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Comerica Park Seating | Best Detroit Tigers Seats

Posted by Kurt Smith

So you’re planning a baseball game to the home of the Detroit Tigers? I’m here to help…below is your complete and detailed Comerica Park seating guide! I’ve thoroughly researched the place for you, and listed my best tips for every seating area in the place below.

There’s a lot to cover here Tigers fans and Comerica visitors, so I’ve broken it down for you…feel free to skip the suite parts.

Comerica Park Luxury Suites
Comerica Park Party Suites + Group Areas
Tiger Den Seats
Terrace Seats
Lower Level Seating
Upper Level + Club Seating
Mezzanine Seating
Outfield Seating (+ Kaline’s Corner)
Right Field Balcony
Standing Room
Shade Spots and Other Comerica Seating Tips

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So, now, here is the lowdown on different seating areas for Detroit Tigers games, from most to least expensive. If you need to see where these spots are on the Comerica Park seating chart, here’s the official layout. Comerica Park’s seating capacity is 41,083 for Tigers home games.

comerica park seating suites

They wouldn’t let me in, even on the tour, but I hear they’re nice.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #1) Suites. Suites at Comerica are mostly located on two levels behind home plate and on the third base side. Nothing unique compared to most ballparks but it’s a nice spot: there is indoor and outdoor seating, a comfortable leather couch, TVs and private restrooms inside, and a food credit is included.

The Comerica Park suite menu is quite extensive; you might find some nice items like Polish sausages, Italian subs, lobster mac and cheese etc. The Tigers boast about a “decadent dessert cart” too.

Parking passes are included for the Tigers garage next to the ballpark, which shaves a few bucks from the total cost (it’s also the best parking spot, no small thing here). The suites, as with the Champions Club, Tiger Club and Tiger Den, have their own private entrance. The suite entrance is through the walkway on the third floor of the Tigers garage on Montcalm Street.

detroit tigers party group areas

Detroit weather can definitely make you want to be indoors.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #2) Party Suites + Group Areas. The Tigers have climate-controlled indoor party suites for small to large groups with extra cash, or a group can be mostly outdoors in one of the party deck areas on the mezzanine concourse. The suites are about twice the cost as the decks per person.

Most all of them include buffets—the party suite buffet includes dogs, burgers, chicken tenders and a few other ballpark favorites until the 7th inning. Party suites are down the left field line and behind home plate.

The price is more per person than seats behind home plate, but for food and heat in April, it’s still pretty reasonable.


comerica park party deck seating

Sure, it’s half a mile from home plate. But there’s potato chips!

If you’re planning a big get together at Comerica, they have an impressive menu of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners and desserts. You can rent a chef to serve from a carvery or pasta or seafood and other stations, and get well or top-shelf liquor. They do tack on the Michigan sales tax and an 18% gratuity to the price, because they can.

The Tigers offer nice deals on party suites and decks for low demand April games (and there’s a fire pit, I’ll get to that); if you can get a group together it includes some nice bonuses, like parking passes and Tiger Club access for the entire season.

If you really want to be high up and far away, you can have your get together at the Vizzy Hard Seltzer View…this is above the Pitcher’s Pub in right center field, and trust me, it’s up there and out there. They do have gazebos for shade, drink rails and counters, and a menu of food included, so it’s not all bad, but for a decent view of the game I’d pick a better spot.

comerica park seating tips tiger den seats

Even though they’re made of wood and would float anyway, they’re covered from the rain.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #3) Tiger Den Seats. The Tiger Den seats are located behind the lower level sections in the infield. They are luxury boxes of sorts; wide, cushioned, wooden chairs with tables in front of them and lots of leg room.

These seats include wait service and access to exclusive clubs, like the Tiger Den Club and Lounge (including the private entrance), in case you’d like to duck out of the heat or use a less crowded restroom. Tiger Den seats are slightly less in price than the “On Deck Circle” seats behind home plate, so it’s a pretty good value for everything thrown in.

