game. Typically the cheap Red Sox tickets sell out fast, so the Sox make lower demand games available first, such as April and May weekdays. Again, get on any pre-sales you can for Yankees games or July or August weekend games. Remember, subscribe to the Red Sox newsletter first.

You can now enter Fenway by scanning the tickets on your phone, if you have MLB’s Ballpark app (and you should). If you don’t like your seats…and at Fenway, that’s a distinct possibility…you can upgrade them through the app if something is available.


Cheap Red Sox Tickets From 3rd Parties – StubHub, SeatGeek, Ace, Etc…


I paid $26 for a pair of Red Sox tickets that cost $87! Thanks, SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeek

Click the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!

Regular readers of mine know I’m a big fan of SeatGeek; I’ve found some crazy deals there. In 2019 I paid $26 with fees for two tickets that would have cost $87 through the Red Sox. Good seats too…Right Field Box, just a few rows from the field. To see the defending champions!

Full disclosure, this was a weekday May game against Oakland. I’m not claiming you’ll always find cheap Red Sox tickets on SeatGeek or with another third party. But always check, especially for low demand games, because you may find a steal like I did.

Here’s a key tip: being MLB’s official ticket reseller, StubHub usually has the biggest selection of third party tickets, and you may find a deal there. But in some cases, you may find the very same or similar seats offered through another third party. This was the case in the game I just described…and SeatGeek offered me a slightly better price.

“Our ticket selection is huge!”

As far as Ace Ticket…they’re well known in Boston, and are actually pretty good as ticket resellers go. One great advantage of Ace is their prime location, in the path from the Kenmore station to Fenway. You can pick up tickets that you’ve ordered there at no extra charge. ACE makes a point that they don’t add a StubHub fee, which isn’t chump change. If you’re there on game day, you might be able to haggle closer to gametime.

Your best bet with third parties, usually, is to get tickets at the last minute (up to two hours before game time, last I checked). But I wouldn’t always count on this. If the game is really important for you to attend, keep checking for a deal you can live with starting about a week out.

Finally, if you have the luxury of comparing third party sites, be sure to go to the checkout screen on each one and see the full price you’ll be paying…the difference in fees can be significant.

You may need the Ballpark app on your smartphone to scan your tickets, so be sure you have that.


Use The Red Sox Schedule: Choose The Right Game AND Opponent

cheap red sox tickets schedule

In 2014, the Royals were pretty popular. Even in Boston.

If you only care about visiting Fenway Park, and you’re visiting Boston on a budget, picking the right contest makes a world of difference in your ticket price. Obviously, you shouldn’t pick a game against the Yankees on a July weekend.

Like most teams, the Red Sox offer dynamic pricing. Opening Day, all Yankees games, and Saturday games in June and July are the most expensive. Second to that are weekend games in June, July and August; then weekends in April, May and September, etc. In the bottom tier are “Sox Saver” games: weeknights in April, May and September. If you can handle the weather, you can often find a great deal. For afternoon games the weather might not be bad at all.

But again, check third parties on these too. If the Sox are having a disappointing season, you could find some steals in September.

red sox orioles at fenway

O’s fans don’t see this very often, so maybe it is worth the trip.

Your choice of opponent makes a difference too. If, say, the Orioles are good (OK, I’ll wait till you’re done LYAO at that one), it can drive up demand for Orioles games at Fenway. The Mets and Phillies can also draw sizable crowds, regardless of their fortunes.

Save for the Angels and East Coast hero Mike Trout, West Coast opponents usually draw the smallest crowds and offer the cheapest tickets.

But hey, you might be reading this because you want to find cheap Red Sox tickets for Yankees games, right? Even if “cheap” in this case is relative. And Ballpark E-Guides never backs down from a challenge!

To see the Yankees at Fenway (or the Cubs, when they visit), you’ll save a lot by planning ahead.

red sox yankees tickets at fenway

Does this really even need to be said in Boston?

If I lived in Boston, I would visit the box office the day tickets go on sale, and get tickets at face price with no fees. If you live elsewhere, visit the Red Sox website that day, and get your tickets at face value with the fee…which will still be cheaper than the third party markup in almost every case. You can also try the game day ticket option (more on that shortly), but you may be waiting in line for a very long time.

Or plan ahead even further back in time, and get Sox Pax tickets in December…maybe show up for Christmas at Fenway. Sox Pax include a Yankees game and one or more low demand games. Good if you can do the other games…or give the tickets as Christmas presents…but I wouldn’t do this one if you plan to resell the low value games, since you probably won’t get what you paid for them.

As always, pay attention to your newsletter…

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The Red Sox Box Office and Game Day Tickets

fenway park box office

With a helpful mini-jungle gym for the kids to play on while they’re waiting.

As I’ve said, for cheap Red Sox tickets for Yankees and other high demand games, if you or someone else can go to the box office for you on the on-sale date, do it…no fees at the box office.

At the box office you can actually talk to a person about what seats are available, including seats in front of each other, which isn’t something you can yet find on the Sox website. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for ticket specials, especially for military members.

Then there’s that popular game day tickets option that savvy Sox fans use.

