Citi Field Seating – 3 Useful Tips

Citi Field Seating – 3 Useful Tips

Posted by Kurt Smith

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The Citi Field seating chart offers something for every price range and style. Spend multiple hundreds on a Delta Club ticket (or get your employer to do it), or spend just a few bucks to get in and sit in the rafters in left field.

Well, ok, don’t do that. The upper left field seats at Citi are awful. But here are three Citi Field seating options for you…for various budgets…and some things you should know about each.


citi field seating hyundai club

And you thought the Geek Squad cars were cool.

Citi Field Seating, Tip #1) Hyundai Club Seats. If you have the considerable means, Hyundai Club seats are the only tickets that allow you into every club and restaurant in Citi Field, including…wait for it…the Hyundai Club!

Why does that matter? Because the Hyundai Club, as far as I can tell, is the only club in Citi Field where food and non-alcoholic drinks are included in your ticket…you can fill your plate up from hot dog, slider, nacho stations and a chef’s selection (Citi Field has a ridiculous number of chefs). So it’s actually decent grub.

In addition to this, the Hyundai club seats are low and closer to the field at Citi than most ballpark club seats at this price level, especially compared to seats that are just slightly better.

You can get access to all of the clubs except the Hyundai with less expensive Metropolitan Silver seats, but all-inclusive food is well worth the extra few bucks. For high end Citi Field seating, Hyundai Club is probably the best deal.

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citi field seating m&m sweet seats

Worth the price just for selfie opportunities with Red and Yellow.

Citi Field Seating, Tip #2) The M&M’s Sweet Seats. If you’re bringing a group of 15 or more to a game, you have a bunch of hospitality choices that include complimentary beer if you don’t mind drinking Bud Light. (I do, but that’s just me.) The M&M’s Sweet Seats are one of these spots. This area occupies the spot in left field where the Mets moved the fences in before the 2012 season.

The Citi Pavilion seats in right center are comfortable and phone chargers and whatnot, but the M&M’s Sweet Seats are right on top of the action and offer a view of the scoreboards, which are impressive here. It’s also a great spot to snare a batting practice home run ball, especially with the exclusive access.

It’s well worth it for the complimentary Nathan’s dogs and cookies, and group leaders get free tickets to a future game.

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citi field seating coca cola corner

Clearly designated with signage to make your seats easy to find. If you’re an American, anyway.

Citi Field Seating, Tip #3) The Coca-Cola Corner. Underneath the iconic and animated Coca-Cola sign in right field are the Coca-Cola Corner sections, which are among the cheaper seats at Citi. If you like outfield seating, these are a pretty good deal for several reasons.

First is that there is a separate concessions area…and shorter lines…and this area features cornhole games and other fun stuff for the kids while still offering a view of the field.

Second, Coca-Cola Corner tickets offer some decent club access, including the Foxwoods Club just a few steps away with its Rao’s specialty sandwiches and the Jim Beam Highball Club and its cool grub options.

Finally, there’s a great view from the terrace of the chop shops that go for blocks across the street. This beautiful ballpark is still in Queens.

One thing about these sections though…blinding sun, especially at sunset, and no shade. Bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. You’ll thank me.

Those are just three options for Citi Field seating…stay tuned, I’ll be adding more about this…

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