They’re good for people wanting to relax and have a good time (not that they don’t enthusiastically cheer on the Tigers, of course), but they aren’t quite the best seats view-wise. Not only are they 35-plus rows from home plate, the higher rows are covered and the overhang can block the view of the impressive video board (henceforth called the Big Board here) on the third base side especially. I love the Big Board here, it’s definitely a distinguishing feature, so I’d want a view of it.

That said, Tiger Den seats are great in the rain or a hot day, and for mobility in your seat. A padded seat with ample space in the shade isn’t a bad fan experience. Occasionally there is a complaint about the proximity to the speakers, but it’s nice to be able to hear all of the announcements, like if your car has its lights on.

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detroit tigers seating map terrace seats

Just put a lid on your drink in case the person in front of you has a pony tail.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #4) Terrace Seats. Past the bases the seating at the Tiger Den level become the Terrace seats. They are much cheaper than the Tiger Den seats and do not feature wait service, but they are still larger and comfortable and include little tables, and they’re also protected from the elements. That’s a lot of bonuses, especially since you’ll probably be eating and drinking something.

The same view rules for the Tiger Den seats generally apply to Terrace seats, so you should avoid third base side seating if you like looking at the Big Board.

comerica park seating guide on deck circle seats

No, you can’t actually go out onto the field, but you can talk with people who can!

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #5) Lower Level. The first 13 rows of the lower deck behind home plate and the dugouts are called the “On Deck Circle” seats and are the most expensive in the ballpark aside of the suites.

They aren’t padded like the second mortgage price seats in many ballparks these days, but they are a bit wider, and they include in-seat wait service and access to the Tiger Den Lounge and Tiger Club restaurant. That might be worth a few extra bucks on cold April days.

The rest of the lower level seating does not include any such access to clubs. Just behind the On Deck Circle is now called the “Lower Infield Box”, which are more pricey.


detroit tigers seating guide

It’s much cheaper to make fun of the right fielder.

The lower level seats decrease in price significantly as they move toward the outfield, with Outfield and then Baseline Box near the foul lines being the cheapest. Like in most ballparks, as the seats get past the bases they are angled more towards home plate (actually more towards second base, but you get the idea).

The seats in the outermost sections may lose a bit of the outfield, but probably not enough to make you unhappy about it. The first row behind the dugouts is Row 7, and the Tigers dugout is on the third base side.

Since the Tiger Den and Terrace sections are under the overhang of the second level, you shouldn’t have any overhang view problems in lower level sections, but you also won’t likely have much protection from the elements in a day game.

Comerica park seating guide upper level

Unfortunately the seats aren’t color-coded, but they are numbered for your convenience.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #6) Upper Level. The upper deck (300 level) at Comerica Park doesn’t have the steep slope that some of the newer ballparks do; so the angle is less frightening, but you will be a bit further from the action. Still, there’s nothing wrong with an upper deck seat here…sweet view of the Detroit skyline anyway.

If the steps and ramps are too much to handle, there is an escalator to get to them near the Big Cat Court on the first base side, and elevators behind Section 109 and 130. Rows 17 and up are covered by the small roof.

The upper deck is divided into two tiers, with the upper tier raised over foot traffic. When you enter the upper level from the concourse, you’ll be moving downstairs to get to the “Club” rows.


cheap seats at comerica park

This wouldn’t be a good spot to say, “I worked my tail off to get where I am today!”

Sections 344 and 345…called the “Skyline” seats…used to be the cheapest seats in Comerica Park; not sure if standing room is cheaper nowadays. It’s still budget-friendly, but nowadays it’s worth a few extra bucks to get a better ticket, since the left field foul pole will be in your view. You might be able to move to a better seat at least in the upper level; the Tigers’ ushers patrol the lower level more strongly.

Given the choice, if I were looking for cheap seats at Comerica Park, I’d go with Kaline’s Corner or the bleachers over the skyline seats. Remember the Big Board!