The Red Sox make a handful of tickets available a few hours before each game. These are usually tickets that the visiting team or someone else can’t use—a player may have brought his wife and can’t sit her next to his Boston girlfriend, for example. So a few hours before each game, a line of folks forms at Gate E on Lansdowne Street to buy any extras the Sox have lying around.

cheap red sox tickets game day

It’s tough waiting in line just steps away from the smell of sausage vendors.

I’ve talked to a few Sox fans about this; they say it’s generally best for one person, since you can only buy one per person and must immediately enter the ballpark after buying them. Lots of folks claim to have gotten very good seats for face value this way.

The Sox allow the line to start forming five hours before game time, but people do line up sooner than that for big games. Fans camping out before playoff games is common.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get into the park this way, but no one has yet told me they were turned away. As long as you don’t arrive an hour before a Yankees game you should be fine. Keep in mind that you’re looking at a total of maybe 11 hours at the ballpark should you choose this option. I don’t mind that myself; just saying.

The best part? You may land a great seat at face price. With no online fees. Face value with no fees = relatively cheap Red Sox tickets.


Join The Nation – A FREE Red Sox Ticket!

Sure, it’s great to get ticket deals. But a secret entrance is even better!

Red Sox Nation is the team fan club, and gives fans chances to score the hard-to-get seats like Monster seats at face price or lower. There are several levels of membership, some of which cost a nice chunk of change, but even the lesser ones still might offer you cheap Red Sox tickets for decent contests.

Nation membership also includes discounts on gear and nearby restaurants, so it should pay for itself fairly easily. The Red Sox even offer a kids’ membership that includes a free ticket (!), and they may have a free ticket-included membership for adults by the time you read this.

If you plan on going to a few Red Sox games in a season and want something resembling cheap Red Sox tickets, have a look at Nation membership. Could be well worth it for you. Again, check your newsletter and grab a membership when it’s available; these sell out too.

Don’t pay ballpark prices for your Red Sox gear and souvenirs!

Order your essential Sox items before you go at, pay far less than you would at the game, AND get free shipping on orders over $25…order your Red Sox swag today!


Cheap Red Sox Tickets – In The “Scalp-Free Zone”

red sox tickets scalp free zone

The trick is actually finding this sign.

A little known option to Fenway newbies is the scalp-free zone set up by the Red Sox, which is currently at Gate C on Lansdowne Street, although the location does get moved on occasion. Here fans with extra tickets are permitted to sell them at face price or less; a Red Sox official will monitor the transaction and escort you into the park so that you don’t try re-selling the seats.

There aren’t many tickets sold here—the Sox estimate it to be about 30-50 a game—but it’s definitely worth a shot before you try a scalper. It’s also a nice legal place where you can get rid of your own extras if you have them.

The Red Sox deliberately keep this option low-key, because they don’t want it to attract too many buyers. That’s why you need this blog my friend.


Help Your Fellow Bostonian

cheap red sox tickets green team

With the help of the Green Team!

Just putting this one out there.

In happier times, the Red Sox don’t offer a lot of discounts or deals on tickets. But they do have contests and events you can participate in, like Christmas at Fenway or the Picnic in The Park, that could get you entered in drawings for tickets. They’re usually in the Community or Fans sections of the Red Sox website, so it’s worth the trouble to have a look.

If you’re a conscious student and will work for baseball, there are universities that work with the Sox to keep the ballpark clean and the trash sorted out in recycling. You get entry into the park (standing room), a T-shirt and a food voucher, and you can see a game just for doing some cleanup between innings. Save the planet and see a Red Sox game for free. Win-win!

Check out the Fenway Park Green Team program here.


Red Sox Ticket Scalpers

red sox tickets scalpers

This gentleman is holding up the universal symbol for “I didn’t read this post”.

There are always plenty of scalpers at Fenway, even though scalping is illegal in Massachusetts. Like with brokers, you could be paying well above face value for tickets depending on demand—you might as well use SeatGeek.

If you try this, bring a seating chart to get an idea of where your seats are, and check the ticket for the correct date and opponent, and that there isn’t an “OV” stamped on the ticket. OV means Obstructed View…you don’t want that.

Ticket prices plummet after the game starts, but that’s no fun unless you’re late to begin with. Brokers generally line up near the Kenmore MBTA station, and in the path from there to the ballpark. You can haggle, but these guys are tough, so you may be dealing with a few of them if you walk away. If you’re lucky, you may find someone with extras, especially for a rainout makeup game. Hold up the number of fingers to show how many you need.

My buddy Andrew Van Cleve has forgotten more about how to scalp tickets than I’ll ever know; he is an absolute genius at haggling and has some great stories about his scores. If you want to read some great tips, check out his blog on the subject.


Finding Cheap Red Sox Tickets on Craigslist

I’m sure there are fans that can tell you stories about the deal they scored on Craigslist for any baseball tickets, and I’m sure probably 98% of those cases are legit. But you don’t want to be in that 2%.

I talk more about buying baseball tickets on Craigslist here, but basically the same rules apply that you would use buying from a scalper: meet with the seller in person in a public place, check the tickets for smudged ink, scissor marks or other anomalies, and bring someone with you for the transaction. Get as much information about the person as you can, and especially find out if they are season ticket holders if possible.

