Miller Park Food – Three Things To Try

Miller Park Food – Three Things To Try

If you somehow manage to pass through the amazing tailgating scene in the parking lot and still have room in your stomach, there is still an outstanding selection of Miller Park food inside. Most anything you’d be interested in eating at the ballgame, and possibly a few things you’d never want to eat at a ballpark, is available here.

The bratwurst culture is huge in Wisconsin and Miller Park is no exception; you know sausages are popular in a ballpark where people in sausage costumes race in the sixth inning of every game. But other than as an ingredient in the “bratchos”, I’m going to suggest a few alternatives, because not even I can live by brats alone:

miller park food aj bombers

Made by the “Bomb Squad”.

Miller Park Food, Tip #1: The AJ Bombers Burger. Any burger joint that wants to differentiate themselves from McDonald’s is going to mention that their burgers are “fresh”, and AJ Bombers, the eatery with an outpost at Miller, is no exception.

But there is something to be said for that; an AJ Bomber’s burger is the right kind of juicy, with toppings ranging from bacon, cheese, Schlitz onions and peanut butter. (Yes, you read that right.)

You have to wait a bit for an AJ’s burger, and there’s no view of the ballgame from here, so get your fix taken care of before game time…and wash it down with a concrete.

miller park food brat boys

The Brat Boys wear the most expensive clothes.

Miller Park Food, Tip #2: Bratchos. My apologies for not getting a picture of the bratchos. I couldn’t find a basket on display, and I couldn’t order one after the AJ Bombers burger and a plate of Rounding Third wings.

But the bratchos are not to be passed up on otherwise. It’s new at Miller as of 2015…and new as a food item that I’ve ever seen. Bratchos are kettle chips covered with four kinds of crumbled sausage (chorizo, Italian, Polish, and bratwurst, the staples at Brewers games), cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos, and sauerkraut.

It’s pretty much like a mishmash of a loaded brat with chips, but I’ve never seen them combined before. As professional eaters say when eating odd foods together, it all ends up in the same place anyway.

miller park food holey moley

It’s so good you’ll actually enjoy the sugar crash.

Miller Park Food, Tip #3: The Holey Moley Doughnut Sandwich. As if sausage nachos weren’t enough to surprise, Miller also has added a Holey Moley stand, for the local craft doughnut shop that peddles scratch doughnuts.

Holey Moley had four custard doughnut sandwich offerings in my visit…there was a “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” – custard, blueberry preserves and peanut butter drizzle; “Hella Nutella” – Nutella, bananas and hazelnuts; and the “P-Can Sam” – pecan pie pieces, caramel, and pecans; and finally the inimitable “Goober Jobber” – custard, pretzels, salted caramel and peanut butter.

By all accounts I’ve read, all are delicious. And these dessert sandwiches are actually pretty reasonably priced for a ballpark. Just make sure you have some room, it ain’t Jello.

Those are three unusual and tasty stuffs on the Miller Park food menu, but there’s a lot more, like the Nachos on a Stick, the Smoke Shack Ham Dinger, and the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat…a meal for at least two. Plan ahead…


That’s how much it cost a family of four to see a Brewers game at Miller Park in 2016, according to the MLB Fan Cost Index.

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