The True Insider’s Wrigley Field Guide!

Are You Spending $312.32 For One Cubs Game?
(Yes, that was the average cost for a family of four in 2016…and that was before they won their first championship in 108 years! You can bet that number will be considerably larger in 2017…and that’s why you need a true insider’s Wrigley Field guide.)

If you’re a baseball fan looking for a truly helpful guide to Wrigley Field, and I’m guessing you are if you’re here, permit me to ask you a few questions…

guide to wrigley field

Your Complete Insider’s Wrigley Field Guide…click the image to buy now!

Wrigley Field Guide Question #1: Would you want to know “insider” tips to help save $20, $40 or sometimes even $75 or more off that total for Cubs games?

Wrigley Field Guide Question #2: Do you want to always find the best deal on Cubs tickets, by knowing all of your ticket buying options?

Wrigley Field Guide Question #3: Do you want to choose the perfect seats at Wrigley to suit your taste and budget?

Wrigley Field Guide Question #4: Do you want to know about all of the ways to get to Wrigley Field—and do so easily and/or cheaply, including where to find free parking spots?

Wrigley Field Guide Question #5: Do you want to know ahead of time what’s being sold at all the cool food stands?

Wrigley Field Guide Question #6: Would you like to know how to keep the kids entertained… which gates offer the easiest exits…even some places to celebrate a Cubs victory?

Most importantly… Wrigley Field Guide Question #7:  

 If you knew about a booklet that contained all of this information…that was loaded with tips and advice to help you have a blast at every Cubs game and stop overpaying for a day at Wrigley Field, would you want to own and read it?

If your answer, like mine would be, is something like…

Back up a bit…did you say I could park for free? Really?

…then read every word of this page.

I absolutely love Kurt Smith’s Ballpark E-Guides. Every time I read one, I learn countless new facts about visiting that ballpark – the best ways to get to the park, ticket specials, the food there and on and on.

Each guide is filled with solid-gold tips about the ballpark…I couldn’t recommend these treasures more highly!”

– Joe Mock, Webmaster at
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The home of the Cubs is a great, classic ballpark. It’s always hopping, whether the Cubs are last place dwellers or World Champions.

But Wrigley Field isn’t for amateurs.

Whether you’re taking the family, going alone, bringing a date or meeting with friends, there is a lot you definitely need to know about this place. You’ll have a much better and more affordable experience when you’re aware of it all.

For example…

  • Wrigley Field Guide Tip #1: The Cubs, believe it or not, do offer some nice deals on tickets…for low demand games they still offer tickets as low as $9. And you can save a bunch of money just by shopping around, either through the team, StubHub, or other third party sellers like SeatGeek…
  • Wrigley Field Guide Tip #2: Every seating area in Wrigley has its own personality… there are great views in the 400 level below the press box, the famous bleachers have been re-done and have some unique food choices, and the Terrace Reserved and Upper Reserved sections offer great value…if you know how to avoid obstructed views
  • Wrigley Field Guide Tip #3: Many fans use the CTA Red Line to get to Wrigley Field. But there are many other ways to not only avoid Wrigleyville traffic and insane parking fees, but also avoid being packed like sardines on the train as well. There’s the Brown Line, the inexpensive Pace Wrigley Express bus, and the Yellow Line from Skokie, or even the Cubs’ free shuttle
  • Wrigley Field Guide Tip #4: Wrigley Field’s food choices get better all the time…there’s the iconic Giordano’s deep dish pizza, Hot Doug’s dogs, Wrigley Field Smokies, the Joe Maddon Italian hoagie, and of course that classic Vienna Beef Chicago Dog. There are so many food choices that you’ll want to know about ahead of time
  • Wrigley Field Guide Tip #5: Wrigley Field lives in a partying neighborhood, where you can drink at Murphy’s Bleachers, dance at the Cubby Bear or use batting cages at Slugger’s. Not to mention the rooftops on Waveland and Sheffield…yes, some of them can still see into the ballpark! If you want to make a Cubs game an all-day celebration, there’s a place in Wrigleyville for you.

Even many lifelong Cubs fans aren’t aware of the many ways to save a bunch of cash and enjoy a much better experience at one of the only two century-old ballparks in America that survived the wrecking ball in the ballpark boom.