Trust your gut…just as with a scalper, if something doesn’t seem right, walk away.


To Sum This All Up…

red sox tickets fenway park

And congratulations on scoring Red Sox tickets!

…for cheap Red Sox tickets, plan ahead as much as possible. Subscribe to the Red Sox ticket alerts, and pay attention to their e-mails, choose the lowest value contest you can, and compare prices with SeatGeek and other third parties. You can score great deals on Red Sox tickets, but it takes a little work. Hopefully what you’ve read helps…take advantage of all your ticket buying avenues!

Bookmark this and review it next time you’ve got a Red Sox game at Fenway in mind.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Click here for many more great Fenway hacks, and please support Ballpark E-Guides’ sponsors to help keep this great information coming!

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Fenway Park With Kids – 3 Things To Know

Posted by Kurt Smith

Visiting Fenway Park with kids is light years better today than it once was before the congestion reduction, but it’s still a challenge. So Ballpark E-Guides, looking out for every demographic, has some tips for parents. (If you want to find the best deal on Red Sox tickets, check this out!)


fenway park with kids kid nation

Hey honey, we’re part of the club!

Fenway Park With Kids, Tip #1) Get a FREE Ticket From Kid Nation. Yes, unbelievable as it may seem, the Red Sox offer a free ticket with membership in the free edition of Red Sox Kid Nation. The paid membership is even better…it includes a backpack, a jersey and chances to get other stuff. Well worth the price.

You still have to buy a ticket for you of course, but a free ticket to the most expensive ballpark in baseball is a nice thing.

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeekClick on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


fenway park with kids kids zone

Get them good and tired so that they sit still for the game.

Fenway Park With Kids, Tip #2) Outdoor and Indoor Play Areas. Jersey Street now features those bouncy houses and face painting and such, and the Sox recently added an indoor play area called “Wally’s Clubhouse” to the Big Concourse in right field. Virtual reality batting cages, visits with the mascot – it’s the place to be for young ones, and there’s plenty of dogs and ice cream stands in the Big Concourse.

Wally’s is open to kids starting in the 3rd inning for some reason.


fenway park with kids calling all kids

“Great selfie honey. Where are the kids?”

Fenway Park With Kids, Tip #3) Calling All Kids Month. In June, the Red Sox arrange lots of activities for kids; they can take photos with ballplayers, or even help the grounds crew and save the Red Sox some costs. There are even kid’s crew Red Sox employees outside of the ballpark to greet the little ones. Pay attention to the team e-mail newsletter for good stuff.

As I’ve said, Fenway is greatly improved for bringing the kids, but it can still get cramped and crowded in the concourses especially. Be sure to keep an eye on the little one especially in the concourse areas.

Want to know more about Fenway Park? Sign up here for my completely free Fenway Park e-mail newsletter series, and score some seriously valuable info about tickets, seating, transportation and food…see you at the Yard!

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Fenway Park Food Items – Get Your Lobster Heah.

Posted by Kurt Smith

With the Fenway Park food menu expanding, one would think people would start to eschew the ubiquitous Fenway Frank. Fortunately that isn’t happening, but if you’re looking for some Massachusetts lobster with your baseball, you have several great choices at the ballpark in Boston…

Fenway park food lobster roll

I like Red Sox baseball more just looking at this.

Fenway Park Food Items, Lobster Bit #1) The Lobster Roll. The great thing about the Fenway lobster roll is that it’s served on the same white bread bun as the Fenway Frank – and it’s lightly toasted since you’re paying a few extra bucks. The lobster roll includes lettuce, tomato chunks, and a creamy sauce.

You can find it easily at the Fish Shack on Jersey Street, but it’s available in the concourses too.

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeek

Click on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


fenway park food lobster melt

Anyone think this should be the new Aramark logo?

Fenway Park Food Items, Lobster Bit #2) The Lobster Melt. This has been added in the recent “ballparks need more grilled cheese” craze…it’s a grilled cheese sandwich with steamed lobster, muenster cheese and a slice of tomato.

It’s made from “Yankee” lobster, for some head-shaking reason.


fenway park food lobster poutine

I would climb a mountain of these things just to put that flag in.

Fenway Park Food Items, Lobster Bit #3) The Lobster Poutine Stak. This amazeballs creation found in the Big Concourse was ranked #8 in For The Win’s craziest ballpark snacks of 2017. But if loving steak fries covered with lobster bisque, cheese curds, lobster meat and chives is crazy, then I don’t want to be normal.

There’s three choices for seafood lovers; but don’t miss out on your other choices of food at Fenway, including the outside vendors, Tasty Burgers, Regina’s pizza and so much more…

Lobster Melt and Lobster Poutine Stak photos courtesy of Aramark.

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Can You Bring Food Into Fenway Park?

Posted by Kurt Smith

Can you bring food into Fenway Park? The short answer is yes, you can. The Red Sox allow you to bring in a 16*16*8 soft-sided bag, so long as it doesn’t contain alcohol or potential projectiles. Nothing wrong with the Fenway Park food menu, but it’s nice to save a few bucks, especially in Boston.

