Save Money At The Ballpark…Got $219.53?

Save Money At The Ballpark…Got $219.53?

Posted by Kurt Smith

Believe it or not, there are dozens of ways to save money at the ballpark, at any ballpark, that you probably aren’t aware of. That’s why I write Ballpark E-Guides…because you’re probably paying much more than you have to.

I’ll share some tips with you here, but first just permit me to complain for a second. I’m sure it won’t surprise you (much), but take a look at this number:


That’s how much it cost to take a family of four to a Major League baseball game in 2016, according to the MLB Fan Cost Index. Four average price tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking one car, and two souvenir caps will set you back over $200. For one game. Eye-popping, isn’t it?

And that’s just the league average—that’s what, say, Tigers or Mets fans pay.

how to save money at the ballpark 60 dollar parking

Anyone got a fifty?

For a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, that number jumps to $360.66. Yankee Stadium? $337.20. Want to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field? That’ll be $312.32, please…and that was before they won their first World Series in 108 years.

Baseball is a business that is well aware of fans’ emotional attachment to the game. You can’t blame them. Writers, actors, and singers all have agents negotiating huge contracts too. It’s in demand, so the price is tall.

And so where does that leave you, the fan of live baseball? Shelling out $219.53, enough for a comfortable piece of furniture, to borrow four small metal seats for a few hours.

how to save money at the ballpark seats citi

Angled properly, but still not all that comfortable.

But what if I shared tips with you that can shave $30, $50, or even $100 or more off of that total?

What if I showed you ways to save sometimes 25% or more on tickets, pay less for hot dogs and sodas, and find cheaper places to park your car…even free spots?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know all the ways you could save money at the ballpark…to the tune of $30, $40 or $50 or more…at your next ballgame? At every game?

If there was a complete guide full of money-saving tips at your home ballpark or a ballpark you planned to visit, you’d want to read it, right?

If so, keep reading.

“Since I’m planning to visit Washington, I got my hands on Kurt’s guide for Nationals Park — and let me tell you, it is THOROUGH. I thought I knew D.C. well, but I’ve already found quite a few nuggets of info in the guide that I’m looking forward to testing for myself. Look in particular for the “Tightwad Tips”…in which he offers money-saving tips that you might not otherwise know about.”
– Edward de la Fuente, The Itinerant Fan
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Things I Didn’t Know…That You Might Not Know.

Here’s just one example: Do you know that most all major league ballparks will let you bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into the ballpark? Why pay $5 for a soda when you can get them for $1 at a nearby drugstore? That’s $16 in savings for a family of four right there. Not to mention what you’ll save buying a bag of peanuts from the nice folks at the nearby church…possibly another four or five bucks.

how to save money at the ballpark vendor camden

The ballpark happy meal.

Already you’ve saved $20. And I’m just getting warmed up.

At every ballpark, there are secrets that insider fans know about saving money…here are just a few examples I’ve found while in specific ballparks:

baseball tickets craigslist

PNC in Pittsburgh allows fans to sell extras.

Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #1: Several ballparks have scalp-free ticket selling zones where fans unload extras sometimes at face price or lower. Finding someone with an extra ticket can be a steal for you.


how to save money at the ballpark nats 401

You can sit in these sections very cheaply.

– Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #2: There are often ticket specials offered by teams for low demand games, like mid-week or April games. Some teams offer $5 tickets or even a free drink with your ticket.


how to save money at the ballpark rounding third

And the wings are pretty good, too.

– Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #3: Many baseball cities have restaurants nearby where a family can park for free, enjoy an inexpensive meal and get a ride to the ballpark. It’s a great way to save cash on both parking and food.


how to save money at the ballpark wrigley express

Definitely beats the Wrigley parking price.

– Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #4: In some cities you can find affordable commuter transit service that allows you to avoid ballgame traffic coming from the suburbs and save a bunch of dough on parking.


how to save money at the ballpark alley hour

The smart fans are already here.

– Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #5: Some ballparks feature discounts on food when the gates first open. Several teams do this, and it’s a great money-saver, especially for families.


how to save money at the ballpark street cart

Street meat.

Save Money At The Ballpark, Tip #6: Almost every big city ballpark has outside vendors that sell bigger hot dogs and quality T-shirts for often half the price that the team is asking. (See the previous paragraph… you can bring in your own food!)

It’s not just about saving money, by the way…you want to get value for what you do spend, too. From picking a seat to getting there to picking a sandwich, you have a lot of decisions to make.

I’m here to help.

“Kurt Smith has left no stone unturned. From transportation to seat selection to food and drink and where to get the best deals, you can find the answer in his Ballpark E-Guides.”
– Scott Ableman, Let Teddy Win
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own a ballpark e-guide


Going To A Game? You Got This.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of hours researching these things at 15 major league ballparks. I’ve learned a little bit, especially about saving money.

Now whenever a friend or family member needs advice about Camden Yards or Citizens Bank Park or Yankee Stadium, they ask me what to do. I help them get great seats for a great price, find the best spot to park, tell them what to eat at the game and where to celebrate afterward. They always have wonderful things to say about the experience, which makes me happy, of course.

