10 Oriole Park At Camden Yards Food Options 2024

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10 Oriole Park At Camden Yards Food Options 2024

Posted by Kurt Smith

It’s baseball season! If you’re planning a trip to Baltimore for an Orioles game, you’re probably interested in the Camden Yards food menu. At the very least, you would want to know what Baltimore local favorites are in the concession stands.

I’m here to help…below I’ve listed ten of my favorite Oriole Park at Camden Yards food choices. I included some new food offerings for 2024. And of course, some tasty pictures!

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We’ll start with five picks that can arguably be “only in Baltimore”…


camden yards food options boogs bbq platter

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Boog Powell for single-handedly making ballpark food spectacular.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #1) Boog’s BBQ.

Topping the list, of course, is Boog’s BBQ, named for the star first baseman of the early 1970s teams. Boog Powell still occasionally meets and greets with fans, although he’s not there as often as he used to be.

Given that it’s survived for 30+ seasons, and that the lines still get long, I’d say Orioles fans still think that Boog’s BBQ sandwiches and platters are the best of the Oriole Park food options. It’s not technically a regional food, but it doesn’t get more Baltimore than a plate of Boog’s BBQ at Camden Yards.


boog powell boogs bbq camden yards

Boog told me he liked my tie.

It’s truly amazing grub…pit beef, turkey or brisket sandwiches, or platters that include beans and Old Bay chips, with an above average station of condiment choices nearby.

It’s easy to find Boog’s; it’s the central attraction of Eutaw Street and you can sometimes see smoke wafting from the place. Again, lines get long early on game day, so if you want to try it without missing the rest of the ballpark, get there when the gates open if you can.

I had an Orioles employee share a great pro tip with me…bring your own roll, and ask for your sandwich “naked” to get more meat on your plate. I love people who baseball fan right.


oriole park at camden yards food stuggys

If this is making your mouth water, I am succeeding in my mission.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #2) Stuggy’s Crab Mac and Cheese Dogs.

This is one local joint that thankfully the Orioles kept around. Stuggy’s is your place to get unusual hot dogs Baltimore-style. The restaurant itself is a Fells Point institution in the city, and they’re known for hot dogs with wacky toppings. You could take a trip there and try some of their fancier offerings; Fells Point isn’t far from the Yard.

At Camden Yards though their signature Maryland thing stands out…the crab mac and cheese dog. Check out the pic; enough said. Pretty much all of the food stuffs you need for a Baltimore baseball meal, including Old Bay seasoning.

Incidentally, Stuggy’s dogs are a challenge to keep on a plate; I would sit down with a fork and napkins to eat one.


jimmys famous seafood camden yards

I’ll take them all, please. My family can get something else.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #3) Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Sandwiches.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is a Baltimore restaurant whose Maryland-style crab cakes (is there any other style?) have been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and “Beat Bobby Flay”, so a TV network dedicated to food likes their stuff.

Their stand in the left field corner features crab cake sandwiches, shrimp rolls, Mo Gabba’s fried shrimp and a crab cake egg roll. All with bay sauce of course. Oh, and crabby fries to go with.

April through November is peak Maryland blue crab season, so your Jimmy’s sandwich will rock even if in the unlikely event that the Orioles make the World Series. You can try Jimmy’s food outside of the ballpark, even if you don’t live in the area; just order it on their website.


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oriole park at camden yards food vida taco bar

Tacos + margaritas + Orioles baseball = Living at its best.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #4) Vida Taco Bar.

The Vida Taco Bar, near home plate on the first base side of the lower concourse, is another local establishment with a few locations in the region, although they’ve closed their outpost at the Inner Harbor.

At Oriole Park they have chicken, beef or pork tacos…and for vegetarian sorts, they have a sweet potato hash vegetarian taco. You can get chicken or beef loaded nachos and street corn dipped in queso dip here too. It’s the best place here to get your Mexican food fix on.

Vida sources their ingredients locally and fresh squeezes their juices daily, as any taco provider should. So it’s above average tacos. They claim their soup of the day is always Tequila – and you can get a margarita here. As of 2024, you can order their nachos on Eutaw Street too.


new oriole park at camden yards food 2024 fuzxzies burger

I’ll be happy to mash this one with my teeth. (photo courtesy of Fuzzie’s Burgers)

Camden Yards Food, Tip #5) Fuzzie’s Burgers.

Nothing against Baseline Burgers, but Camden Yards needed to rep a local burger joint too, and in 2024 they did that with Fuzzie’s Burgers. Fuzzie’s is a handcrafted, dry-aged, Angus beef burger, which you can watch them actually smash at the ballpark. They even locally source their buns, produce and cheese.

Fuzzie’s started as a pop-up turned food truck during the pandemic, and soon opened a stationary location on 30th Street. They already have a cult following…think Shake Shack for Baltimoreans.

At their new outpost in the City Connect corner of the Yard, there’s multiple burger offerings, including the “Hot Fuzz”…double burger with fruitwood bacon, pimento cheese, hot pepper jelly and sweet fury pickles. Smash it indeed. But you can get that Plainy Janie cheeseburger if you like too.

And if you like the Hot Fuzz, check out the event schedule for their food truck! Fuzzie’s offers some perfectly nice fries too.