But now that you know that you can bring food into Fenway Park, the new question is what to bring in…and Ballpark E-Guides, always willing to take the extra base, has a few suggestions:


can yuo bring food into fenway park sausage connection

That is more than enough Inner Beauty.

The Sausage Connection. Of all of the vendors selling sausages on Lansdowne Street before the game, the Sausage Connection is my personal favorite. It’s a yellow kiosk near the Game Day tickets line.

Not only are the prices for sausages and chicken teriyaki sandwiches better than inside the ballpark, they offer that “Inner Beauty” hot sauce, a thick mustard-style sauce that will blow out the back of your brain (go easy with it at first, seriously).

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeekClick on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


can you bring food into fenway park sausage guy

Bigger than the roll, and foil included. Check.

The Sausage Guy. David Littlefield sells hefty and reasonably priced (for Fenway) sweet Italian sausages, and he loads them up with a nice amount of peppers and onions. Good and messy as it should be. Look for the small blue kiosk in front of Cask -N- Flagon.

And he’s open well into the evening, just in case you’re hungry after the game and have a few bucks left.


can you bring food into fenway tasty burger

You need only dodge traffic to get there.

Tasty Burger. The chain of burger and beer joints serves up burgers inside of Fenway, but there’s a location on the corner of Jersey Street and Boylston Street, just a block from the ballpark (it’s close enough that they can charge $50 to park there). The restaurant itself is cheaper…and the selection of burgers is much, much better.

That’s just three great choices if you want to bring food into Fenway Park and save a few bucks.

Want to know more about Fenway Park? Sign up here for my completely free Fenway Park e-mail newsletter series, and score some seriously valuable info about tickets, seating, transportation and food…see you at the Yard!

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Visiting Fenway Park – 5 Tips For Newbies

Posted by Kurt Smith

If you’re visiting Fenway Park for the first time, there are definitely some things you should know about arguably America’s most treasured baseball venue. Fenway Park is a wonderful experience when done right, but it is definitely not for amateurs.


visiting fenway park game day tickets

It works on Game Nights, too.

Visiting Fenway Park, Tip #1: Choose the right tickets outlet. For high demand games like the Yankees or July weekends, it’s probably best to plan ahead and get them through the Red Sox website if you can. The secondary markup will almost always be higher.

For weekday or April games you can try SeatGeek, and there are always the Game Day tickets line and scalp-free zone (more about that in this post).

Red Sox tickets are such a hot commodity that there are multiple outlets to get them, just try to pay face price for high demand games (which are most of them).

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeekClick on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


visiting fenway park grandstand seating

An intimate setting where every fan is your close friend!

Visiting Fenway Park, Tip #2: The Grandstand is a great deal. That is, so long as you don’t mind a small seat and you know how to avoid those blasted obstructed views.

There are some simple rules to follow that will…most of the time…ensure that you have a view of the field that isn’t annoyingly obstructed, but you can also use the excellent Precise Seating website to make sure the seat you’re about to get is okay.

Grandstand seats are among the cheapest in Fenway and have much better views than the bleachers. Plus they’re in the shade, which the bleachers are not.


visiting fenway park take the t

No, not the L. The T.

Visiting Fenway Park, Tip #3: Take the T or the Commuter Rail. You can drive to Fenway and even park inexpensively for an easy out provided you’re willing to park about a mile away from the ballpark. There are also actually some free spots close to the ballpark, but you are also going to be in that famous post-game traffic which also isn’t fun

The MBTA Green line “T” drops riders off at Kenmore Station a short walk to the ballpark, and you’ll pass ACE Tickets and “brokers” hawking tickets along the way. Similarly the Commuter Rail Yawkey Station is just 500 feet from the ballpark. It’s almost always easier and cheaper to use the MBTA.


visiting fenway park sausage connection

Try this and you will know what Inner Beauty really is.

Visiting Fenway Park, Tip #4: Try the Sausage Connection. There are less-expensive-than-inside sausage vendors around the entire outside of the ballpark, but they are most prominent on Lansdowne Street.

They’re all good, but they all offer different types of hot sauces, and the Sausage Connection offers a mustard style sauce called “Inner Beauty”. Go easy with it, it’s hot…but it’s also great if you’re into that. They have steak tips and chicken teriyaki sandwiches there as well. The Fenway Frank is also a classic, but try to do both.


visiting fenway park yawkey way

This number is called “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

Visiting Fenway Park, Tip #5: Make a day of this. The pre- and post-game atmosphere at Fenway Park is like no other in baseball. The crowds gather on Jersey Street long before the game for live music, El Tiante Cuban sandwiches and Big League Brian on his stilts.

There are also numerous restaurants and taverns to celebrate a Red Sox victory. Cask-N-Flagon is the classic, but Boston Beer Works, Game On! (Ping pong tables!), and Jillian’s are very popular too.

Pick from a watering hole in the Kenmore Square area…there is something for everyone…and spend some time after the game letting the “T” crowds thin out.


