Save Money At Citi Field.

So you want to save money at Citi Field? Of course you do.

And I’m happy to help you on this website with a few things, like some tips for scoring cheap Mets tickets, and a terrific and super cheap parking spot.

save money at citi field guide

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But if you really want to save money at Citi Field, no matter what your situation, you need the Citi Field E-Guide!

The Citi Field E-Guide is filled with tips for saving cash on tickets, transit, food and more at your next Mets game…at every Mets game.

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The Citi Field E-Guide will help you get value for your Mets game dollar with…

Tickets and Seating. Find out how to score the best deal on tickets, and choose the perfect seat for your budget and taste…including seats with club access that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get. Even know how to avoid those obstructed views…it’s all here.

Getting There. Everything you need to know about every method of transit, from the 7 train to the LIRR to taking your car and even finding a free parking spot…you’ll find out all you need to get to Citi Field cheaply and easily.

Food And Drink. Save a couple of bucks on certain food items with a credit card, bring in your own peanuts, and get a free soda…not to mention knowing everything that’s on the impressive Citi Field menu, from Shake Shack burgers to Mama’s of Corona subs!

The Citi Field E-Guide is stuffed full of insider tips only the local pros know…especially when you want to save money at Citi Field for your next Mets game.

And you read it right, it’s just $4.99 for the eBook! A less than $5 risk. How can you lose?

Or you can order the nicely illustrated print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping, and you’ll get the eBook at absolutely no extra charge.

Stop overpaying for Mets games. Get this true insider’s guide to Citi Field today!

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