Citizens Bank Park Cheesesteaks

Citizens Bank Park Cheesesteaks

Here are three cheesesteaks…or more correctly, three varieties of Citizens Bank Park cheesesteaks…that you can try without having to leave the ballpark and drive around the city. When people think Philly, they think of submarine rolls with sliced beef and cheese in them.

citizens bank park cheesesteaks tony lukes


Citizens Bank Park Cheesesteaks, Tip #1: The Tony Luke’s “Whiz Wit”. I don’t know why Philadelphians have such a hard time saying “onions”, but for some reason “with onions” is abbreviated to “wit” here. And Whiz is, of course, Cheez Whiz. The one and only.

Tony Luke’s doesn’t chop up their beef too fine, but they don’t just put the whole slab on the roll either…so they’re something in between Pat’s and Geno’s in Philly, if you’re familiar with the two (I guess if you are, you’ve probably heard of Tony Luke’s too). And I can’t find many other uses for Cheez Whiz, but I will admit it’s great on a steak sandwich.

Tony Luke’s at the ballpark also has a popular roast pork and provolone sandwich, but we’re talking about cheesesteaks here.


citizens bank park cheesesteaks campos heater

Not for the faint of stomach.

Citizens Bank Park Cheesesteaks, Tip #2: The Campo’s Heater. Campo’s Deli is a long time Market Street institution…in a city where everyone is advised to try Pat’s or Geno’s, Campo’s is a place that locals know about and patronize rather than getting in long tourist lines for Pat’s.

The Heater is my favorite of the Bank’s cheesesteaks. It’s a cheesesteak kicked up a few notches, or more correctly a few hundred thousand Scoville units, with Buffalo sauce, jalapeno cheddar, and jalapenos piled on if you want.

It seems required to add the jalapenos, because you asked for heat, right? But truthfully, while I do pile some on, it isn’t necessary…the Heater is a pretty hot sandwich on its own. Highly recommend a beer or other drink with it. But it’s not so hot that there’s no taste. Plenty flavorful.


citizens bank park cheesesteaks harrys vegan

The seemingly oxymoronic healthy cheesesteak.

Citizens Bank Park Cheesesteaks, Tip #3: The Harry The K’s Vegan Cheesesteak. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian sort…as you can see from what you’ve just read…but I do try to eat healthier these days, and besides, I’m looking out for all my readers.

I didn’t expect much from a sandwich with tofu and mushrooms as its filler, but this one wasn’t bad at all. I think they may add some salt to it to improve the taste, but if you can eat a portobello mushroom or one of those veggie patty burgers, you’ll enjoy this.

It’s overpriced as all ballpark food is, but at least it’s a fairly filling sandwich that’s a little easier to digest. And you can sit down waiting for it at a table with a nice view of a baseball field rather than standing in line.

There you are…three choices of that innovative sandwich, the Philly cheesesteak, at Citizens Bank Park. But there’s a whole bunch of other food choices too…like Federal Donuts, Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries, Wayback burgers, Wahoo tacos and much more…plan ahead.


That’s how much it cost a family of four to see a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park in 2016, according to the MLB Fan Cost Index.

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