Stepping into Fenway is like stepping back in time…back when seats were wooden, ballparks had support poles, and everyone took a train to see Babe Ruth pitch. If you’re visiting Fenway Park for the first time, start making plans now…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime baseball experience for fans, but you need to know what you’re doing!

Want to know more about Fenway Park? Sign up here for my completely free Fenway Park e-mail newsletter series, and score some seriously valuable info about tickets, seating, transportation and food…see you at the Yard!

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3 Fenway Park Seating Tips

Posted by Kurt Smith

There’s a lot to know about every type of Fenway Park seating…from Dugout Box to Standing Room, every seating area in Fenway has its quirks. For example, I’ve dedicated an entire page on this site to avoiding obstructed views in the Grandstand.

Here are a few suggestions if you’re looking to eschew the support poles entirely. (And if you want to find the best deal on Red Sox tickets, read this.)


fenway park seating pavilion box

Remember, the support poles are your friend.

Fenway Park Seating, Tip #1) Pavilion Box. If you can lay out a few more bucks than it costs for Grandstand or Bleachers seats, Pavilion Box seats are a good bet. They’re more spacious than most seats, there’s no problem seeing over anyone, and on the first base side especially you have a beautiful panoramic view of the Green Monster in all its glory and the spectacular visual that is Fenway.

Some people have nothing nice to say about the support poles in the lower level, but this is where they come in handy…they bring the upper level much closer to the field. Most ballparks have club seats at this level, so the view is pretty sweet.

The only real drawback is the lack of concessions choices; most of the available offerings up here are pretty simple. Best to get your grub on in the Big Concourse or Jersey Street beforehand.

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeekClick on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


Fenway park seating right field box

It’s Samuel Adams now, so the beer is better too.

Fenway Park Seating, Tip #2) Right Field Box. The Right Field Box seats may cost a little more than the Grandstand or Bleachers, but as far as seat comfort and view, you’re getting more bang for your buck with it.

If you’re sitting in Sections 6-8, or Sections 95-97, you’ll see all of the action of course, and your seat will be a bit more comfortable, without any poles in your way. Not to mention you’ll be able to stare straight ahead at the Green Monster. When my wife consulted my father on what seats to get me for my birthday, he considered that a selling point.

The only caveat is that when you get closer to the foul pole, seats are facing straight ahead at center field rather than being angled towards second base or something, so you’ll have to have your head turned for most of the game. This can get a bit annoying, especially when people walk in front of you. But in the sections I’ve listed here, it’s not much of a problem at all.


fenway park seating bleachers

Red Sox fans like to sing Neil Diamond songs to the opposing right fielder.

Fenway Park Seating Tip, #3) Bleachers Knowledge. Bleacher seats at Fenway are okay and inexpensive by Fenway standards. In some cases they are a better alternative to Grandstand seats.

But you should know a few things.

The most important thing is that there’s zero protection from the sun, so bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, seriously. You’ll be staring almost directly into the sun at sunset and for day games it can be brutal.

There is also at least fifty (yes, fifty) rows in most bleachers sections, and there’s no shortcut to the high rows, so get your grub in the Big Concourse nearby and take care of nature’s call beforehand. If you like having more than one beer, get two at a time and be careful getting back. I’ve read that the Sox are adding a concourse with restrooms and concessions at the top, but 50 is still a lot of rows.

Try to get the lowest row if you can also because from Rows 40 and up, it can get difficult to follow the action.

There’s three super helpful Fenway Park seating tips; but as I’ve said, there’s something important to know about every seating area at Fenway. Don’t sit in a bad seat for nine innings…think ahead.

Want to know more about Fenway Park? Sign up here for my completely free Fenway Park e-mail newsletter series, and score some seriously valuable info about tickets, seating, transportation and food…see you at the Yard!

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How to Avoid Obstructed Views at Fenway Park

Posted by Kurt Smith

If there was a simple answer to how to avoid obstructed views at Fenway Park, there wouldn’t be an entire book written on the subject. But I’ll give it a try.

As beloved as Fenway Park has been in its century of existence, it’s not much fun when one is sitting in a seat with a blocked view because of the many support poles holding up the upper deck.


avoid obstructed views at fenway park section 2-3

Did they really need to put the pole here to tell me which section is which?

I believe it was architect Janet Marie Smith that said about Fenway that “the support poles are your friend”. What she meant was that the support poles make it possible for the upper deck–usually cheaper seats, although that’s not really the case at Fenway–to be closer to the field. But anyone sitting in a seat where a support pole obstructs their view is not likely to be feeling friendly.

The “Grandstand” section of Fenway Park is where the problem is most pronounced. There are seats that are literally directly behind the poles. The Red Sox used to sell them at a discount, but they don’t anymore.

They do stamp certain tickets with an “OV” for obstructed view, but their standard is very high, so avoid an OV ticket even if it means standing room is the alternative, because you’ll probably end up standing somewhere anyway.

I could have written a whole guide on how to avoid obstructed views at Fenway Park (and Tim Shea has already done an excellent job of it), but since most people don’t want to get too involved in finding the perfect seat, here are a few basic tips.

