PNC Park Restaurants On Federal Street

PNC Park Restaurants On Federal Street

Posted by Kurt Smith

There are four PNC Park restaurants…and when I say “PNC Park restaurants”, I don’t mean restaurants near PNC Park, I mean that there are actually four eateries attached to the ballpark, with entrances on Federal Street.

These are bona fide grub stops that are popular on game days, and with overall food quality inside the otherwise spectacular Pittsburgh ballpark (it’s not that bad, but it could be better), they make a good choice for a pre- or post-game meal, with the outdoor dining and all that.

Here are your Federal Street choices…


pnc park restaurants left field lounge

You have to step outside for this view, but at least there’s a drink rail.

PNC Park Restaurants, #1) The Left Field Club. It changes sponsors frequently…it’s the Jim Beam Left Field Lounge as I write this…but it has an entrance on Federal Street and the indoor sit-down restaurant sits behind the right field bleachers. Unfortunately with the new standing room space added there isn’t much of view of the field these days, but it’s still a pleasant atmosphere.

Menu items include Pittsburgh-style salads, the “pulled pork pierogie hoagie” with pork, potato and cheese pierogies with crispy onions on a bun, and for health nuts a vegan burger with secret sauce. Lots of vegan and gluten-free choices here in fact…it’s a good place to get your healthy grub on.

There’s great brews and Jim Beam drinks available, and best of all, drink prices drop significantly after the game.

pnc park restaurants atrias

It may get crowded, but hey…Iron City beer.

PNC Park Restaurants, #2) Atria’s. Atria’s is a sports bar with several locations in Pittsburgh; their PNC outpost is a small tavern inside but has tables and bartenders on the Federal Street sidewalk. Before games you can get a beer on Federal Street that is not cheap but cheaper than it will be during the game.

Atria’s menu is tavern-style grub; burgers, steak and seafood entrees, etc. Most people in the online universe are happy with the size of the burgers. There are TVs in the bar if you’d like to watch the game from there.

Pro tip! The Pirates give out a free program called “Inside Pitch”…check your program for coupons for Atria’s or other nearby joints.

NOTE FROM KURT: I’ve recently learned that Atria’s has departed from their PNC Park location, I don’t yet know what is replacing it. Will update this when I can…


pnc park restaurants slice on broadway

Is there a food on earth that looks more enticing on display?

PNC Park Restaurants, #3) Slice On Broadway. South Hills-based Slice replaced Diamond as the PNC Park pizza shop in 2016; and it was a good choice. Slice’s New York-style pizza has been voted Best Pizza in Pittsburgh by several periodicals, including Pittsburgh Magazine.

It looks just like any pizza shop, but the slices are large and tasty, and they have other terrific menu items like strombolis and hoagies. If you go before the ballpark’s gates open, it’s priced very reasonably, but with an entrance into the ballpark, you can go there for a slice during the game in a ballpark strangely devoid of a pizza stand. (They serve Fox’s pizza den inside, but it isn’t heavily advertised.)

Unfortunately prices rise after the ballpark gates open, but Slice is well worth a visit if you’re a pizza fan.

pnc park restaurants steel cactus

If you get it to go, skip the salsa…

PNC Park Restaurants, #4) Steel Cactus. Didn’t mean to put Steel Cactus last, since they’re perfectly good. Steel Cactus gives baseball fans what they need at PNC; a burritos and tacos option. The Federal Street entrance leads to a full restaurant and bar, and you have a choice of burritos and tacos with an impressive selection of stuffings.

It’s probably not a place to go if you’re looking for the most authentic Mexican food experience, but for a pre- or post-game meal it’s more than adequate. Burritos are nicely sized and reasonably priced and they have tasty salsas.

Steel Cactus is mostly a sit-down restaurant, but they do have a window in Highmark Legacy Square where you can order a burrito.

There’s some of what you need to know about the Federal Street restaurants at PNC Park, a lesser known part of the Pittsburgh baseball experience. Of course, they have food inside the ballpark too…

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