Cheap Seats at Citi Field – My Favorite Spot

Cheap Seats at Citi Field – My Favorite Spot

Posted by Kurt Smith

Most of the time with my ballgame funds, I’m limited to the type of seat I can score, and the Citi Field seating chart is no exception. But the cheap seats at Citi Field can be a great deal.

The Delta Club lower level seats behind home plate cost more than a the 32” LCD TV I just bought, and I’m not even allowed to keep the seat. And some of the less expensive seats, like the Big Apple outfield seats, still cost more than I’m willing to pay for the view.


citi field seating promenade

It’s usually more hopping than this. I was early.

But if you want to go on the cheap for Citi Field seating, without other factors figured in like discounted tickets, your options are the Promenade (upper) Level in the 500 sections, or the Coca-Cola Corner in right field. The Coca-Cola Corner seats and patio are a cool novelty, but the sun is glaring at you at game time.

If you are going for the Promenade Level, I recommend spending a few extra bucks for the 400 level, rather than the 500 upper level. The reason? Because Populous (formerly HOK Sport), the architects of Citi Field, pulled a colossal blunder that left many 500 seats with an unacceptable view.


citi field seating obstructed view

Anyone got any Windex?

If you get the wrong cheap seats at Citi Field — and there are a fairly large number of them — you could be sitting with an annoying glass landing blocking your view of almost the whole infield. And while I could go into some detail about how to avoid having the glass landings ruin your Citi Field experience, you can get a Promenade Box seat and not worry about it at all.

Another advantage of Promenade Box seats is permission to enter the Promenade Club, a climate-controlled lounge area with two full bars (and as of 2016, Dan and John’s wings and Cookie DO). If you get Promenade Box Infield tickets, they’ll give you access to the Foxwoods Club and Porsche Grille too, and you can dine very nicely on some high-end grub. Not cheaply, but nicely. Like I said, cheap seats at Citi Field can be a nice deal.

And if you’re behind home plate in the Promenade Box, you not only have a great view of the game, but you’re not far from the Promenade Level food court, with Pat LaFrieda’s, Two Boots and other great options, and picnic tables to sit and enjoy the grub. All good.


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