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

cheap red sox tickets seatgeekClick on the logo to find deals on Red Sox game tickets, and tell them Kurt sent you!


fenway park obstructed views section 32

Ah, here’s the trick…just sit in FRONT of the poles!

The support poles are usually in the first or second row of a Grandstand section, and in most cases they’re at the end of a row–either at Seat 1 or the other end, maybe Seat 16 or Seat 24, depending on the size of the section.

There are also some poles in the back of Grandstand sections, and there are sometimes two or three rows behind them. The same rule applies in most (but not all) cases, Seat 1 or the last seat of a row.

You are most likely to have a problem in Rows 1-4 of a Grandstand section, and this is (usually) in the low-numbered or high-numbered seats. If you have the luxury of seeing the seat number (which you do not on StubHub), you should be okay in most sections with Seats 5-10.

Only in the outfield do these general rules get a little wacky…best to just avoid rows 1-4.

As you get into the higher rows in the Section, the pole becomes less of a problem, and by Row 5 or 6 it’s not likely to be too much of an issue. That’s not to say it won’t be at least a little annoying, but it’s better than missing all of third base.


Avoid obstructed views at fenway park grandstand

The obstructed view seat is a perfect place for your bag.

The Grandstand is also covered by the upper level, so the highest rows lose the view of the nice new Jumbotron scoreboards. This isn’t as bad in Fenway as it in the ballparks with the super-colossal molecular resolution scoreboards; after all you’ve got that hand-operated fellow in left field that tells a Red Sox fan everything they need to know anyway. But if this matters to you, avoid anything higher than about Row 14 or so.

Sometimes a support pole can be right in front of a seat in the first row, but if it is, the Sox will mark that as OV. So if you can get a first row seat that doesn’t say that, you should have a very good view with no obstructions at all. For the price that’s a great seat at Fenway.


Avoid obstructed views at fenway park Loge

At least the pitcher can’t see you heckling him.

One last thing: The support pole can sometimes be in the last row of a Loge Box section, which is usually Row XX. This is more common on the first base side. If you’re sitting next to one of these, it might make for a lot of leaning forward at the very least, and it isn’t likely to be fun. So just to be sure, avoid Row XX in the Loge Box seats.

That’s some basics on how to avoid obstructed views at Fenway Park. You have two options if you really want to get into that; there’s Tim Shea’s excellent guide for Fenway Park, or the Precise Seating website, which has ratings of nearly all of the seats in Fenway Park and is a great resource especially when buying tickets online.

But if you want to keep it simple, just follow these basic rules. In fact, call it the 5-10 rule…meaning that in most cases, rows 5-10 and/or seats 5-10 are generally the best in the Grandstand sections. And stay out of Loge Box Row XX.

If you want to find the best deal on tickets wherever you sit, read this.

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Best Way To Get To Fenway Park – Use The “T”

Posted by Kurt Smith

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Most everyone who goes to Red Sox games has two recommendations for the best way to get to Fenway Park: don’t drive, and take the “T”.

Driving to and parking at Fenway Park can be done, but it can be a struggle to find affordable parking close to the ballpark, and even if you do, getting out will take some time. In some places you’re at the mercy of someone who has parked you in, never a good thing.

Unless you’re familiar with the area, you’re much better off using the “T”, as Bostonians refer to it.


best way to get to fenway park take the T

Still the easiest way to get to Fenway Park.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) operates several subway lines across the city of Boston proper, and they are among the cleaner and more efficient of big city transit systems.

There are four color-coded subway lines; the Red, Blue, and Orange Lines all connect with the Green Line at some point, which in turn takes riders to the Kenmore Station, a short stroll over the Massachusetts Turnpike to Fenway Park.

The Green Line has four separate routes: B, C, D and E, all of which end at different stations. All but E stop at Kenmore and will get to Fenway Park; the E train veers off north of Kenmore but stops at the Prudential Center, which is about a ten block walk to the ballpark.

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best way to get to fenway park green line train

Because, see, you CAN’T take the E trolley to Kenmore Station. That’s why you shouldn’t.

The D route also stops at a “Fenway” Station; this is not terribly far from the ballpark but is not the actual Fenway Park station. This may be for the benefit of Yankees fans, to wear them out before the game.

You should take the T for no other reason than to share the Fenway experience. On game days the Green Line becomes sardine-packed with Red Sox fans heading to Fenway, and after games trains become similarly crowded.

But this is of no nevermind to Red Sox fans, many of whom were smart enough to stay slim in order to fit into the Grandstand seats anyway. A member of Red Sox Nation has no problem sharing a small space with a fellow member in good standing.

If you’re looking for more spacious alternatives, you could use the E route on a nice day if you don’t mind the walk, which would keep you out of the standing room only crowd that only knows to not use the E.

Or you could use the Orange Line and get off at the Back Bay Station—this is a few blocks east of the Prudential Center.


best way to get to fenway park back bay T station

Avoid all those crowds at the Front Bay.

That one’s a hike, but you can get a good look at a beautiful city along the way. Or (surprise!) use the much less crowded Commuter Rail to Yawkey Station, which could possibly be the second best way to get to Fenway Park.

