Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox

Hello Baseball Fans and Ballpark Road Trippers…you’ve come to the right place, my Fenway Park page! Below is an astounding amount of info for your next trip to the home of the Boston Red Sox. It’s all great to know, because Fenway is definitely not for amateurs!

Check out all of the pro tips below:

Complete Guide to Fenway Park: If you’re a Fenway Park newbie, start here. Great tips for your first visit!

How To Score Cheap Red Sox Tickets: Find out about buying from the Red Sox, third party sellers, game day tickets, scalp-free zones and other offers. You can save a ton if you read this.

Fenway Park Seating Guide: I share all the vital info with you, from premium seating to bleachers, including how to avoid the dreaded obstructed view. Always choose your seat wisely at Fenway.

How To Get To Fenway Park: My complete guide for using MBTA, Commuter Rail, even bicycle shares and pedicabs…and important things to know about all of it.

Fenway Park Parking Guide: You do have some good options if you want to save money or get an easy out for parking. Check out some great tips in this post.

The Fenway Park Food Menu: A lot of selections at a Red Sox game…including outside sausage vendors, lobster rolls, Sal’s pizza, even gluten-free and healthy selections. See it here!

Can You Bring Food Into Fenway Park? Currently I believe the answer is no, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t patronize the Sausage Connection!

Take A Rickshaw to Fenway: Don’t drive through the city…let someone bicycle you in a Boston Pedicab!

The Fenway Frank: Finally, my brief ode to the Fenway Frank and its historical significance.

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