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oriole park at camden yards food hot dogs franks

More Camden Yards sustenance not to be missed. Do you see the necessity of blogs like this one?

For hot dogs and sausages, sadly they’re not Esskay anymore, but the Orioles didn’t venture too far from Baltimore:

Camden Yards Food, Tip #6) Camden Franks.

It’s never hard to find a hot dog at a ballpark, but Camden Franks stands feature your jumbo dogs, and the dogs are now made by Berks Foods in Reading, PA, which is almost local I guess.

If you’re in Baltimore for baseball and crab stuff, Camden Franks has a Maryland Dog, which is a quarter pound hot dog with crab dip and Old Bay potato sticks piled on. Again, bring a fork and napkins…

Camden Franks stands are scattered around the upper and main concourse, and they’re easy to find.


baltimore orioles game food uncle charley's sausage

No doubt, ballpark sausages were a key part of Uncle Charley’s vision.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #7) Ballpark Sausage.

“Ballpark Sausage” doesn’t sound terribly unique. Most of us probably could have thought of that name without significant effort. But I thought I’d at least give a mention to the sausages at Oriole Park being made by Uncle Charley’s.

Uncle Charley Armitage was a seasoning and spice man, so he undoubtedly knew a bit about making a great sausage. All natural casings and no additives too. He was from western PA, so not entirely local, but a good ballpark sausage is worth a few hundred miles.

In addition to the spice blends, there’s also (more Maryland flavor coming!) the Uncle Charley’s Chesapeake sausage here, with caramelized onions, orange peppers (get it?), and Old Bay queso on a hoagie roll.


Here’s a couple more new items for 2024, including a great new dessert option

new oriole park at camden yards food 2024 pat and stuggs

ALRIGHT, I admit it, New York isn’t all bad!

Camden Yards Food, Tip #8) Pat & Stuggs.

Pat & Stuggs, a new stand in 2024 at the Yard, combines two very established institutions for dogs and beef…the aforementioned Stuggy’s of course, along with Pat LaFrieda meats (warning: possible treason alert coming!). If you don’t know who Pat LaFrieda is, he is a New York-based meat purveyor who supplies beef to chefs and restaurants in NYC.

OK, so maybe it’s tough for Orioles fans to embrace anything that came from Yankeeland…but with that kind of track record LaFrieda’s earned the right to at least give him a chance.

The offerings at this stand are amazing (and gather lines). Try the pictured Shaved Ribeye Dog, which as you can see looks like Baltimore and NYC can find a way to get along. There’s also cheesesteaks and cheeseburgers, including a double bacon cheeseburger. (Pat makes the bacon too.)

Can’t knock the value of beef…


new food at oriole park at camden yards 2024 deddle's donuts

I am won over.

Camden Yards Food, Tip #9) Deddle’s Donuts.

Deddle’s mini-donuts, as I write this, are only available for weekend games, but that’s probably just as well…they might be too good for a season ticket holder to have every night.

For a brief history, Deddle’s started as a donuts and fried chicken food truck owned by Robin Holmes in her mother’s memory…she bought the food truck herself for the venture, which is pretty cool. Their hot and fresh donuts are popular enough that they’ll be opening a stand at the Lexington Market soon.

I’m not sure if you can get the donuts made-to-order here; according to the Ballpark app they come in assorted boxes with flavors like funnel cake, honey glaze, and churro. But they are hot and fresh; and mini donuts with some fruity pebbles is a high end ballpark treat.

And if it’s Monday, you can always look for the food truck


oriole park at camden yards food south mountain creamery

Just keep reading, check out what’s in the Rutsch Sundae!

There are several dessert options at Camden Yards, including Dippin’ Dots and Rita’s water ice. But I chose another local spot to include here:

Camden Yards Food, Tip #10) South Mountain Creamery.

The South Mountain Creamery is a family-owned farm in Middletown, MD. Their website actually states that the family that processes their milk is the same family that milks the cows. They say you can taste the difference, but I expect you’d have to be a true milk aficionado. Their ice cream is available at Nationals Park too, so maybe there’s something to that. Those folks must wake up stupid early.

Anyway, they have a smaller menu here, but they do have a “Rutsch Sundae”, for the Orioles star catcher. It’s orange dreamsicle ice cream with vanilla pound cake, dark chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles, whip cream and a baseball cake pop. Whew! That’s a lotta lotta sugar but hey, at ballpark prices you’ve earned it.


Baltimore orioles food menu funnel cakes

Okay, just so you know, they have funnel cakes. The Orioles have got your back.

So there you go; ten food favorites at the home of the Baltimore Orioles that should make you happy you love baseball.

I left out a few things of course, like the impressive funnel cakes, the Oro and Squire’s pizzas, the Buffalo Bird Dog, and the Fuku chicken sandos. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but other than the pizzas I didn’t think they were essential Baltimore enough to include here. (Although the O-shaped soft pretzel might be an exception). Baseline Burgers are okay, but there are better burgers at a more reasonable price across the street at Pickles Pub.


I hope you found this helpful my friend. If you haven’t bought your Orioles ticket yet, read this guide to landing a seat at Camden Yards. And check this page for many more great Orioles game pro tips!

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