Get To Comerica Park – 3 Tigers Shuttles

Get To Comerica Park – 3 Tigers Shuttles

Posted by Kurt Smith

Most people use their car to get to Comerica Park. There is a decent amount of parking (I cover three good options here). But there are also quite a few establishments that will give customers a ride to the game in their “Tigers Shuttles”…and some fun party buses too.

I’ve listed three unorthodox ways to get to a Tigers game below…they can help you save some money and include a meal or a drink with your trip to the game.

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Tigers shuttles zs villa

I don’t know what team those faces represent.

Tigers Shuttles, #1: The Z’s Villa Shuttle. I like the idea of using Z’s Villa’s shuttle to get to Comerica Park from their restaurant on Piquette Street as opposed to some of the others, for several reasons.

First, the shuttle and parking at Z’s are both free for restaurant patrons. Many of the taverns that will give you a ride to Comerica might offer one or the other, but not many offer both. Hey, the whole point of this shuttle thing is to appeal to the tightwads among us, isn’t it? OK, maybe not if the bar is great, but just saying.

Anyway, you’re saved the parking charge, and because Z’s is further than most places you’ll save the traffic headaches too. And now with the QLine, you don’t need to worry about missing the shuttle afterwards.

As far as grub, Z’s is known for their pizza. I love pizza as much as any American, and Z’s makes a pretty decent one. Not that their other food is second fiddle; I’ve read the nachos are pretty good too. But you’ll want to go to Z’s especially if you’re in the mood for pizza, with Comerica peddling Little Caesar’s at a big price.

Z’s Villa Website:

tigers shuttles old shillelagh

Painted in a color that would never be mistaken for a school bus.

Tigers Shuttles, #2:The Old Shillelagh. The Old Shillelagh is located on Monroe Street in Greektown. They have a big green bus to take patrons to events, but you may have a tough time finding free parking nearby (the casino might work). It isn’t far from the People Mover Greektown station, should you miss the bus or not want to wait for it. No real raves about the food that is also typical tavern burger/Irish pub fare; there are unusual beers like Boddington’s and Magic Hat #9 on tap.

The Old Shillelagh boasts “drunken singalong” music geared to a younger crowd. According to reviews, whether you enjoy this place depends on how loud you like things, especially on weekends when a band is playing. That’s not to say it isn’t popular of course; if you enjoy a good dance party, Old Shillelagh may be the place for you after the game.

tigers shuttles tigers party bus

I don’t know if they have a “postseason” bus, but this’ll do.

Tigers Shuttles #3: The Detroit Tigers Party Bus. The Party Bus is a great option if you’re coming from the Royal Oak area; they pick up fans from the Blackfinn Ameripub and give them a ride to the game. You can get an all-inclusive ticket that includes a seat in Kaline’s Corner, and Labatt’s beer and drinks with Tito’s vodka are complimentary for the ride. Much better deal than if you pay for drinks in the ballpark.

They only serve water on the ride back, so by the time you get back to Royal Oak you should be okay to drive home. Nice and convenient and saves you traffic and parking hassles, and you can mingle with fellow fans before a game.

And here’s the best part for you tightwads…if you help the Party Bus people, they’ll help you. You can volunteer to seat people and serve drinks on the bus, or get a group together to go, and your ride and drinks are free…which is something like a $30 value. Get to the ballpark for free with a beer just for social skills!

Detroit Party Bus website:

Incidentally, there are quite few more establishments with Tigers shuttles that will give you a ride to the ballpark, like Harry’s, McShane’s in Midtown, and quite a few others. Here’s three more of my favorites.

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(Detroit Party Bus logo courtesy of Detroit Party Bus.)

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