12 Guaranteed Rate Field Food Tips | Chicago White Sox

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12 Guaranteed Rate Field Food Tips | Chicago White Sox

Posted by Kurt Smith

Next time you’re headed to a game at the home of the Chicago White Sox, be prepared to know what to eat! I’ve listed here a dozen great options for Guaranteed Rate Field food, with helpful photos.

I decided to discuss the food items with staying power. In 2023, for example, the White Sox added a Kung Pao chicken wrap, a “Champagne of Dogs” (footlong spicy chili cheese dog), and the Belgian Banger sausage with red cabbage slaw to the menu.

All good, but the fancy items tend to come and go. What I’ve listed below are great food options at a White Sox game that have been around since the U.S. Cellular Field days. They seem to be staples of the Guaranteed Rate Field menu.

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guaranteed rate field food comiskey dogs

“Who put all of these poppy seeds on my roll?!?”

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #1) Comiskey Dogs. You can get simple hot dogs or a sausage at a baseball game, or you can find one of the Comiskey Dogs kiosks and get your regular or footlong dog south side of Chicago style. If you’re visiting, this would be my best choice for White Sox game food.

For the uninitiated (if you’re from Chicago, I apologize for boring you), a Chicago-style dog is a Vienna Beef frank topped with (in order) yellow mustard, chopped onions, neon green relish, a pickle spear, tomato chunks, sport peppers and celery salt, all on a poppy seed roll.

Chicago natives call this a dog “dragged through the garden”, which makes it sound nice and healthy. I don’t know if you get Comiskey Dogs on the upper deck, so keep that in mind buying your tickets.


chicago white sox food bobak's sausages

We are going to need more than one roll.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #2) Sausage and Peppers. You can find generic stands named for Sox greats like Chico Carrasquel and Dick Allen or for various baseball terms, most everywhere here. They have Bobak’s spicy Polish sausage or Italian sausage topped with grilled peppers and onions.

The sausages are so popular here that White Sox fans talk about the smell of them in their praise of the ballpark. Probably true of any ballpark, but most people don’t talk about it as much elsewhere.

Besides that, this not being one of the fancier items, it’s usually a better value than most, if you neglected to enjoy tailgating in the parking lot.


guaranteed rate field food comiskey burger

This is a good way to attract fans to your stand.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #3) Comiskey Burgers. Burger Barn is the place for the popular “Comiskey Burger”…two fairly large patties with cheddar cheese, pico salsa and other Chicago dog ingredients on a gourmet bun. I would have some napkins for this.

Burger Barn kiosks are pretty self-explanatory; it’s the place to get something other than the basic burger at generic stands. Pay a couple of extra bucks for that double burger with extra toppings. You’re worth it!

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white sox game food beggars pizza

The White Sox get that there’s no excuse for mediocre pizza in a Chicago ballpark.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #4) Beggars Pizza. Beggars Pizza has been the official pizza of the White Sox for some time now. Beggars is a local chain, with over two dozen locations in Chicago and northern Indiana.

Beggars offers their classic thin crust, but they have a deep dish edition last I checked. They’re generous with the cheese…their slogan is “We lay it on thick!” You can get your slice with pepperoni or sausage at most stands. Beggars also offers a gluten-free pizza.


guaranteed rate field food beggars pizza

“Pizza! Peanuts! Did we mention pizza and peanuts?”

Any stand that serves pizza serves Beggars, but they have their own colorful stands and you can’t miss them, including the “Pizza Pub” in left center field. You can hobnob with other fans and have toasted ravioli or chicken parm sandwiches, or unusual pizza types like with Italian beef and giardiniera.


chicago white sox food turkey club supreme corned beef

I am sure it’s more than $8 now. I just wanted to show you what is possible for your ballgame sandwich.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #5) Deli Sandwiches. The menu at the Carvery (it was called the Triple Play Carvery last I looked) includes deli-style sandwiches with superlative names like the Ultimate Turkey Club and the Supreme Corned Beef.

They’re not playing around at least. The Ultimate Turkey Club, for example, features turkey, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, and apricot chili aioli (!) on wheat bread. You need to stretch your mouth to get a biteful of that.

There is an Xfinity Zone that also offers carvery sandwiches as well as spots to sit. It’s a good spot to enjoy a sloppy deli sandwich.

