What’s In The Guides

Ballpark E-Guides are your #1 source for getting the best deal on everything from tickets to parking to food at the ballgame! Each E-Guide contains all sorts of tips, tricks and advice for…

Getting Tickets
You’ll learn about all the different ways to get game tickets, from the team website to the box office to third party sellers, agencies and scalpers, so you can search for a great deal on great seats. You’ll know all about specials that teams offer, combo packages, sites that offer ticket discounts, and where you’ll likely find the best prices on tickets.

Finding a Great Seat
You’ll find out the pros and cons of all the seating in the ballpark…from luxury suites to the upper and lower decks to the bleachers, and everything in between. You’ll even know the best standing room spots, where to stay out of the sun, and how to avoid obstructed views.

Getting to the Ballpark
You’ll learn the best ways to get to the ballpark…whether you should drive your car or take public transit, and where the most convenient and cheap parking spots are…even where you can free street parking. You’ll know about unusual ways to get there too, like ferry services and restaurants that offer rides to the game. Even where to park your bicycle.

What to Eat at the Game
You’ll know beforehand what is available at all of those fancy food stands, why certain food items are so popular, and what local eateries have a space in the ballpark. Don’t just get a hot dog…try something new! And you’ll know about the sit-down restaurants in the ballpark, and where you can get some cheap peanuts and sodas for your goodie bag.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Learn about what you can do with the kids, accessibility for handicapped folks, the best entrances, any quirky stuff about concourses, and where fans enjoy a pre- or post-game meal outside of the ballpark.

All of this and much more…and all for just $4.99 for the eBook download, and $7.99 for the print edition (eBook included at no extra charge)!

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