“I must recommend Smith’s excellent, very detailed guide to Wrigley Field as an indispensable tool for navigating the ticket-buying process (which can be very confusing at Wrigley Field), the ballpark and its home city…besides being incredibly informative, it’s fun to peruse and read.

– Floyd Sullivan, Chicago Now
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Great as Wrigley is, many fans are very familiar with the pitfalls…I see it every time I go.

Thousands of fans who’ve overpaid for tickets through scalpers or other means, sitting in full price seats with a big support pole obstructing a good portion of the field, getting caught in avoidable Chicago traffic or packing themselves into hot, crowded trains, parking in lots that cost $40 or more, and paying baseball prices for dogs and sausages and peanuts when they could just as easily bring in these things for nearly half the price. (Yes, you can bring your own food into Wrigley.)

Here is something I hear a LOT from fans of every team, and I’ll bet you’ve heard it too:

“I can’t go to that many games anymore. It just costs too much, especially with the kids.”

It does not occur to 99% of baseball fans that they can get better seats for less by shopping around and planning ahead, get to the ballpark much more easily, or have an exceptional ballpark food item at the game that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about…and that there are many ways to save money on all of it!

Some of us have limited means. Actually, all of us have limited means, right?

I may be independently middle class these days, but I can’t pay for the third-party ticket markup, pay Wrigley parking fees and still get a North Side Twist pretzel. I can’t just throw around $312.32 to take the family to a Cubs game. Even if I could, that number is too large for me anyway. And I sure as heck don’t want a bad seat at the game or to pay $40 to park.

That’s why, some years ago, I started writing fan’s guides full of insider ballpark tips.

“From soup to nuts and everything in between, the Wrigley Field E-Guide is filled with tales, tidbits, and talking points about the fabled Chicago ball yard…spend some time here and you will really be ready to partake of the pleasures of Wrigley armed with all kinds of tips and knowledge.

– Harvey Frommer, author of REMEMBERING FENWAY PARK
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I got started doing this as an Orioles fan living in NJ. I frequently made trips to Camden Yards to see Orioles baseball, and I learned a few ways to save money on parking and food. I thought it would make for a neat book to have insider tips for every ballpark, so I started researching Citizens Bank Park in my hometown of Philadelphia.

I couldn’t believe what I didn’t know – about the different seating areas, the many ways to get there and the cool Philly-themed food offerings at Citizens Bank Park…but most of all, I couldn’t believe how much I had been overpaying for tickets, parking and food.

Very long story short, today I have similarly researched 15 ballparks, including beautiful Wrigley Field in Chicago, one of my all-time favorites. The result is Ballpark E-Guides.

And boy, did I learn a metric ton about that iconic ballpark in Chicago.

I was lucky enough to have a ticket hookup for my first visit to Wrigley…but I didn’t know about the party in the bleachers, how to avoid the obstructions, the very affordable Pace bus from the suburbs, or that Row 9 in the Upper Reserved section is at the very top. I had no clue what a Wrigley Field Smokie or Big Slugger nachos were, or that I could get a Bison dog and pile toppings on it Chicago-style.

Would you believe that in one trip I stayed near the O’Hare airport and used that Red and Blue Line combination to get back? No, I didn’t know about the much quicker #152 bus. That train ride took over an hour, and we stood the whole time! No thanks…

I know much better now, and not only is Wrigley always a blast, I spend a lot less to visit one of the best ballparks in baseball…yes, even less than what I spent years ago!

“I was pleasantly surprised…really well done…there is nothing worse than going to a new environment and leaving feeling like you missed something. From where to sit, how to get there and what to eat when you’re there, these guides meticulously detail each of these and more.

– Joe Aiello, The View From The Bleachers
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Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned about Wrigley Field:

