Choose The Best Seats At Wrigley Field.

With so many seating sections in a wide range of prices, it’s a challenge to choose the best seats at Wrigley Field. We all have different tastes and income levels, right?

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Your Complete Insider’s Guide to Wrigley Field!

Fortunately, you now have the Wrigley Field E-Guide to help you decide…with a complete description and everything you need to know about all of the seating at Wrigley.

And you can own this amazingly helpful guide to the Friendly Confines right now, for the amazingly low price of just $4.99!

That’s right, for less than five bucks, you can own this detailed guide to all things Wrigley…including a full section dedicated to choosing the best seats at Wrigley Field…and getting the best deal for those seats!

You’ll know how to avoid obstructed views in the Terrace and Upper sections…guidelines for sitting in the iconic Wrigley bleachers…how to stay out of the sun…and which seats offer the overall best value. Every seating section from Dugout Box to Standing Room…this illustrated, bookmarked eBook explains them all, and helps you score the best seats at Wrigley Field for your taste and budget.

“I must recommend Smith’s excellent, very detailed guide to Wrigley Field as an indispensable tool for navigating the ticket-buying process (which can be very confusing at Wrigley Field), the ballpark and its home city…besides being incredibly informative, it’s fun to peruse and read.”
– Floyd Sullivan, Chicago Now

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And that’s not all – the Wrigley Field E-Guide will help you choose the best way for you to get to Wrigley saving you from costly parking and traffic hassles. And you’ll find out about all of your food choices at the Cubs home too, from Hot Doug’s dogs to Gilbert’s craft sausages to the Joe Maddon Hoagie…all with “Tightwad Tips” to help you save money on all of it!

It’s all here…and it’s all just $4.99!

Or you can order the print edition for just $7.99 plus shipping, and get the eBook included at no extra charge.

Don’t settle for less than an amazing baseball experience in your trip to Wrigley to see the Cubbies…order the Wrigley Field E-Guide today!

“From soup to nuts and everything in between, the Wrigley Field E-Guide is filled with tales, tidbits, and talking points about the fabled Chicago ball yard…spend some time here and you will really be ready to partake of the pleasures of Wrigley armed with all kinds of tips and knowledge.”
– Harvey Frommer, author of Remembering Fenway Park

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