Baseball Seating: Are You Getting The Best Seat?

Baseball Seating: Are You Getting The Best Seat?

Posted by Kurt Smith

I have a question for you regarding baseball seating…

What’s the first thing you do when you go online or to the box office to buy tickets?

You look at the baseball seating chart, right? You look at different pricing levels, and then you make a choice based on your budget and your preferences.

But have you noticed that you never really know what you’re getting with baseball seating, especially when you’re going to a ballpark for the first time?

You do your best to maybe find something near first base to see the close plays or behind home plate for the view or in the club area for the amenities, but most baseball seating charts aren’t much help beyond that, even the nice new interactive ones with 360-degree views.

In each ballpark, there are pros and cons of every seating area, and some offer much better bang for the buck than others. Some ballparks, like Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park, even have assigned standing room sections…and you should definitely choose wisely with that.

The baseball seating charts help, but they don’t tell you everything.

For example, do you want to know:

  • If you’ll be in the shade or in the sun?
  • If you’ll enjoy a sweet view of the city or other features like super hi-def scoreboards?
  • Whether you’ll be close to the action or so far away you’ll hear the crack of the bat after you see it?
  • If your section has obstructed views, from support poles, overhangs or landings?
  • If the club seats are worth the extra few bucks?
  • If where you’re sitting is the ideal place for kids, millennials, or visiting fans?
  • What’s included with your tickets in the party areas?
  • If there are standing room spots to avoid?

If your answer any to these questions is: “Yes, I remember that day I forgot my sunscreen, and the language my kids were hearing, and that $60 seat that was a mile away, and that time…etc.”

…then read every word of this post.

“Ballpark E-Guides were a truly tremendous resource. Like many, my life is complicated being a dad and husband, but Kurt’s tips saved me time and energy, allowing me to find the perfect seats to suit my ballpark personality and budget.

I recommend leveraging Kurt and the knowledge he has gathered in his E-Guides. It simplifies the guessing and allows you to basically sit back and just enjoy the game!”
– Bill K., Burlington, NJ
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“Great Seats, Eh Buddy?”

Baseball seating is a tricky thing. Every ballpark has those pitfalls you want to avoid. Here are just a few examples:

– Baseball Seating Pitfall #1: If you’ve been to Fenway Park or Wrigley Field, you may have experienced the dreaded “obstructed view”:

baseball seating fenway park obstructed views Loge

At least the pitcher can’t see who is heckling him.


– Baseball Seating Pitfall #2: In some ballparks, maybe you’ve bought lower level seats for a great price and not known why they were so cheap…then you find your seat and you think hmm, I kind of liked looking at the scoreboard:

baseball seating progressive field seating infield lower box

Who’s winning? Man it’s cold!


Baseball Seating Pitfall #3: Many of the new ballparks have pretty high upper levels, and they’re not for the acrophobic:

baseball seating yankee stadium seating frieze

I doubt even the Mick could hit one this high.


– Baseball Seating Pitfall #4: Sometimes teams won’t tell you certain things about standing room tickets, like how you won’t be able to see the infield if you’re under 11 feet tall:

yankee stadium seating standing room terrace

Anyone have a four-foot stool?


– Baseball Seating Pitfall #5: Sometimes a ballpark has seats in spots that make you wonder why in Sam Hill the team even put seats there:

baseball seating rogers centre obstructed view

Half a game is better than none!


– Baseball Seating Pitfall #6: Teams aren’t going to tell you about how you’ll roast in those uncovered outfield sections that have lots of white concrete and no shade. Not fun.

baseball seating pepsi porch citi

And no, there isn’t any more shade since this became the Coca-Cola Corner.


– Baseball Seating Pitfall #7:  Some seats even have ridiculous restrictions…wouldn’t you love to not know about this until after you were in the ballpark?

baseball seating Guaranteed Rate Field 500 level

The ballpark has other levels?


Whether you are going to the game alone, bringing the family, impressing a date, or going with friends for the party, you want to get the best seats you can afford, right?

In a ballpark with 45,000 seats, teams can only go into so much detail. It’s impossible to tell fans everything about where they’ll be sitting, with things like shade and overhangs and such.

But there is a lot more to know than what a seating chart will generally tell you. Teams are not going to let you know if there is a blocked view of something unless it’s really, really bad. And pictures can’t always provide perspective of how close you’ll be.

So maybe I can help you with this.

“Kurt Smith has left no stone unturned. From transportation to seat selection to food and drink and where to get the best deals, you can find the answer in his Ballpark E-Guides.
– Scott Ableman, Let Teddy Win
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It’s No Way To Spend Nine Innings…

Would you believe I went to about 30 games at Camden Yards before I realized that I should stop buying the obstructed seats in the *&%!*@#&! Terrace Box sections?

And that at my first game at what is now Guaranteed Rate Field, I had cheap seats in the upper level and could not explore the place, because of the restriction you see above. Fun thing for someone who flew to Chicago to see the city’s ballparks for the first time.

I’ve sat next to a support pole in Fenway that blocked a portion of right field, underneath an overhang in Progressive Field that blocked my view of the scoreboard, and in the bleachers at PNC Park that don’t feature any of the incredible city view.

I know better now.

As you can see from the above photos…some of which were taken from seats that I had actually paid for without knowing about these pitfalls…there are some types of seats and standing room in every ballpark that you should avoid, especially since everyone has different tastes at the game.

