Cheap Seats at Yankee Stadium

Cheap Seats at Yankee Stadium

Posted by Kurt Smith

Believe it or not, there are cheap seats at Yankee Stadium. They’re just farther from the field than in most ballparks. If you’re on a budget, you can actually find some decent deals, especially if you subscribe to the team newsletter.

Here are three levels of less expensive seats…click here to read about standing room options, or take a look at my highly detailed Yankee Stadium seating guide!


cheap seats at yankee stadium terrace

I wonder what the poor folks are doing in the rows behind me…

Cheap Seats at Yankee Stadium, Tip #1: The Terrace Level. The seats on the lower tier of the upper level cost considerably more than the Grandstand seats, and there aren’t too many of them in the infield, those being the “Jim Beam suite seats”.

Considering that seats a few rows behind them can be almost half of the price, at full price it might not be worth it. But the Yankees do offer deals on these seats, including occasional $5 seat nights. (Their newsletter will alert you to these coveted events.)

For the moment the Yankees have turned Sections 305-306…the two sections all the way out in right field…into “All You Care to Eat” sections. It’s just dogs, sausages, pretzels and Pepsi products, but that’s baseball food. If you’re not picky it can save you a few bucks.

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yankees tickets tickpick

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cheap seats at yankee stadium grandstand

Yes, it’s far, but you can pretend to crush opposing players with two fingers.

Cheap Seats at Yankee Stadium, Tip #2, The Grandstand. Grandstand upper deck seats cost about the same as the Bleacher seats, but with less noise and a nice panoramic view of the ballpark and amazing Jumbotron. Grandstand seats are pretty well up there though, higher than in most ballparks.

The Yankees’ website will mark some tickets as “obstructed view”, meaning there could be a railing or traffic in front of you. Usually it’s not terrible enough to reject the tickets if you have no other option.

Yankee Stadium has 16 elevators, eight of which are in the Great Hall, so no need to trek all the way up the lengthy ramps or stairs. You won’t wait long for an elevator. You will need to ascend a flight of stairs to get to your seats though, so keep this in mind if you have mobility issues.


cheap seats at yankee stadium bleachers

Helpful ads make it easy to find your section.

Cheap Seats at Yankee Stadium, Tip #3: The Bleachers. The Yankees brought the bleacher seats from the original Stadium…hard metal, backless and all, although they are now placed behind bullpens or more expensive field seats.

Seats in right field are home of the Bleacher Creatures and the nightly “roll call”, chanting each player’s name at the start of the game until the player acknowledges them. The Bleacher Creatures are in Sections 202-203.

Bleacher seats are among the cheapest seats in the Stadium, but the view isn’t terrible and you are close to the bullpens. This is New York, though, and the right field bleachers probably aren’t a place for someone with rabbit ears or opposing team’s gear. Left field might be a better place for the family.

It can get very hot during day games here, as you can imagine. Good to bring a hat and sunscreen.

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