Cheap Seats at Progressive Field

Cheap Seats at Progressive Field

Posted by Kurt Smith

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For folks and families on a budget, you have plenty of options for cheap seats at Progressive Field. Here are three suggestions from Ballpark E-Guides…all of these sections have their advantages and disadvantages, so pick what works for you.


cheap seats at progressive field view box

Stay warm in the lower seats.

Cheap Seats at Progressive Field, #1) View Box/Upper Box. With the deals to be had on Tribe tickets, you’re probably better off seeking View Box or Upper Box than Upper Reserved. The price difference between Upper Box and Upper Reserved isn’t much, although View Box can cost a chunk more. (It’s worth it for the ease of getting to the concourse).

The upper level at the Prog is pushed up pretty high by the three levels of suite seating, and is steeper than you’d probably like, especially in Upper Reserved sections. It can also be considerably cooler up there…dress warm.

All that said, these are still among my favorite seats here for one great reason: the stunning view of the Cleveland skyline and the Big Board, especially from first base side. If you like big scoreboards and city views at the ballpark, the upper level in Cleveland offers one of the best.

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cheap seats at progressive field bleachers

Featuring backs with assigned numbers for less cheek sharing!

Cheap Seats at Progressive Field, #2) The Bleachers. The bleacher benches are among the dirt cheapest seats in the ballpark, and they’re fairly popular. The Indians even sell some season tickets here…but if you’re going to sit on these benches 81 nights a year you should probably bring a cushion.

The benches have backs and aren’t too uncomfortable, and the view isn’t bad save for missing some of left field. You are facing away from the Big Board here, though, and that’s one of the Prog’s more striking visual features.

The bleachers are also, of course, where you’ll find John Adams, the Tribe fan that has been carrying his big bass drum to Indians games since 1973. John’s a nice fellow; introduce yourself and he’ll chat with you when he’s not pounding the skins.

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cheap seats at progressive field district ticket

Life at the Corner. It’s pretty hopping.

Cheap Seats at Progressive Field, #3: The Corner Standing Room. OK, I know it’s not technically “seating”, but the very inexpensive “District Ticket” includes a drink, and The Corner is a terrific standing spot. There are lots of drink rails to lean on and a multi-level bar, with a wide selection of great craft beers.

The upper level in the Corner has sofas and a fire pit, making it a great spot for those chilly April Cleveland nights; if you’re single it’s not a bad place to meet a fellow single Tribe fan.

One very important caveat though…at dusk the sun will be directly in your eyes. Might want to hang out at the drink rails in left field for the first inning or so.

There you go…some cheap seats at Progressive Field for fans on a budget. If you’re spending a few extra bucks, try taking a look at these.

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