“Kurt Smith’s Ballpark E-Guides are a must for any fan. Want to know the best and cheapest way to support your team? Interested in the best seats to see the action? Curious about where to get the best food? Kurt provides all these answers and more.”
– Rob Silverman, MetsMerized
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But Back To My Point Here…

But every ballpark has those seats with great value for fans, too. Here are just a few examples…

– Cool Baseball Seating Example #1: Loge Level seats at Miller Park in Milwaukee…where you can sit almost at field level for a very fair price.

baseball seating miller park loge box

Elevated, yet in the shade.


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #2: The club section at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, which includes food and non-alcoholic drinks and a great view. Good food too, like LaRosa’s pizza…and at ballpark food prices, it won’t take much to get your money’s worth on that.

baseball seating gabp club

And at the window, you’ll enjoy a fine view of the baseball field with your nachos.


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #3: The Grandstand seats at Fenway Park in Boston are a great value, provided you know how to avoid the support poles. The shade is great on hot days, the fans are enthusiastic, and you’re close to the action…in seats that are among the cheapest in the ballpark.

baseball seating fenway park obstructed views section 32

Ah, here’s the trick…just sit in FRONT of the poles!


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #4: Being in the upper deck at Camden Yards in Baltimore isn’t bad at all…you’re closer to the field there than in most ballparks. And the view of everything else…the warehouse, the city backdrop, and Eutaw Street…is unparalleled in baseball.

baseball seating camden yards upper level

Building the ballpark around the warehouse. It’s still genius.


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #5: Would you believe that for some games at Yankee Stadium, you can get Terrace level seats for as little as five bucks? There is now even a kids’ play area on the upper level, and fans at any income level can bring the family to a game for a memorable experience, at just five bucks for each ticket! (I know, at Yankee Stadium? Really?)

baseball seating yankee stadium terrace

Sure it’s packed when tickets are five bucks!


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #6: For almost any game at Nationals Park in Washington, you can buy a ticket at the box office for just $5 as of this writing, and choose a spot from some of the best standing room in baseball. If you want to just get into a ballpark full of great food, discounted beer (!), and sit on a barstool with a counter and enjoy watching a contending team for peanuts, this is for you.

nationals park seating standing room

Lots of people sitting in standing room spots. With a counter no less.


– Cool Baseball Seating Example #7: Wrigley Field bleachers in Chicago. ‘Nuff said.

baseball seating wrigley field bleachers

They’ve earned it.


“I recently read the Fenway Park E-Guide and could not believe how much I learned. Kurt goes into great detail on where to park, where to buy tickets, best views in the park, how to get to the game, and best places to eat inside and outside of the park.”
– Scott Chamberlain, Woo Chamberlain
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So Don’t Settle For Lesser Seats. You Don’t Have To.

Inside every Ballpark E-Guide is a description of every seating area of the ballpark…premium seating, club areas, party areas, box and reserved sections, lower and upper levels, bleachers, even standing room. All with lots of helpful photos. It’s truly the most detailed guide to baseball seating you’ll find about any ballpark.

You’ll know whether you’ll be baking in the sun or staring into it at sunset, whether there is an overhang that blocks your view of the scoreboard, how to avoid a support pole blocking your view, and whether a seating area includes amenities or is better for families.

You’ll also read my well-considered and honest opinions…about the Green Monster seats at Fenway Park (not worth the price, at least as far as the view), the bleachers at Wrigley Field (the best outfield seats in baseball, but not always great for kids), or the party areas at Miller Park (Milwaukee natives LOVE baseball).

Last but certainly not least: there’s a bunch of other stuff too…you’ll know every way to get to the ballpark, you’ll know all about the great food items available at the game, and how to save money on all of it!

Imagine you’re going to a place you’ve never been, you have a lot of questions about almost everything and you know almost nothing about it. Now, imagine you find someone that put together practically everything you want to know and also helps you to save some money!!!

That’s Kurt Smith and Ballpark E-Guides I’m talking about!

So, if you want to know how to get to the ballpark and easily find a spot to put your car, this is your website; if you want to know where find the best food for the lowest price, Kurt is the man; if you want to know where are the best seats (including where the shadow is gonna be first!) and the places TO NOT SIT, don’t waste your time and buy one!
– Francisco Campos – Belo Horizonte – Brazil
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A Complete, Profoundly Helpful Guide To Ballpark Seating…And Much More. For Less Than A Fin.

You spend a sizable chunk of your hard-earned money for baseball tickets. You deserve to know exactly what you’re getting and whether it’s right for you…and for your budget.

As I think you now know from reading this, when you read a Ballpark E-Guide, you’ll learn plenty of things that teams don’t want you to know about all of the seating in the ballpark.

So then…here’s the million-dollar question again…

Do you want to get the best seats for your money and your preferences at the ballgame?


Find your perfect baseball seats NOW!

Then let me handle the hours of research, circling the ballpark, and photo-taking (yes, I need a life), and download the complete guide eBook to your favorite ballpark NOW for the amazing low price of just $4.99.

And if you’d like to read the nicely compact, beautifully illustrated print edition NOW for just $7.99 plus shipping, I’ll throw in the eBook at no extra charge.

You can give the print edition as a gift to your favorite baseball fan, and keep the eBook for yourself. I won’t tell. You can even include tickets for great seats with your gift…and you’ll know what kind of seats to get!

By the way, don’t forget to sign up for the cool and free Ballpark E-Guides newsletter too…you’ll get some great insider knowledge at various ballparks, a cool Tip of The Week, deals on the already value-friendly Ballpark E-Guides, and a free eBook, with a list of my favorite helpful websites for traveling baseball fans. All at no charge whatsoever.

And when you’re ready to learn how to pick the best seats at the ballpark, get yourself the most detailed ballpark resource out there now…and never forget your sunglasses again!

See you at the Yard!


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