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comerica park seating guide club seats

These folks are Ballpark E-Guides certified Smart Fans!

The first 3-5 rows of the upper level sections between the bases are the Club seats, a misnomer since they don’t include any club access. Still, these seats are padded and a bit wider, and the view is certainly nice for the price. In fact Club seats be the best overall value seats in Comerica Park…I recommend the first base side for the view of the Big Board.

Past first base (and a few sections past third base), club level seats become Upper Box, which cost about the same as the Upper Reserved seats behind home plate.

Club and upper box rows start with the letter A. In front of Row A (and Row 6 of Upper Box) there is a slightly annoying railing obstruction. I would avoid that if you can. As with the lower level, the seats in the outermost sections are angled towards home.

On the upper level concourse is the Blue Moon Brewhouse/Upper Deck Lounge, which is open to all ticket holders. The Lounge is climate-controlled, with a bar and restrooms for a place to wait out a rain delay or escape the heat.

Best detroit tigers seats mezzanine

This section has been specially built to reduce nosebleeds at the game!

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #7) Mezzanine. On the first base side of the upper level, there is a gap just past first, created to lower the seating of outer sections. After the first few upper box sections is the Tiger Club restaurant, and some more box seating.

The upper section past the gap is called the Mezzanine; tickets here are among the cheapest and the view is a bit better here than in the left field upper level (now called “Upper Grandstand”), with a much better view of the Big Board and downtown Detroit. (I know I keep harping on the Big Board, but trust me, it’s great here.) These are the only 200-level seats in Comerica.

The mezzanine concourse area leads to the party areas in the outfield, and there are three separate areas with picnic tables that can be rented depending on the size of your party. The picnic deck parties include a buffet and mezzanine seats; the price isn’t high at all, if you don’t mind the distance from home plate.

comerica park seating guide outfield seats

It’s like they’re still wondering what number to give Cobb.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #8) Outfield Seats. There are four types of outfield seating in Comerica: Pavilion in left field under the big scoreboard, Bleachers in right field; the Right Field Grandstand below the bleachers, and Kaline’s Corner near the right field foul pole.

Like in most sections in the lower level, there can be 35-40 rows in each. Those back rows are really far away, but one nice thing about it is the proximity to the picnic areas, fountains and statues of Tigers greats, and also to the covered walkway in right center lest you need to duck out of the rain. (Nothing to see there though.)

The Pavilion seats are behind both teams’ bullpens, which were placed there to move the once ridiculously far left field fences in to encourage home runs. This makes for a fine view of pitchers warming up for the people in lower seats, but the Big Board is directly behind you and requires a painful neck twist to see, and these seats are far from home plate.


cheap detroit tigers seats bleachers

Because there’s never too much sunlight to keep score.

The Bleacher seats in right field are benches with no armrests, but they do have backs and are numbered for less of that uncomfortable cheek-sharing. The lower bleachers in right center field can be right up on the action with no bullpens in the way. Keep in mind that in Section 101 you can lose a portion of the outfield.

The Right Field Grandstand seats are closer to the foul pole and are actual seats. For some reason, perhaps the chance of catching a home run ball, Right Field Grandstand is somewhat pricier than the rest of the outfield seats.


comerica park seating kaline's corner

If you want to impress your date, tell her the whole story about where alkaline batteries got their name.

Kaline’s Corner, named for Tigers great Al Kaline of course, is located behind the foul pole down the right field line. The seats directly face home plate unlike the lower level section next to it, making them a much better value. They are priced about the same as Bleacher and Pavilion seats.

You may have the foul pole in your way, which isn’t usually a big deal, but avoid the first few rows. Kaline’s Corner is a bargain section, and is far from the ferris wheel and all that, so it might not be the best place to bring the kids.

Most outfield sections start with Row A, with Row AA being the 26th row. There is no Row I.

right field balcony detroit tigers

Enjoy Tigers baseball AND play cards between innings!

