Ballpark Food: What Will You Eat At The Game?

Ballpark Food: What Will You Eat At The Game?

Posted by Kurt Smith

Ballpark food, as you well know I’m sure, is priced just above the point of being unreasonable.

On top of that, there are so many choices at the ballpark that you often get that sense of missing out on something. Not to mention the lines at some stands…is the Shackburger or Tony Luke’s sandwich really worth the wait?

Wouldn’t you love to know ahead of time what you can choose from at the ballpark before your next visit? To know what all of those food stands are? Or even know some places outside where you can get cheaper sandwiches or peanuts?

The fun but troubling decision of what to eat applies to every ballpark, but I’ll use Citizens Bank Park, my home ballpark, as an example.

Let’s say you’re coming to see some Philadelphia baseball for the first time. Here’s just a few questions you might be asking yourself about the food selection:


Another Philly institution.

Ballpark Food Question #1: You’ve probably seen Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks on the Food Network, but who is Campo’s? What’s different about their cheesesteaks…are they any better?


bulls bbq citizens bank park

The pictures don’t do the Bull Dog justice.

Ballpark Food Question #2: I know I can shake Greg “The Bull” Luzinski’s hand here, but how good is his BBQ? What is that “Bull Dog”?


You don’t get this many bonus fries with your order, FYI.

Ballpark Food Question #3: Why are so many people walking around with cups of “Crabfries”? What’s in that cheese sauce?


Have you ever seen such a perfectly sized donut?

Ballpark Food Question #4: What is a Federal Donut, and why would someone eat donuts with fried chicken?


If you’ve never had tofu croutons, you’re really missing out.

Ballpark Food Question #5: What’s good at Harry The K’s that makes it worth the wait in line? Could it really be that “vegan cheesesteak”?


South Philly = great sandwiches.

Ballpark Food Question #6: Seasons Pizza? Wayback Burgers? Hatfield hot dogs? Turkey Hill ice cream? Well-known names to locals. But if you’re visiting Philly, you probably aren’t that familiar with them.


Don’t let that homemade pasta distract you.

Ballpark Food Question #7: If you’re low on funds, is there a place nearby to get a decent sandwich to bring in? (That’s subjective, of course…but my answer is yes, there is.)

The information provided is great for first-time visitors to the ballpark, but it also includes a lot for the more experienced fans as well…after reading the guide, I discovered many food options that sounded interesting and may prompt me to expand my horizons a bit. There are also “Tightwad Tips” throughout the E-Guide to help you find creative ways to save money.” –
Jenn Zambri, Phillies Phollowers
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Decisions, Decisions…

Every time you go to a game, you have to grapple with what you’re going to eat…because there are so many great selections, you only have so much stomach space, and you’re going to shell out a few bucks. All teams list on their website the food that’s available, but they don’t say much beyond that.

At some ballparks, you even have to make selections within selections.

There are four types of brats at Miller Park in Milwaukee, five types of cheesesteaks at Citizens Bank Park in Philly, four burger stands at Citi Field in New York, and at Nationals Park in D.C., you can choose between Hatfield sausages, Ben’s Chili Bowl Half-Smokes, or the intriguing Haute Dogs. They’re all good…but they’re all different.

Fans usually don’t know the difference…because by the time you’re in the concourse, you’re probably too hungry to Google what makes each stand special, right?

Speaking of shelling out a few bucks, most every team allows fans to bring food into the ballpark, and many ballparks have plentiful outside vendors and popular sandwich shops nearby. And that is a huge money-saver.

“The Rogers Centre E-Guide is perfect for casual fans, diehard fans and everyone in between…The attention to detail is ridiculous and the Tightwad Tips included in the guide are sure to help me cut down spending. Whether you be a tourist or a season ticket holder, I strongly recommend this guide.”
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“Next Time You’re In Cleveland, You Have To Try The…”

Here is something I’ve learned in my years of researching 15 major league ballparks…

Every ballpark now has an impressive menu of food choices…not just imaginative variations on hot dogs, but also sausages, burgers, pizzas, BBQ sandwiches, nachos, fries, even things like tacos, dumplings, and veggie burgers. And there’s no shortage of funnel cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and Italian ice for dessert. And craft beers.

Better yet, each ballpark has a few stands showcasing local favorites, which I love to see.

Progressive Field in Cleveland has Barrio tacos, Melt grilled cheese sandwiches, Happy Dogs, and Fat Head’s deli sandwiches…among MANY others. Citizens Bank Park features Tony Luke’s and Campo’s cheesesteaks, Federal Donuts, and Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries. Citi Field? Fuku chicken sandwiches, Pig Guy bacon on a stick, Mama’s of Corona subs, Two Boots pizza and Pat LaFrieda filet mignon sandwiches.

I could go on. All day. But you get it. Baseball teams are saving you the trouble of finding those popular and iconic city joints that foodies like me love in cities.

You can eat very well at a ballpark these days, and you can enjoy a great taste of the city…if you plan ahead.

A must have for any fan planning a visit. Whether you’re a regular or a first timer, you will find everything you need to know. I had never been to the park before, but after reading the E-Guide, the season ticket holders in front of me thought I was an expert. Kurt really knows his stuff!”
– Conrad Klank, Stadium Journey Correspondent
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You Can Get WHAT On Your Dog?

When I go to a game, I’d like to know not only what all of those food stands are selling, but what’s unique about them…is it a local eatery? What toppings can I get on my footlong dog? Are the sandwiches really made by a gourmet chef? Are there alternatives to waiting in that line? Should I get extra cheese?

