Save Money at Yankee Stadium.

Trying to figure out how to save money at Yankee Stadium? Not easy, is it? With all of those expensive seats, high-priced parking garages, even $10 programs, it can be a rough experience for your wallet to attend a Yankees game.

save money at yankee stadium

Order the Yankee Stadium E-Guide today!

Fortunately, JerseyMan Magazine staff writer Kurt Smith is here to help…with the complete and astoundingly informative Yankee Stadium E-Guide!

The Yankee Stadium E-Guide covers it all…from finding a great seat to getting to the ballpark and what to eat while you’re there – and best of all, the “Tightwad Tips” in this guide will help shave $20, $50, or sometimes even $100 or more from your ballgame budget!

And you can own it right now for just $4.99!

This 36-page illustrated, bookmarked eBook will help you save money at Yankee Stadium in a number of ways, including:

Buying Tickets. You’ll learn about all of the available outlets, including how to score the best deal from StubHub, the box office, even scalpers – and you’ll learn about special offers that not even many Yankees fans know about…

Getting To The Stadium. There are numerous ways to get to Yankee Stadium, and the Yankee Stadium E-Guide covers them all…including street spots where you can park your car for free! (At your own risk, of course.)

Eating At The Game. Yes, Yankee Stadium food is expensive, but there are ways to save on that too. Bring in your own peanuts from vendors outside (yes, you can bring food into Yankee Stadium), or even a hefty sandwich from the nearby Court Deli! And the Yankee Stadium E-Guide goes into great detail about the food inside the ballpark, too…so you won’t waste money on something you didn’t want.

“The E-Guide has insider info about buying tickets, paying less for tickets, figuring out what and where the best food is, not to mention getting to the Bronx without stress. It’s all here and it’s only five bucks…I’ll definitely consult the Yankee Stadium E-Guide before my next visit to the Stadium.”

– Jane Heller, Confessions of a She-Fan

You’ll be very surprised at the many ways you’ll learn how to save money at Yankee Stadium…all contained in the handy and compact Yankee Stadium E-Guide.

And you can have all of this great insider knowledge right now for the unbelievably low price of just $4.99!!

Or you can order the nicely illustrated print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping…and get the eBook included at no extra charge…makes a great gift!

Stop striking out your wallet at Yankees games…order the Yankee Stadium E-Guide today!

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“As someone who has visited Yankee Stadium at least a dozen times, it’s tough to disagree with Kurt’s reports. What makes this guide most valuable is its “Tightwad Tips,” which will save you more than the price of this guide — perhaps hundreds of dollars.”

– Lenny Neslin, LenNY’s Yankees



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