Save Money at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Do you want to know about every way you can save money at Guaranteed Rate Field? Not just how to save money on White Sox tickets, but also transportation to the ballpark, food and other expenses at White Sox games?

save money at guaranteed rate field

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…Save money getting to the game. The Guaranteed Rate Field E-Guide lists all of the available routes to the ballpark, including commuter rail and bus lines, CTA train routes, even restaurants that offer shuttles. You’ll learn that getting there doesn’t have to be expensive, and can sometimes be half the fun!

…Save money on food. Know where you can find some cheap and quality grub to bring in your goody bag, get a free soda or find an inexpensive eatery after the game…

That’s not all – this helpfully illustrated and bookmarked eBook will help you choose a great seat too, with detailed descriptions of all of the seating areas…and you’ll know everything about what you can get to eat from the impressive menu at the home of the White Sox.

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