Three Yankee Stadium Parking Tips

Three Yankee Stadium Parking Tips

Posted by Kurt Smith

There isn’t much in the way of cheap Yankee Stadium parking, at least not anywhere close to the ballpark. You’re usually better off using the MTA or Metro-North trains to get there; even with a group this is often cheaper and easier.

But if you do decide to take a car, here are three Yankee Stadium parking suggestions from Ballpark E-Guides, and if you’d like to know more, have a look at one of these.


yankee stadium parking bronx terminal market

Enjoy a Yankees game and shop for furniture for one great parking price!

Yankee Stadium Parking, Tip #1: The Bronx Terminal Garage. The Bronx Terminal garage is about a half mile south of the Stadium, which isn’t too bad, and for day games you probably won’t mind the walk. If you’re unfamiliar with the Bronx, it could make you uneasy, but there should be plenty of people heading towards other lots.

Other nice things about this garage is that you can book it ahead of time on ParkWhiz, often for significantly less than only-slightly-closer Yankees lots. And there are some eateries and a Target market here, so you can pack some sandwiches and peanuts ahead of time.

One caveat about this garage…it isn’t the easiest to exit on a Sunday afternoon with other shoppers leaving. Park closer to the exit if you can.

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yankee stadium parking river avenue garage

Recoup some of your parking costs with far less expensive souvenirs…

Yankee Stadium Parking, Tip #2: The River Avenue Garage. It’s the most expensive garage at Yankee Stadium ($40 as of this writing), but it’s also right across the street, good for families who are concerned about the large crowds around the ballpark.

It may cost a lot, but it’s not much more than other nearby Yankees-operated garages that aren’t as close. The River Avenue garage is also right next door to some terrific and much cheaper than inside souvenir shops, along with the McDonald’s right across the street from the ballpark. Extremely convenient at least.

The River Avenue garage can be booked through the Yankees website and Quik Park, and booking ahead is generally a good idea. You don’t want to be searching for another lot in this area on game day.


yankee stadium parking concourse village

Unfortunately, you can’t use the 1/2 hour special. Unless you only plan to stay for a couple of pitches.

Yankee Stadium Parking, Tip #3: iPark Garage at 771 Concourse Village. This is for people who want to go cheap and are okay with a little bit of a walk in the Bronx. You can book this one on ParkWhiz as well, for less than half what the Yankees are charging for lots that further away. You’ll also pass by the Court Deli, my favorite place to load up on cheaper sandwiches to bring in.

This lot is covered and attended, and they valet park your car, meaning they will have to move other cars to get yours out. (Be sure your battery is good!) Again, though, the Bronx is the non-glamorous part of New York City, and even though this is a residential area it’s not pretty to look at and can be a little unnerving at night.


There’s three options if you do decide to bring a car; but as I’ve said, between parking costs and driving, it’s almost always easier and cheaper to use a train or subway to get to the Stadium.

If you want to read about more parking options, or if you’d like the full skinny on every route to the big stadium in the Bronx, order yourself this handy little guide.

771 Concourse Garage photo courtesy of ParkWhiz.


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