  • How choosing a lesser value game can mean as much as a 60% difference in the ticket price. (See Page 7 of the Wrigley Field E-Guide.)
  • An e-mail alert you can subscribe to for game day tickets that become available. (See Page 9.)
  • A trick for saving money when buying a larger number of bleacher seats. (See Page 9.)
  • Why you should avoid the first couple of rows of Field Box seats. (See Page 13.)
  • What makes the Upper Box among the best values for seating at Wrigley. (See Page 13.)
  • A simple rule to avoid obstructed views in the affordable (by Wrigley standards) Terrace Reserved sections. (See Page 14.)
  • Five rules (OK, guidelines) you should follow when sitting in the iconic Wrigley bleachers. (See Pages 15-16.)
  • Several reasons why using the CTA Brown Line can be a great alternative to the Red Line to get to Wrigley. (See Page 19.)
  • A driving route with much less traffic…that a Chicago friend of mine cringed about my sharing! (See Page 23.)
  • Where you can find free street parking a short walk from the ballpark for weekday games. (See Page 25.)
  • The list of hot dog toppings at the venerable Chicago Dog stands. (See Page 28.)
  • What the ingredients are in the popular Joe Maddon Hoagie. (See Page 29.)
  • Where you can get a burrito, hot dog, nachos, or peanuts outside on the cheap to bring in your goody bag. (See Page 33.)
  • A very cool and significant discount on concessions that the Cubs offer. (See Page 34.)
  • What makes Murphy’s, Slugger’s and the Rockit Burger Bar popular post-game destinations. (See Page 36.)
  • Which entrances to use to avoid the massive lines at the gates. (See Page 37.)
  • How to dress for Chicago weather…which definitely depends on where you’re sitting. (See Page 38.)

Would you have ever believed how much you need to know for an affordable and fully enjoyable Wrigley experience? I sure didn’t…but I’m glad I do. I love to know stuff like this…every baseball fan does. Because cheaper tickets and parking = more $$$ to spend on a cool souvenir for the kids or that Giordano’s deep dish pizza!

Ballpark E-Guides are a must for the avid, or the casual baseball fan…it gives you a virtual tour of every stadium, the ins and outs, the whats and the nots. It’s truly one brilliant idea.

– Bill Mahoney, White Sox Gab
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Just so you know, I don’t mess around with this.

I’ve spent at least 50 hours (probably much more than that) poring through websites, blogs, message boards and forums for useful Wrigley Field knowledge, and walking around not just the inside of Wrigley Field but the entire Wrigleyville area, and taking hundreds of photographs.

I’m not complaining at all…I’m happy to do it. Besides, if you’re going to order knowledge from me, I want you to get your money’s worth.

You don’t need to be spending 50 hours in front of a computer screen, researching all the things that the Wrigley Field E-Guide will tell you.

I’m positive that your leisure time is worth much more than that.

“Kurt Smith dives into the ballpark experience and produces page after page of useful advice and information for the fan who wants to know it all every time they go to the ballpark.”

– Paul Swaney, Stadium Journey
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Since you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re probably confident by now that the Wrigley Field E-Guide is well worth your while.

So I’ll ask again…

guide to wrigley field

Your Complete Insider’s Wrigley Field Guide…click the image to buy now!

Do you want to make the incomparable Chicago baseball experience much more affordable and fun every time you go?

Then leave the countless hours of research and leg work to me, and just reap the result: Download the Wrigley Field E-Guide PDF NOW for the amazing low price of just $6.99.

Or better yet…

Order the beautifully illustrated print edition NOW for just $8.99 plus shipping, and own the PDF at no extra charge.

The print edition makes a fantastic gift for the baseball fan in your life, and you can keep the PDF for yourself. I’m a cool guy like that.

That total cost is likely a very small fraction of what you’ll save on every future trip to Wrigley.

This essential Wrigley Field guide is also a small investment…you’re getting the lowdown from, in all modesty, a Wrigley aficionado who can tell you everything you need to know. The booklet may be small, but it contains a huge amount of great tips!

Best of all, my large frame won’t actually be standing there asking for a bite of your Bison Dog at the game.

You won’t just save your hard-earned cash. You’ll get the best seat for your budget, get there easily and cheaply, and know what to eat at the game…among many, many other things.

But yes, you’ll save money too.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the Yard!


P.S. If you haven’t done so, don’t forget to sign up for the absolutely free Ballpark E-Guides newsletter too…lots of cool news and a free helpful PDF!

“Imagine you’re going to a place you’ve never been, you have a lot of questions about almost everything and you know almost nothing about it.

Now, imagine you find someone that put together practically everything you want to know and also helps you to save some money!!!

That’s Kurt Smith and Ballpark E-Guides I’m talking about!

So, if you want to know how to get to the ballpark and easily find a spot to put your car, this is your website; if you want to know where find the best food for the lowest price, Kurt is the man; if you want to know where are the best seats (including where the shadow is gonna be first!) and the places TO NOT SIT…don’t waste your time and buy one!

– Francisco Campos, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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