Choose The Best Seats at Yankee Stadium.

Where are the best seats at Yankee Stadium? Or more correctly, you might be asking, where are the best seats at Yankee Stadium that I can afford?


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Yankee Stadium is one of the more expensive ballparks in baseball. It’s up there with Fenway and Wrigley. So if you’re going to shell out the considerable cash for Yankees tickets, choose the best seat for your taste and budget.

The Yankee Stadium E-Guide will help you do just that. Inside this illustrated and bookmarked eBook is a detailed description of every seating area in Yankee Stadium…from the Legends Suites to the Grandstand to the Bleachers and everything in between, including standing room spots.

You’ll know which seats offer the best bang for the buck, what seats can be had for cheaper than face price, and which seats to avoid if you’re acrophobic or rooting for the opposing team. All that and so much more is here, in this complete guide to Yankee Stadium.

Best of all? You’ll know how to get the best deal on Yankees tickets too. You don’t have to pay $2,000 for the best seats at Yankee Stadium; this eBook will tell you all about specials the Yankees and other outlets offer, and other routes to getting cheaper Yankees tickets.

Is that worth all of just $4.99?

Wait, we’re not done! The Yankee Stadium E-Guide is also full of info about how to get to the ballpark too…from using MTA or Metro-North trains to picking a lot to park your car, even some free parking spots! AND…the full menu of the great food selection at the Yankees’ ballpark…from Bareburgers to garlic fries to two-foot cheesesteaks, you’ll know what to eat at a Yankees game, including places outside to get cheaper sandwiches.

Find the best seats in Yankee Stadium for your budget, pick the ideal and cheapest route to get there, and choose a great food item to enjoy with your baseball. Learn how to do it all for just $4.99!

Or get the beautifully illustrated print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping, and I’ll throw in the eBook for free. I’m a cool guy like that.

Enjoy nine innings in the best seats you can get at Yankee Stadium…order the Yankee Stadium E-Guide today!

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