Besides, I’m a fan who likes to travel to see baseball too. Before I started doing this, I wasted a LOT of money seeing live baseball…in Philly, in Baltimore, and on every ballpark road trip I went on. Today I not only spend much less than I used to–even adjusted for inflation!–for live baseball, I’m happy to help friends and family…and you…do it too.

“I live in NJ and recently planned a trip to see an Orioles game for my husband’s birthday…I used the E-Guide for everything from buying tickets to prepaid parking. I especially loved the Tightwad Tips. We had a blast!

This is a great guide and I will be using Ballpark E-Guides next year for my trip to Boston and Fenway Park!”
– Laurie B., Somerdale, NJ
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own a ballpark e-guide


“$4.99 For The First Minute…”

Unfortunately, I can’t hire myself out as an “Official Baseball Fan Consultant”. I have a full-time job and two kids, so as much as I would love to, I can’t take the time to help you over the phone or IM or whatever. I’d bore you anyway.

But I have written 15 Ballpark E-Guides, for great ballparks like PNC Park, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Camden Yards among many others…and I’ve put every little nugget of helpful money-saving ballpark knowledge I could find in them to help you get the best deal on tickets, parking and food.

All for just $4.99. And you can download and own one right now.

Earlier in this post I said I could shave $100 off of that average total cost of a game. I’m not exaggerating that, because I know…I’ve learned a few ways to save money at the ballpark myself.

Here are just a small few examples:

how to save money at the ballpark yankee sign

The many ways to spend money at Yankee Stadium.

– I recently paid $27 for four Yankees tickets, including fees. According to the Index, that should be $206. Almost $200 in savings!


cheap red sox tickets

This way to very good seats.

– I also recently ordered a Red Sox ticket for a friend. For a Friday night game in June at Fenway, I found him a Loge Box seat, in the third row, almost directly behind home plate…for $83 with fees. That ticket’s face price was close to $140…a savings of $57.


how to save money at the ballpark comerica

The view from a $2 parking spot.

– I’ve parked for $2 across the street from Comerica Park in Detroit—the Index says that should be $20. (I told people this story for weeks!) It’s $5 to do this now, but for the location it’s still a great deal.


foxwoods club Citi Field

A sandwich tasty enough to be exclusively offered to Foxwoods Club patrons.

– Citi Field in New York has numerous clubs with superb food selection; I’ve been able to access the Porsche Grille and the Foxwoods Club (featuring the amazing steak pizzaiola hero shown here) with a ticket that cost me just $24.


how to save money at the ballpark garrison

This dog is something like $10 CAD.

– I’ve paid $4 for an sizable hot dog loaded with toppings outside of Rogers Centre in Toronto that would have cost close to $10 inside. Nothing makes you feel smart like street meat!


how to save money at the ballpark larosas

Thank you Mat Latos!

– And I once got a Reds ticket, a T-shirt, and a non-alcoholic beer at Great American Ball Park, along with a LaRosa’s pizza after the game…all for a grand total of $12. I paid a total of $5 to park in Newport and ride the Southbank Shuttle to get there. A ballgame plus a T-shirt and pizza…for $17.


But Seriously, Here’s The Deal.

I’m not trying to brag about this. You can do it too.

Why keep paying more than you have to for a great night at the ballpark?

“Kurt Smith’s Ballpark E-Guides are a must for any fan. Want to know the best and cheapest way to support your team? Interested in the best seats to see the action? Curious about where to get the best food? Kurt provides all these answers and more.”
– Rob Silverman, MetsMerized
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own a ballpark e-guide

Since you’re still reading, you must be at least somewhat convinced…there are actually tons of ways to save money at the ballpark…that most fans don’t know about.

So I’ll ask again…

Would you be interested in a booklet full of tips and tricks to help you love live baseball for less money?

You can shell out $219.53 for your next ballgame…or $360.66 for your next game at Fenway Park…or you can download a Ballpark E-Guide eBook for just $4.99 NOW, and find out all of the tricks to pay much less than that…get the best deal on tickets, pick a cheap and/or fun way to get to the game, and know what to choose from the insane menus at the ballpark these days. Everything you need to know about your home ballpark, your team’s rival ballpark, or a ballpark you’re visiting for the first time…it’s all in there.

Guide to Fenway Park

Get your ballgame on now!

By the way, you can also order a nicely compact, beautifully illustrated and slick-papered print edition Ballpark E-Guide NOW for just $7.99 plus shipping. I’ll throw in the eBook with that at no extra charge…a $4.99 value. If you want to keep the eBook for yourself and give the booklet as a gift, be my guest. I’m a cool guy like that.

That price is probably much less than what you’ll save on just one trip to the ballgame…especially with a family.

By the way, if you haven’t already, you can sign up for my absolutely free e-mail newsletter, and get some great insider knowledge at various ballparks, a cool Tip of The Week, deals on the already value-friendly Ballpark E-Guides, and an absolutely free eBook, with a list of my favorite helpful websites for traveling baseball fans. All at no charge whatsoever.

And when you’re tired of forking over $219.53 every time you go to the ballgame (aren’t you already?), click here to own a Ballpark E-Guide NOW!

See you at the Yard!


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