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guaranteed rate field food italian beef meatball sandwich

Because sometimes, you just want the decision to be simple.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #6) Southside Sandwiches. In 2013 the Sox added the Southside Sandwiches kiosk, which keeps it simple: meatball or Buona Italian beef sandwiches (in Chicago, just call it “Italian beef”).

Both are put into an Italian roll; the meatball includes real parmesan and marinara, and you can get Kelsey D’s giardiniera, a veggie mixture with peppers for some kick on either sandwich. They call it “mild”, though.

These sandwiches aren’t too bad a deal, at ballpark prices anyway, and it’s another chance to try something uniquely Chicago.


guaranteed rate field food cuban sandwich

“Cuban? No, Dutch Irish.”

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #7) Cuban Sandwiches. Minnie Minoso was nicknamed “the Cuban Comet” for his base-stealing ability, so the Sox naturally named their stand selling Cuban sandwiches for him.

A Cuban sandwich is a hot pressed sandwich on a flatter bread; the Sox version includes ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and “mojo” (garlic and lime) sauce. Cubans are a nice alternative to typical ballpark food; there’s a nice gooeyness about them.


chicago white sox game food build your own nachos helmet

Don’t worry about giving them a complicated order. These men are trained professionals.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #8) Build Your Own Nachos. Tex Mex nachos stands are fairly prevalent at the Rate. Here you can build your own nachos, fajitas, or tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, Monterey Jack cheese, etc., an idea that was a long time coming in baseball.

Tex-Mex stands sell barbacoa (pulled pork, beef or chicken) to put on your nachos. To heck with that melted Velveeta noise—skip the basic joints and come here if you want real nachos. You can even get them in a big souvenir helmet. I strongly suggest washing the helmet before wearing it. I speak from experience. (I’m joking. I think.)

If you don’t need anything fancy for nachos there’s a few plain nachos kiosks elsewhere in the ballpark. But hey, if you’re here, you must be curious about how you can live better at the game.


guaranteed rate field food tacos

Ah, 35th Street. I see what they did there.


Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #9) 35th Street Tacos. 35th Street is another variation on ballpark food. The kiosk has beef tacos with chopped lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheddar, and pork carnitas with onions and cilantro. Both on a soft shell taco, and you can get a side of refried beans for a small fee.

I’ve read some nice reviews of this stand; the meat is nice and tender and the toppings are always fresh. The taco shells are corn, which I presume means they are gluten-free.


chicago white sox game food elotes

Because mayo makes everything better.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #10) Elotes. The Elotes kiosks, found on the upper and lower level concourses, sell bowls of corn shucked off the cob, popularly called “elotes”. The corn is then mixed with mayonnaise, butter, salt, hot peppers, shaker cheese, lemon juice and other flavorings, which effectively helps you forget that you’re eating a vegetable at a ballgame.

If you’re wondering why it’s not just called “corn”, it’s because they shuck the corn right there for you. I’ve read that the corn is taken off of the cob because the cobs could then become projectiles. But whatever, they’re popular with a lot of fans, and you can even get an elote corndog now.


chicago white sox game food churros

This might make a nice dessert for two.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #11) Churros. Many of the dessert stands on the lower level have churros, and I will tell you I haven’t seen churros in a lot of ballparks. There are some kiosks dedicated just to churros with multiple flavors. I’ve read you can get a churro ice cream sandwich at Section 157, near the left field pole.

If you want a churro, you should probably get one early before they get stale. A stale churro in the 8th inning is just not cool.


guaranteed rate field food funnel cakes

Because confectioner sugar is simply underrated.

Guaranteed Rate Field Food, Tip #12) Funnel Cake Factory. The Sox don’t say as much on their website, but you can get a fine funnel cake or less messy funnel fries, with toppings if you so desire, on the lower level concourse. Or the classic ballpark corndog.

If you’re really into testing your scale you can get a “Bases Loaded Sundae” at the ballpark. It’s a funnel cake with three scoops of soft serve, chocolate syrup and nuts. Now that’s major league baseball food.


guaranteed rate field food chicago style hot dogs

Just remember, when all else fails, Comiskey dogs.

There you go my friends…that should be more than enough to help you eat well at the home of the White Sox on game day. Remember that these are mainstay items; if you’re looking for something fancy, try the club sections or one of the new breweries like the Blue Moon Balcony. (For what you’re paying at a ballpark, you might as well go for craft beers.)

Check out more New Comiskey Park (I really dislike the current name of this place) tips here. Oh, and if you’re in Chicago for a baseball trip, don’t forget to read my complete guide to the home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field!

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