Fenway Park Food – Get Your Lobster Heah.

Fenway Park Food – Get Your Lobster Heah.

Posted by Kurt Smith

With the Fenway Park food menu expanding, one would think people would start to eschew the ubiquitous Fenway Frank.

Fortunately that isn’t happening, but if you’re looking for some Massachusetts lobster with your baseball, you have several great choices at the ballpark in Boston…


Fenway park food lobster roll

I like Red Sox baseball more just looking at this.

Fenway Park Food, Lobster Bit #1) The Lobster Roll. The great thing about the Fenway lobster roll is that it’s served on the same white bread bun as the Fenway Frank – and it’s lightly toasted since you’re paying a few extra bucks. The lobster roll includes lettuce, tomato chunks, and a creamy sauce.

You can find it easily at the Fish Shack on Jersey Street, but it’s available in the concourses too.


fenway park food lobster melt

Anyone think this should be the new Aramark logo?

Fenway Park Food, Lobster Bit #2) The Lobster Melt. This has been added in the recent “ballparks need more grilled cheese” craze…it’s a grilled cheese sandwich with steamed lobster, muenster cheese and a slice of tomato.

It’s made from “Yankee” lobster, for some head-shaking reason.


fenway park food lobster poutine

I would climb a mountain of these things just to put that flag in.

Fenway Park Food, Lobster Bit #3) The Lobster Poutine Stak. This amazeballs creation found in the Big Concourse was ranked #8 in For The Win’s craziest ballpark snacks of 2017. But if loving steak fries covered with lobster bisque, cheese curds, lobster meat and chives is crazy, then I don’t want to be normal.

There’s three Fenway Park food choices for seafood lovers; but don’t miss out on your other choices of food at Fenway, including the outside vendors, Tasty Burgers, Regina’s pizza and so much more…

Lobster Melt and Lobster Poutine Stak photos courtesy of Aramark.


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