Save Money at Rogers Centre.

So you want to save money at Rogers Centre for Blue Jays games? Do you want to find cheap Blue Jays tickets, save on Blue Jays parking, and find cheaper food and drinks?

save money at rogers centre guide

Your Complete Guide to Rogers Centre!

If so, the Rogers Centre E-Guide is for you!

JerseyMan magazine staff writer Kurt Smith has written the definitive insider fan’s guide to Rogers Centre…with tips on everything from finding a great seat, getting to the game and knowing what to eat while you’re there…and best of all, how to save money on all of it!

This detailed, helpfully illustrated and bookmarked guide will help you with…

Finding Cheap Tickets. Find out about all of the avenues for scoring the best deals on Blue Jays tickets…from the box office to third parties, even from scalpers! This guide will also help you choose a great seat, too…whatever your seating preference.

Cheap Blue Jays Parking – And Other Transit Options. You probably shouldn’t drive to Rogers Centre, but the Rogers Centre E-Guide will tell you about cheaper and convenient parking spots, and other transit options, like the TTC, GO Transit or the UP Express, even by bicycle!

Food At The Ballpark. There are a few ways to save money at Rogers Centre even with food, like taking advantage of the street meat, for example…but the Rogers Centre E-Guide will also help you make an informed decision about all of the food inside the ballpark, and help you spend your baseball dollars wisely!

All of those great tips and hacks to help you not only save money at Rogers Centre, but also enjoy a great and hassle free experience at every Blue Jays game.

And you can own it right now for the super low price of just $4.99!

Or order the nicely illustrated and compact print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping, which includes the eBook at absolutely no extra charge.

So now the only question is, what will you do with all that extra cash, eh?

Don’t wait to find out…order the Rogers Centre E-Guide today!


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