And if I’m trying to save cash, where can I get quality ballpark grub outside to bring in?

That’s why I’ve painstakingly researched the selection of food at 15 different ballparks, gathered as many tasty-looking photos as I could, and put every bit of info I could find in Ballpark E-Guides.

Whenever I go to a game now, I know ahead of time what I’m going to get to eat…and not only can I look forward to some great grub, I can budget accordingly.

It all adds to the excitement of going to the ballpark…having a great meal and enjoying the greatest game ever invented.

“Kurt lists guides to transportation, parking and seating, as well as food and drink, and gives you some cost-saving tips. For Yankee Stadium, and other ballparks, whether you are an experienced fan or a first-time visitor, his guides are well worth it. Check them out.”
– Mike Sommer, The Sommer Frieze
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Cookbooks Need Pictures. So Do Ballpark Guides.

My copywriting expert tells me that I should include “mouth-watering bullets” in my posts, so here are some zesty pictures of some of my ballpark food favorites, which I think pass the mouth-watering test. Some of them are underrated gems…little secret insider fan favorites that are overshadowed by the big names, but feature much shorter lines.

visiting nationals Park bens chili

Freaking look at this. Is that artwork or what?

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #1: The Ben’s Chili Half-Smoke at Nationals Park in Washington. A true taste of D.C., with a spicy sausage slathered in Ben’s unique chili and melted cheese. I told my brother about it and he ordered one. Later that day he ordered another one.


Spicier than it looks. And it looks pretty spicy.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #2: The Campo’s “Heater” chicken cheesesteak at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Great for cheesesteak lovers, great for spicy food lovers, great for everything but first dates. Yes, Campo’s is as good as Tony Luke’s, in my humble but well-considered opinion.


yankee stadium food garlic fries

Don’t forget that “drizzled” olive oil.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #3: The garlic fries at Yankee Stadium in New York. You can smell them in the concourse walking by. Just bits of minced garlic and olive oil on crispy fries. Simple yet perfection. Don’t get these on a date though, unless you’re sharing…in which case, definitely get them.


food at citi field pressed grilled cheese

A talented chef can turn the simple grilled cheese into a masterpiece.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #4: The over the top Pressed grilled cheese a subway ride away at Citi Field. Thick slices of buttered, crusty bread with a layer of arugula and three types of gooey cheese. When a top chef makes a grilled cheese sandwich, this is what you’d expect.


ballpark food barrio nachos

I’ll never go back to 7-Eleven nachos.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #5: The chips were salty, but the Barrio people in Cleveland make a terrific plate of nachos. This puppy had chunks of chorizo, shredded cheddar AND queso, and all of the essential toppings that make nachos special. And not bad value at all for a ballpark, incidentally.


Great American Ball Park food skyline coney

And now it’s time for another round of “Find the hot dog!”

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #6: The folks in Cincinnati stay tried and true to the Skyline chili cheese Coney. It’s economical, so people usually get two…small hot dogs smothered with Cincinnati-style chili and a nice-sized mound of cheddar. If you haven’t tried Cincinnati chili, you should plan to.


This is what you do in Maryland.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #7: I’ve also found some cool outside vendor grub too…like the jumbo crab cake sandwich at the Pickles Pub patio outside of Camden Yards. I can almost hear Homer Simpson complaining about insufficient tartar sauce on the side…


The trick in making such a claim is to make “caramel corn” one word.

Kurt’s Ballpark Food Favorites #8: Not to mention great places with stuff to put in a goodie bag to snack on during the game…like the ubiquitous “Nuts on Clark” popcorn a short walk from Wrigley Field.

“I have made many trips to Citi over the last two seasons and can say that Smith has nailed every detail and aspect of the Mets’ home…From parking to the best food choices, the Citi Field E-Guide covers it all.”
– Steve Sidoti, 7 Train To Shea
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Because Our Ballgame Budget Is Limited.

In all modesty, and I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll find a better source for the complete lowdown of the available food at a ballpark…right down to what makes the beef tastier and lines longer. If you love to eat at the game but have trouble deciding what to get with your hard-earned cash, a Ballpark E-Guide is for you.

So here’s that question again…

Do you want to know all about the food stands at your home ballpark? Or at your favorite rival ballpark? Are you eager to know what the locals love at a ballpark you plan to visit?

And do you even want to know where to find cheaper outside vendors you can patronize?

Then leave the considerable advance research and leg work to me, and get all the info you need when you download a Ballpark E-Guide NOW for the amazingly low price of just $4.99.

Guide to Citi Field

Get your ballgame grub on!

Incidentally, Ballpark E-Guides aren’t just about food…you’ll find out how to get the best deals on tickets, how to find the best seats for your taste and budget, how to get to the ballpark easily and cheaply, and of course, how to save money on all of it!

All of that useful, insightful knowledge…and tasty looking pictures of ballpark food…again, all for just $4.99!

By the way, we offer print editions too…you can order the slick-papered, compact yet hugely useful, and colorfully illustrated print edition NOW for just $7.99 plus shipping…and get the eBook at no extra charge.

Give the print edition as a great gift for your favorite baseball fan, and keep the eBook for yourself…and you’ll both know exactly what you’ll be eating at your next game!

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for the absolutely free Ballpark E-Guides newsletter…and receive helpful tricks, a Tip of The Week, discounts on already value-friendly Ballpark E-Guides, and my commentary on any news that matters to baseball fans in your inbox. Nice photos, too.

See you at the Yard!


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