Progressive Field Seating (For Larger Budgets)

Progressive Field Seating (For Larger Budgets)

Posted by Kurt Smith

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The Progressive Field seating chart has everything from dugout suites to bleachers and loads of party areas. But if you’ve got a few extra bucks to spend on seats, check these out…


Progressive Field seating dugout suites

I don’t know if you can ride the wagon to your seats, but that would be pretty cool.

Progressive Field Seating, Ginormous Budget: The Dugout Suites. Yes, those are fans sitting behind that screen that you see on TV during Indians games. It’s just like sitting in the dugout, except without the water coolers.

You need to be of considerable means to get one of these…they’re for mostly groups and I believe you can order them for individual games. You do get all of the suite amenities, which of course includes a private restroom, complimentary food and in-seat wait service. And three parking passes for your group. I saw it during a tour of the ballpark…the field level view is pretty amazing.

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progressive field seating home plate club

Indoors is often a great place to be in Cleveland, especially in April.

Progressive Field Seating, Big Budget: Field Box. The Field Box seats aren’t the top level seats; they’re the lower level seats that are found behind the Diamond Box seats. If you search for these on SeatGeek for an April game, you could find a very nice deal.

They’re mostly great seats to begin with, but a Field Box seat season ticket holder (and I presume, anyone who buys a third party ticket on SeatGeek from one) has access to that swanky new Home Plate Club, which features a full bar and some of the hot new Cleveland-based food items that the Indians have added to the Progressive menu.

The Home Plate Club is climate-controlled, which is no small thing here, and presumably lines for food wouldn’t be as long.

One caveat about Field Box though…avoid the “Field Box Back” or even “Field Box Middle” on the first base side…these seats are below the overhang of the Club Level, which blocks the view of the impressive scoreboard if you’re high enough. Plus being in the shade in April isn’t fun.

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progressive field seating club seats

You can almost have that end section for yourself.

Progressive Field Seating, Medium Budget: The Club Seats. With the price of food at the game being what it is, often fans will go for an all you can eat deal that teams offer. In most places, this means generic ballpark food in the worst seats in the ballpark.

But in Cleveland, you can get a nice inclusive deal. Club seating here is a better value than at most ballparks.

The club seats in Progressive are fantastic seats: they are close to the field on the first base side, with a boffo view of the impressive scoreboard and the Cleveland skyline, not to mention the plays at first base.

They also have access to the Club Lounge, with food and non-alcoholic drinks included in the ticket. The food is a class above the basic undersized hot dog and nacho cheese sauce; there are pasta, stir-fry and carving stations, salads, and a chef’s action station with a changing menu. You could get your money’s worth on that.

All this in a comfortable climate-controlled area—again, no small thing in April in Cleveland. April’s a good month to try this out, in fact…you may find some pretty good deals on SeatGeek.

That’s three tips for Indians seating, but there’s a lot to know about all of the seats at the Prog. If you’re interested in getting in on the cheap, you have some perfectly nice choices. Stay tuned.

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