Save On Ballpark Team Store Prices…Use!

Save On Ballpark Team Store Prices…Use!

Posted by Kurt Smith

If you’re like me, you love checking out a team store every time you visit a ballpark, especially a new one. There’s always cool stuff to buy. But for me anyway, it’s hard to part with my hard earned cash there. No matter what I look at…team jerseys, caps, pencils, golf balls, jigsaw puzzles, it’s impossible to think I can’t find it cheaper someplace else.

That’s why I love MLBShop, for several reasons…

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gary carter jersey

This is why they lure you into the team store.

For one, I can get my gear ahead of time. I don’t have to waste valuable time in the team store trying to decide on the Adley Rutschman or Gunnar Henderson jersey. That time is better spent enjoying a Boog’s BBQ sandwich!

It’s also, in almost all cases, cheaper to order at than it is to buy your gear at the ballpark, especially if you take advantage of specials. As I write this sentence, for example (just before Black Friday), MLBShop is offering up to 50% off on items using a discount code.

Yes, I’m aware that “up to” is a flexible phrase. But that said, you VERY rarely see deals like this at the actual team store. (And I did score a nice deal on a gift for my son just now.)


racing presidents tee shirt nationals park

There’s no better way to show you’ve been to D.C. than with a Racing Presidents tee shirt!

It can work the other way too. Did you like the Space City jerseys you saw in the Minute Maid Park team store, but balked at paying $159.99 for one? Again, as I write this, with the aforementioned discount code, MLBShop is offering that jersey for $108.79. Even with shipping, you’re coming out ahead.

That’s not just jerseys, of course. MLBShop features bags (see why I recommend having a tote bag or something similar here, here, and here), car accessories, flags, pajamas, in other words, most of the cool items you can find in a ballpark team store. You can search for items featuring your favorite player (hmmm…Adley? Gunnar? Adley? Gunnar? You see the problem.), by brands, even holiday collections.

It’s also official team sanctioned stuff, which is usually higher quality. Shopping for cheaper bootleg items from vendors outside the ballpark is fun in its own way, but you’re limited by their selection…and possibly their level of quality control.

Besides, if you’re worried that the cool thing you’re checking out won’t be available online, you can always just pull out your phone and check. (And compare prices.)


cubs stuffed animal team store

Okay, if you have a three-year-old daughter at home, sometimes it can’t wait.

So here’s a piece of money and time saving advice for you. If you’d like to rep your team before going to the game, by all means find your ideal jersey, cap, hoodie or shorts at MLBShop.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to get, by all means roam that team store…because so many of them have awesome stuff.

But then take pics with your phone of things you like, and order them online. You’ll not only save money on that adjustable cap, new pillow and set of team pens (remember to add the shipping cost though), you won’t have to lug them around the ballpark and back to your car!

There’s lots of reasons for any baseball fan to love MLBShop, and that’s why they’re the Official MLB Gear Store of Ballpark E-Guides! (That’s not really a thing, but it could be.)

MLBShop ballpark e-Guides

And if I’ve helped you out, using this link to get your gear at MLBShop will help keep this site rolling at no extra cost to you…and I really appreciate your support!

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