Save Money At Citizens Bank Park

So you want to save money at Citizens Bank Park? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have landed on this page. So I’m happy to help you on this website:

save money at citizens bank park

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But if you truly want to save money at Citizens Bank Park, whether you’re bringing the family, going with friends, or just enjoying a game by yourself, you need the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide…and you can download and own it right now for just $4.99!

The Citizens Bank Park E-Guide is stuffed full of insider tips for getting the best deal on…

…Tickets and Seating. This eBook tells you all about specials and deals the Phillies and other outlets offer on tickets, and a detailed description of every seating area, so you can choose the perfect seats for your taste and budget!

…Parking/Getting There. You don’t need to park ten miles away to save a few bucks…this guide will show you all of your options for cheaper spots that aren’t far from the ballpark…even some free street spots…and how to save money using SEPTA and other public transit…

…The Phillies Game Menu. You’ll also know where to look for outside vendors with cheaper peanuts and pretzels, find cheaper beers or get a free soda. The Citizens Bank Park E-Guide also features the full lowdown on everything you can eat at a Phillies game…so you can choose what to get within your ballgame budget…

It’s all here…and it’s all just $4.99!

Yes, for less than five bucks, you can download this complete, essential guide to help you save money at Citizens Bank Park. Imagine spending less than five bucks for an eBook that can save you as much as $75 in just one Phillies game!

Sounds like a sound investment to me.

Love the experience of live baseball in Philadelphia for less…own the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide today!

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