A ride on a T train is $2.25 as of this writing (not counting a Commuter Rail ride); it’s cheaper for seniors and students and free for children 11 and under riding with an adult. So a ride to the park and back is $4.50 a person, plus whatever you may pay for a park-and-ride lot (somewhere around $7).

That’s the other thing that makes the “T” the best way to get to Fenway Park…it’s cheap. Considering that some nearby places charge upwards of $50 for parking and the traffic you will encounter, Boston is one baseball city where public transportation is a better option, even more so than Chicago, Washington or New York.

Using your car isn’t usually the best way to get to Fenway Park. Especially if it’s your first visit, don’t drive unless you have to. Use the T.

But as always, there’s more than one way to get there…

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Cheap Parking at Fenway Park – 3 Spots

Posted by Kurt Smith

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If you’ve ever tried to find cheap parking at Fenway Park, you know what a challenge it can be. On top of that, Boston isn’t the easiest city to drive in (that’s probably an understatement), which is part of the reason most fans use the T to get to Fenway.

Actually, it’s not that Fenway doesn’t have a lot of parking options. It’s just that they’re mostly bad ones. The lots closest to the park get jammed bumper to bumper, with cars stacked on top of one another at times, the prices for most of the closest lots…and even some not so close ones…are through the roof, and the traffic getting out afterwards can be exasperating too.

You can book your parking beforehand with ParkWhiz (that’s my affiliate link, thanks for your support), but here are three spots that I happen to like a lot. At this price, you’re not going to be actually parking at Fenway Park, at least not exactly across the street, but the walk isn’t too bad, the prices are great and all three garages offer a very easy exit onto I-90:


cheap parking at fenway park 100 clarendon street

Just in case you weren’t sure you had the address right…

Cheap Parking at Fenway Park, Tip #1: The 100 Clarendon Street Garage. The 100 Clarendon garage is the “official” Red Sox parking garage, even though it’s about a mile walk from Fenway. It’s a sizable garage that usually has plenty of spots.

You can book parking for the 100 Clarendon garage on the Red Sox website; by Fenway standards the price is fantastic. Just print out your reservation and take it with you and you’ll have a spot for the whole game.

It’s a fine walk through Boston streets on a nice day, but if the weather isn’t great, you can take a Commuter Rail from the Back Bay Station to Yawkey Station near the ballpark and back. Back Bay Station is literally across the street from this lot’s entrance.

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cheap parking at fenway park prudential center

It’s actually probably the second or third best deal in town.

Cheap Parking at Fenway Park, Tip #2: The Pru Center. Like with the 100 Clarendon garage, this garage is very close to the Back Bay T station, so if you’re not up for the walk after the game you can use the Commuter Rail from Yawkey. Or use the Green Line Prudential station, transfer at Copley Square and take the B, C, or D to Kenmore Square.

There’s a couple of nice things about the Pru Center parking. At Fenway, for one, most lots within a block cost almost three times the price. Another thing is that the place is full of eateries and sandwich joints to fill up your doggie bag, and the other is that you know exactly where to go after the game…the Pru Center building is visible from anywhere on the home or first base side of the ballpark.

Given the choice, I prefer the 100 Clarendon Garage, but the Pru Center is a good second choice. It gets some not so great reviews, but I’ve noticed people using it for Red Sox games don’t complain much.


cheap parking at fenway park hynes

Hmmm…what does the “P” stand for?

Cheap Parking at Fenway Park, Tip #3: The Hynes Auditorium Garage. The Pilgrim Parking people operate a few garages in the Boston area for theaters and medical centers and such, and they make the Hynes garage (50 Dalton Street) available for Sox games for about the same price as the Pru Center. It’s right across the street from the Pru, a scoche (did I spell that right?) closer to Fenway.

The Hynes garage is only available on weekends, and like with the Pru Center you’ll need your ticket, but it’s near the Pru Center and its shops and it’s also a short walk to the Hynes Center T station, where you can hop on a green line train to Fenway or back should the weather be uncooperative. It’s also a good spot to find a Boston Pedicab.

Like I said, these lots aren’t the closest, but it’s well worth the walk for the lack of extortionate prices and aggravating congestion. And even if you use the Commuter Rail from Back Bay to Yawkey or back, the fare is cheap enough that you still come out ahead in the quest to find affordable parking at Fenway Park.

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Take A Rickshaw To Fenway – Boston Pedicab

Posted by Kurt Smith

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If you’re looking for a cool or romantic way to get to Fenway Park, try those fun guys at Boston Pedicab.

As you may know, only rookies drive their car to Fenway Park, or anywhere in Boston, for that matter. Narrow streets and world-class congestion make the public transportation system pretty popular in Beantown.

But public transit has its drawbacks, especially for those using it to get to a ballgame. I can tell you from the experience of nearly having my face pressed against a window for entire Green Line rides. Trains coming to and leaving games at Fenway Park get mercilessly jammed with Red Sox fans.

So now we have rickshaws as an option…


boston pedicab fenway park

The perfect size vehicles for Boston streets.

Boston Pedicabs is a local outfit that employs college students, who pedal bicycles attached to rickshaws around the city. There are plenty of them available near Fenway, but the gentleman I e-mailed asking where best to find them (forgive me for losing the e-mail with his name) informed me that the Prudential Center garage some blocks east of Fenway is a good spot.