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #9) Right Field Balcony. The Right Field Balcony is located directly beneath the “Pepsi Porch” sign in right field. There’s 426 seats, a 50-foot long stone fire pit (!), and a bar with a full selection of beers and spirits that’s better than at most spots at the ballpark.

The seats with counters require tickets, but anyone with a ticket to the ballpark can hang out in the area. You can’t see the game from behind the bar, but they have TVs. There are even tables with four seats facing the field.

The balcony is very popular and the Tigers actually sell a lot of season tickets here, so if you want to experience it your best bet is to look for a low-demand game on Gametime.


comerica park seating guide fire pit

It won’t keep your beer cold, but it’s relaxing.

The area may be great for parties and the fire pit is great on cold nights, but it’s not the greatest place to watch a game (keep in mind the outfield fence distances), and it takes some walking up stairways to get to it if you’re not using an elevator.

There is a great view of the fountains in center field from here, and people-watching from above the center field walkway. There is also often entertainment here before the game. It can be an enjoyable experience.

detroit tigers standing room

There’s a nice view of the scoreboard and Ford Field here. Plus you can lock your bicycle up.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #10) Standing Room. The Tigers will make some standing room available for sold out games, but ticket prices are higher than standing room should be. They have designated areas for standing room ticket holders, behind the handicapped seating or in the outfield. Obviously for a sold out game, you won’t likely be able to move to a seat in the early innings.

People seem to prefer the right field area and aforementioned balcony for standing room; it’s got an unblocked view and is near several concessions. The left field standing area is closer to the statues if you’d like to stand next to Hank Greenberg’s likeness, and the view is about equally good. If you like a bird’s eye view, head up to the balcony where there are drink rails to lean on.

There is a pavilion in left field with a bar and some seats with tables and drink rails; it’s not a bad place to stand and watch, but I presume if you were sitting the view would be blocked by people standing at the drink rails.

comerica park seating shade seats

In July and August, you want to sit on the “cool” side.

Comerica Park Seating Tips, #11) Other Notes. Get all that? It’s a lot, I know. Hang with me though, we’re almost done. Here are a few general notes about Comerica Park seating:

Seat 1 is always on the right end of a row when facing the playing field, a key thing to remember in certain sections, like in Kaline’s Corner where the foul pole can get in your way.

Comerica’s home plate is located in the northeast corner, so unlike in most parks, the sun sets on the first base side and the left field area gets the most sun; people sitting there often complain about the sun being directly in their eyes early in a night game. It’s a good idea to bring sunscreen and sunglasses for a day game if you’re sitting in the left field area or in the upper deck.

Comerica’s seating slopes are lesser than in most ballparks, so if you’re not a particularly tall person you may have trouble seeing over the person in front of you.

If you like having a varied food selection, the Big Cat food court is on the first base side in the lower level, and it’s where you’ll usually find most any kind of cuisine you’re looking for.


detroit tigers seating guide best view downtown detroit

Even the really cheap seats have a nice view of downtown Detroit. The tiger on the scoreboard might make you nervous though.

The excellent view of the Detroit skyline is visible from just about all locations except for the right field and Kaline’s Corner seats. The Big Board can be seen from just about anywhere that isn’t covered, but the first base side definitely has a better view.

Season ticket holders can use a private entrance, something to keep in mind should someone sell you or give you their extras. This can save you a lot of time.

Finally, if you completely strike out getting tickets, you can see much of the game from behind the fence on Adams Street. You may have to climb up onto a ledge, but it’s free and you can stay provided you don’t cause any trouble.


Comerica park seating guide best seats for Detroit tigers games

You’re not so intimidated in choosing a seat now, are you? Glad to help.

There you go my friends, all of the knowledge you need to choose a great seat at your next game at Comerica Park, the beautiful home of the Detroit Tigers. Be sure to check out some more great Comerica tips here, like how to get cheap Tigers tickets and choose a great parking spot, and how to get there without paying parking prices. Thanks for reading!

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