Camden Yards Seating: Two Helpful Tips

Camden Yards Seating: Two Helpful Tips

Posted by Kurt Smith

If you’re on a budget and looking for a great seat at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I have two Camden Yards seating tips for you…one type of seat to seek out and one to avoid. Read on…

Camden Yards Seating upper level

Objects in background are closer than they appear.

Camden Yards Seating Tip #1: Try Upper Level Behind Home Plate

If you’re looking for a cheap Orioles ticket and a great seat, go for the upper level at Camden Yards.

One of the nice things that the designers of Camden Yards insisted on was not having open concourses, which in my mind is among the more overrated features of new ballparks. Okay, maybe it’s nice to stand at a counter and eat your sandwich while watching the action. But I usually spend much less time doing that than sitting in my actual seat.

With no open concourses and just one level of luxury suites, the upper level at Camden Yards is closer to the action than in most ballparks—so close that you will be surprised by it if you’re used to places like Yankee Stadium or Nationals Park. In this regard the upper seats behind home plate are more like those at Wrigley Field…and cheaper to boot.

There is nothing wrong with this level of seats anywhere in the infield, for that matter, although you may have some trouble with the angle as you get closer to the left field seats.

The other nice thing about these seats is the stunning view of the Baltimore skyline—which has been marred somewhat by the Hilton blocking the view of the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, but is still picturesque nonetheless. Lower level seats have don’t have quite the view of downtown Baltimore.

I’m not saying that you can’t get a lower level seat for a great deal relative to other ballparks; you can. I’m only suggesting that if you want to go really cheap, you can still get a great seat at Oriole Park.

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Camden Yards Seating Tip #2: Avoid Higher Rows of Terrace Box / Lower Reserved Seats

The Orioles like to brag about how there are no obstructed view seats at Oriole Park, and that may be true to the extent of being able to see most of the entire field. But if you define not being able to see the scoreboard as being obstructed view, you should generally stay away from the higher rows of lower level seats.

This may be the biggest design flaw in an otherwise mostly flawless ballpark. The upper rows of Lower Reserved seats, and the rows of Terrace Box sections that are now also called “Lower Reserved”, have the overhang of the upper level covering most of them.

Camden Yards obstructed view

“Hey honey, I think that’s the warehouse!”

It may be great on a rainy or hot day, but you will have no view of the scoreboard that is fairly high up, and you won’t have much of a panoramic view of the ballpark either, which is a fairly big thing here.

These seats cost less probably as a result of fans thinking they should, but they are still costlier in the infield than their counterparts in the upper level, and the view isn’t nearly as good.

The only advantage that these seats might have over the upper level is their proximity to a better selection of food, like Dempsey’s or Freestate Fries. Being fortunately able-bodied, I don’t consider this a big deal, but you may prefer to sit in a lower level. I would always prefer a view of the scoreboard to a lower level seat.

I’m not saying these are bad seats; a lesser seat at Camden Yards is still just fine. Just be aware that you likely won’t be able to see the whole ballpark, including the attractive scoreboard.

And if you want the skinny on every type of Camden Yards seating from the Eutaw Bleachers to the club seats, get on top of it with one of these.


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