Save Money At Progressive Field.

As a frugal baseball fan, or better yet, just a smart one, would you be interested in a booklet/eBook full of great tips to help you save money at Progressive Field? Like how to score cheap Indians tickets or find an ideal and affordable parking spot at the Cleveland ballpark?

save money at progressive field guide

Complete Guide to Progressive Field!

If you’re an Indians fan or ballpark roadtripper looking for ways to cut your costs at Indians games, the colorfully illustrated and “Tightwad Tips” filled Progressive Field E-Guide is definitely for you.

JerseyMan staff writer Kurt Smith has put together the ultimate guide to help fans save money at Progressive Field, including knowing how to…

Buy Tickets. You’ll know the score on every avenue for scoring cheap Indians tickets, whether you’re buying them through the team website, the box office, even through third parties and scalpers…not to mention detailed descriptions of every seating area, to help you get the most bang for your buck…

Get To The Ballpark. This handy and detailed guide helps you save money at Progressive Field even when you’re on the way there, with details about all of your transportation options – going by car, using the RTA Light Rail and Healthline, bar shuttles from Ohio City, even bicycle rentals – you’ll even know spots where you can park cheaply, or even for free…

Pick Out A Food Item. Don’t waste that considerable ballpark food expense on a simple dog (OK, the Ballpark Mustard is great, just saying)…the Progressive Field E-Guide goes into great detail about the food at the park from Barrio nachos to Melt grilled cheese sandwiches to the Slider Dogs and much more! And it will help you save a couple of dollars on food too…

All of that helpful info, with plenty of “Tightwad Tips” to help you the smart fan save money at Progressive Field…all for the AMAZING low price of just $4.99!

Or you can order the compact print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping, and get the eBook at no additional charge. Makes a great gift!

Slide into home at your next Indians game without striking out your wallet…order the Progressive Field E-Guide today!




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