One Way To Citizens Bank Park – The Taxi Crab

One Way To Citizens Bank Park – The Taxi Crab

Posted by Kurt Smith

One of the many goals of Ballpark E-Guides is to let people know where they can get a meal and possibly get an inexpensive brew before or after the game, and the Taxi Crab gives Phillies fans the best of both worlds.

Ballpark beers are running $7.50 and up these days, and we all know how much ballpark food is. At Chickie’s and Pete’s, you can get their famous crab fries cheaper, with a cheaper beer to go with it.

taxi crab

This truck plays loud music as it goes by.

The Taxi Crab is a shuttle run by Chickie’s and Pete’s, a popular Philadelphia area restaurant chain. It carries passengers from the restaurant’s nearby location on Packer Avenue to Citizens Bank Park (or any of the sports venues in the complex).

It will also pick up passengers at the park to take to the restaurant for a meal and good times, and then return them to the parking lot when they’re finished, giving them something to do as the parking lot slowly empties.

The shuttle is free; unfortunately you have to pay to park at C&P’s. It costs a small bit less than parking at the Bank, but at least your car is valet parked, and you won’t have to deal with the sometimes rough post-game traffic in the Bank’s parking lots.

In addition to getting a better deal on parking and an easier exit, you can enjoy a meal at a popular local institution. This is a much easier way to try Chickie’s and Pete’s famous crab fries.

taxi crab crab fries

At the ballpark, you’re paying extra for the cheese dip.

They have a stand in Citizens Bank Park, but the lines for the fries get long, and they’re much more expensive at the game (they charge extra for the cheese sauce, too). If you’re interested in trying the crab fries, try going to the restaurant and using the shuttle.

Besides the fries, Chickie’s and Pete’s has some pretty good grub at reasonable prices. You won’t save too much money eating here over eating at the game, but there’s a good selection of seafood and a long list of different beers. They were voted #1 Sports Bar on the East Coast by ESPN, and the Best Seafood and Wings by the Philadelphia Inquirer. And the beer is cheaper.

So there are three benefits to the Taxi Crab: less of a wait for the crab fries, less post-game traffic hassles, and a less expensive place for a beer or two before or after the game. Worth a shot for something different.

And when you want to know about every route to the Bank, including the SEPTA Sports Express and the least trafficked side roads, be sure to get yourself one of these.

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