3 More Guaranteed Rate Field Food Options

3 More Guaranteed Rate Field Food Options

Posted by Kurt Smith

I’ve talked about some of the big stars in Guaranteed Rate Field food options here, but one post isn’t enough of course. Here are some more very popular choices at the home of the White Sox, especially if you don’t have the time for a sit-down meal.


guaranteed rate field food options beggars pizza

Sometimes just pictures of pizza taste great.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food Options, #1) Beggars Pizza. Beggars is a local chain with 22 locations in Chicago and northern Indiana. They offer their classic thin crust here, but they’ve added a deep dish edition to rival Giordano’s at Wrigley. Beggars is generous with the cheese, as it should be…their slogan is “We lay it on thick!” You can get your slice with pepperoni or sausage at most stands.

The “Pizza Pub” in left center is the spot for unusual pizza types, including one with Italian beef and giardiniera. And a deep dish chocolate chip cookie. True. Beggar’s even has a gluten-free pizza for celiacs, which should be a nice selling point to my wife if we go again.

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guaranteed rate field food options baked potato

See what they did there with the baseball reference?

Guaranteed Rate Field Food Options, #2) Bases Loaded Baked Potato. The baked potato stand is where you get your fancy loaded potato…toppings include chicken carnitas, BBQ beef barbacoa, bacon, cheddar, broccoli, sour cream, butter and/or salsa. All your major food groups, including starch.

Last I checked, you could get a loaded sweet potato with butter and brown sugar. Makes a nice filling dessert.

The loaded potatoes are price, but they’re good-sized and enough of a meal in itself. Almost.

guaranteed rate field food options churros

There are plenty for everyone, but don’t depend on heat lamps to keep them fresh.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food Options, #3) Churros. The Sox now have separate stands dedicated just to churros, which should tell you how popular they are around here. They’re available in quite a few flavors, including Oreo (ding!). Churros make for an easy-to-eat ballpark delicacy, especially when walking.

I’ve read that if you’re going for a churro, it’s best to get one early when they’re warm and fresh. At the ballpark you can do dessert first. It’s ok.


There you go, three more food choices at the home of the Pale Hose. Stay tuned…I’ll be adding more.

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