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The Pru lot is much cheaper than the lots closest to Fenway, and the Center is basically a mall with quite a few good pregame dining options.

The fellows riding the bicycles are friendly and will have a conversation with you as they’re pedaling you through murderous traffic to the park, and you can look around at the city rather than waiting for the driver in front of you to finally move.

Best of all, they’re free. But not really. The Boston Pedicab drivers subsist entirely on tips, so don’t be stiffing them.

That’s just one cool way to get to Fenway…but you should really know every way to get there, because Fenway is a challenge.

Boston Pedicabs website:

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The Fenway Frank – As Baseball As Life Gets

Posted by Kurt Smith

The Red Sox have upped their food game of late, with adding such fancy stands such as Taste of Boston, Tasty Burgers and several great lobster items, but the Fenway Frank is still essential sustenance at Boston’s venerable ballpark.


fenway frank white bread bun

The white bread bun. Only at Fenway.

I don’t understand why it’s so rare to see a hot dog in a mushy white bread bun, but it’s part of what makes the Fenway Frank so distinctive – that gooeyness around the classic baseball flavor.

The Fenway Frank is made by Kayem Foods, who added some garlic and smoke to the flavor when they took it over in 2009. Incidentally, Kayem also makes the dogs sold at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, but they claim it’s a different style of dog. I would hope so.

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fenway frank monster dog

Is that “mmmmmm” that they’re spelling with the mustard?

You can also get a Monster Dog, which is an elevated Fenway Frank – and is quite large at ten inches. Save some room for that.

Regarding the franks sold in the stands, by the way, they are boiled in water as opposed to grilled on rollers like at the concession stands.

I like my dogs boiled, but I think I’m in the minority on that. Either way, the Fenway Frank is the essential “Fenway Park food thing.”

Incidentally, the Red Sox and Kayem celebrate National Hot Dog Day in July. People submit their variations to be chosen as the Next Fenway Frank, and that creation gets sold at the ballpark the rest of the season.

In 2017 it was a North End Frank: a Fenway Frank topped with pesto, arugula, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomato and fresh mozzarella. Now that’s a hot dog.

But the same could be said about the simple classic Fenway Frank.

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3 Extra Fenway Park Tips For Visiting Fans

Posted by Kurt Smith

Hopefully on this site I’ve offered some good Fenway Park tips…never hurts to know how to avoid those blasted support poles, for example or how to find the best deal on tickets. These aren’t essentials, but you should still check them out.


Fenway Park tips yawkey way

And now we’d like to do a little number called “25 Or 6 To 4”.

Extra Fenway Park Tips, #1: Jersey Street (formerly Yawkey Way). Since Camden Yards in Baltimore borrowed a lot of innovations from Fenway, like using only one city block and having a short porch necessitated by a landmark, it’s only fair that the Yards return the favor.

The closing off of Jersey Street brings to mind Eutaw Street in Baltimore, between the ballpark and the B&O Warehouse, where similar performers and vendors do their thing. In both cases, it makes for better entertainment than lottery ticket races on a Jumbotron.

You aren’t likely to miss it anyway—it is closed off before Red Sox games and used for food vendors, street performers, the team store and all of the elements of a true baseball atmosphere. But just covering the bases.

Enter the ballpark on either end of Jersey, see the street bands, check out the peanut machines and Big League Brian on his stilts, and try a Cuban sandwich and get your picture taken with Luis Tiant. A baseball game is, after all, supposed to be fun.

Looking for cheaper Red Sox tickets? Try my friends at SeatGeek!

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Fenway park tips bleacher bar

They even drew suds on the beer.

Extra Fenway Park Tips, #2: The Bleacher Bar. This bar/restaurant was built into the ballpark behind the center field fence, and there is actually a garage-sized window that patrons can view the game in. It’s an alternative if you completely strike out getting tickets; I don’t know if you can sit there for the whole game, but no ticket or cover is required, and at least you’re there.

Even if you do have tickets though, it’s a neat place to visit before or after the game, or perhaps even enjoy a meal at not entirely unreasonable prices. There’s even a corned beef sandwich named for former Red Sox GM Larry Lucchino, who helped orchestrate the Fenway renovation.


Fenway Park tips Boston baseball program

“Dude, do you mind? I’m trying to take a picture of that Fenway Park banner! Wait…did you say $2 program?”

Extra Fenway Park Tips, #3: Boston Baseball Magazine. There’s nothing wrong with the Red Sox’s official program as opposed to any other team’s, and I mean that sincerely, but for less than half the price you can grab a copy of Boston Baseball, the Unofficial Program of the Red Sox.

Boston Baseball started as a couple of guys putting out a newsletter at ballparks; it’s now a full-color, slick paper publication. And while it may be unofficial—and as such unbiased by not being on the Red Sox payroll—there isn’t anything unprofessional about Boston Baseball. It’s a real program and scorebook put together by dedicated fans of the Red Sox. And it is remarkably cheap. Win-win.

Support these guys. You can usually find them near the Jersey Street entrances.

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