Chicago Cubs 2018 Schedule – Three Ballparks To Visit.

If you’ve been look at the Chicago Cubs 2018 schedule already, it’s probably to find out where you can see your Cubbies on the road, right? Cubs fans love to travel to see their team, and let’s face it, Wrigley Field isn’t always the most affordable place.

So as a public service to you, Mr. or Mrs. Traveling Cubs Fan, I’ve listed three top baseball destinations that can be found on the Cubs 2018 schedule…

cubs 2018 schedule pnc park

Home of Baseball Joe.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh. Yes, the Cubs visit Pittsburgh 9-10 every year anyway, but PNC Park is always a worthwhile baseball destination. It’s one of the best ballparks in baseball, and that Cubs 2018 schedule features six games there in July and August. Take the kids…

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cubs 2018 schedule progressive field

“Which one would you like, sir?” “Yes.”

Progressive Field, Cleveland. It’s as historic a site as any for a Cubs fan…108 years of futility ended here in the most exciting season finale in baseball history, and Cleveland will always be a happy place for Cubs fans.

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cubs schedule 2018 comerica park

Objects are much larger than they appear.

Comerica Park, Detroit. It’s just four hours from Chicago, and Comerica is a great ballpark for tourists. Take advantage of the many eating and drinking establishments that will give you a ride to the ballpark…or bring the kids to ride the tigers on the carousel. With 2018 likely a rebuilding year for Detroit, tickets should be plentiful and affordable.

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Those are just three great places to go on the road to see the Cubbies, and of course they’ll be visiting their NL Central rivals in Milwaukee and Cincinnati…not to mention of course, facing their crosstown rivals on the South Side of Chicago.

Wherever you plan to see the Cubs on the road, experience the ballpark like the smartest locals do…get wise ahead of time with a Ballpark E-Guide!

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